Romantic Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

If there is anything in the relationship world that has been blown out of proportion and stigmatized over time, it is any long distance relationship.

If you are in one in 2024, nothing says you have to wear this stigma proudly and expect a break in the wonderful relationship

Why succumb when you can demystify this stigma with some of these birthday wishes for boyfriend long distance relationship and show others that relationships whether long or short can thrive with effort from both party.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Far Away

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Him (Boyfriend) who is Far Away.

1. I have never been in a long distance relationship and certainly have never been with a guy that satisfy my wants and needs in the most beautiful way. If anyone deserves to have a really wonderful birthday, you do! Happy birthday, love.

2. I know moments that I have wanted to change our long distance relationship for a fairly distanced one from missing you badly. But, I must let you know these moments are few compared to moments you have made me feel really near to you and very close to your heart. Happy birthday, love.

3. You are loved so much and missed unmistakably every second of every day. This is our love story. It has been from inception and although I hope to be close to you someday, I would still choose to have you as mine albeit far away than not have you at all. Happy birthday, love.

4. I have always prayed for your success because I believe strongly that your success equals mine. I still choose to pray for your success even as you celebrate another beginning. May this success and prosperity that God already has in store for you come speedily and never leave you. Happy birthday to my one and only,

5. I have never had to celebrate your birthday through calls, text and with a lot of imagination about how you are really enjoying the celebration over there. I am consoled because you will return soon and it is all for a better future. Happy birthday, dearest, be brave this year.

6. I am convinced of my love for you even in the face of long distance and all that accompanies it. You are forever in my heart and I am eagerly looking forward to seeing you and that your beautiful smile. Happy birthday.

7. I hope you wear your smile and allow the spirit of celebration to be upon you regardless of the fact that I am far away, because in the real sense, what matters is where the heart is and you must be assured that my heart has been and will be with you for the rest of the celebration and beyond. Just imagine me beside you as you have the best birthday ever!

8. I love you so much more than I thought I could ever love you or would be able to, and the things we are currently battling from long distance to all things in between just proves to me daily that we are indeed meant to be and courageous enough to be together forever, happy birthday to my far away but close to heart love.

9. You are salt to my world and definitely the one that I would be spending the rest of my life with. In case you are wondering how I am sure, look at the past few months that you have been away and how we have been able to enjoy our far away love like we were bed mates every other night. Yes! I am sure you are the one. Happy birthday.

10. I have nothing to worry about. At least, not where you are concerned. You have seen so much to me in the past years than I have ever imagined you could be even much more in the past few months since I went physically far away from you. You are a true king. Happy birthday, honey.

11. I am chuffed beyond words at the things we have been able to achieve for the past few months and the things I am cocksure we will be nailing soon! You are such a wonder and definitely the best partner to be doing long-distance relationship with. Happy birthday my love.

12. You have taught me that being far away physically is not enough reason not to be the best lover that you should actually be. Thank you and happy birthday.

13. I am so glad every day that I did not break our relationship in the name of long distance. Happy birthday, love.

14. You are such a rare kind dear. Be brave this year and set out to do great things and you will surely do them. Happy birthday.

15. Happy birthday to my far away love, my every day crush and my forever. I love you truly.

16. Being far away is never a license or a reason to have a crappy relationship. I know this now thanks to you. Happy birthday, love.

17. You have proven beyond measures that the love you have for me transcends things like long distance. Happy birthday.

18. Being far away from me is never a reason not to celebrate you in a grand style on your birthday. Happy birthday, love.

19. Whenever I miss you, I out my right hand across my left chest and feel you right there with me. Happy birthday.

20. I hope that you enjoy this birthday even if you are not with the most amazing person in your life. Happy birthday.

21. Know that being far away from me does not mean that we are far apart, you are always here with me. Happy birthday.

22. To the one that took my heart to the other side of the world with the promise to be back with it very soon, I say a very big happy birthday.

23. The fact that I love and miss you is no longer news. So, I am just going straight to the business of the day. I wish you a happy birthday.

24. I wonder how you are, what you are wearing and if you are happy where you are every day. But, it is more intense today maybe because it is your birthday. Just thought I would let you know.

25. My thoughts are with you most part of the day and every night. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday.

26. May you have a birthday worth remembering for happiness, greatness and exceeding joy.

27. I love how we handle everything, especially how we manage our long distance. Happy birthday.

28. You are the best person to be doing everything in life with. Happy birthday.

29. I am glad that I chose you to do forever with starting from this unavoidable long distance. Happy birthday.

30. Even as you are miles apart from me, you still manage to be my muse and a reason to express my art. Happy birthday.

31. When I think of the expression on your face the last time we saw, I am reminded that I have to come meet you soon. Happy birthday.

32. You are home and a quick scan through your eyes always reminds me that you are calling. Happy birthday.

33. What I really want to do today is give you a very long hug and whisper sweet nothings to your ears. But, distance has robbed me so I am just going to say nothing can qualify how much I miss you, happy birthday.

34. Look forward to seeing me, I do not know when. But, I know it is happening soon. Happy birthday far away love.

35. You are enough reason to smile and your birthday is celebrating in style. Happy birthday to my far away love.

36. Do not see this as just a text message. But, more like a hug caressing you and a smile reminding you of all the goals you are set to achieve. Happy birthday.

37. Long distance relationship is actually pretty cool when it is done with someone as romantic as you. Happy birthday.

38. I do not have regrets so far! It has been a long distance relationship like no other. Happy birthday.

39. It is beautiful that you are actually having a wonderful celebration regardless of the people around. Happy birthday.

40. I am so proud of how far we have gone and excited about how well we are still going. Happy birthday.

41. Our strength in days of trouble still surprises me and the way we have handled this long distance so far has been crazy impressive. Happy birthday.

42. It is both happy birthday to you and happy 3rd month of our long distance relationship. What a beautiful coincidence.

43. We are going stronger and better this year regardless of how far apart we are from each other. Happy birthday.

44. If I was asked to do things differently with you, I would not. Trust me, you make everything so easy. Happy birthday.

45. To think this same long distance relationship has been painted to mean a terrible choice in any relationship is surprising. I would not have this any other way. Happy birthday my far away love.

46. You are cherished every day and more than you have ever imagined, enlarged in my heart. I love you and wish you a beautiful birthday.

47. No quality of distance should ever be able to rob us of happiness and hope for a great future. Happy birthday, dearest.

48. You are worth every sacrifice and more. Trust me when I say you are a gift worth doing all and more for. Happy birthday, king.

49. Loving you has been a high light in my life and doing it from distance has been one of the most challenging things I have ever had to do. I will continue with joy though. Happy birthday.

50. Before you became my far away love, you were first my forever love. The first may actually not stand permanently but the latter will. Of this, I am sure. Happy birthday, love.

51. I think of your grace and bless God you are mine, I imagine your aura, and I get a little sad I do not get to be around it. Happy birthday, love.

52. You may be far away from me. Your genuine smile is not and neither is your laugh. Happy birthday.

53. To the gift of God to me that has been wrapped in humor, true happiness and long distance for a while, I say happy birthday.

54. A big shout out to the love of my life that is life herself. May you have that life in abundance and have all your dreams come to fruition.

55. I am convinced today of a reason to check on you and a reason to send goodies your way. Have a happy birthday celebration.

56. Without you, I merely thrive and try to get by. I am hopeful that you will be home very soon. Happy birthday, love.

57. May you have a day that is full of good surprises and joy. Expect me in your dreams too! Happy birthday, dear.

58. I hope that the things you wished for last year have all come to fruition. In fact, I believe they have. If not, you won’t be so far away. Happy birthday

59. May this New Year be joyful for you and revolutionary for us. Happy birthday, king.

60. I see every day as a day closer to the moment where I get to hug you. This is why I look forward to every day, happy birthday my far away love.

61. I love how you handle everything in your life with so much ease and grace, our long-distance relationship inclusive. Happy birthday.

62. I am hopeful that this year will be a harbinger for greater years for you and successful career. Happy birthday.

63. I actually do not know what to say to you except that I miss you so much and to wish you a very happy birthday.

64. You are still a very rare gem regardless of the challenges we have had to face because of this long distance. Have a good birthday.

65. I hope this birthday brings clarity to you and beyond this bring happiness that never leaves. Happy birthday to my forever love.

66. You are my far away love, also my one and only and I have been able to keep to this because you are so easy to love. Happy birthday.

67. I would still do long distance with you if I had to come to the world over again. Happy birthday.

68. The fact that our relationship is long distance actually makes it unique and extremely intriguing. Happy birthday.

69. The reason why I will choose this long distance with you over every day cuddling with any other person is because you are such an amazing person and equally good with this long distance than I would ever be good with short distance with another. Happy birthday

70. You are a beauty to behold but even more amazement to listen to and hear from. Happy birthday to my far away love.

71. I have never heard of a faraway love that still makes the heartbeat as it does at meeting one’s soul mate for the first time. You are indeed my lover boy! Happy birthday.

72. love how every day is an adventure for us and a time to get to know about each other all over again. I guess this is one of the many benefits of long distance. Happy birthday.

73. You have gradually won me over with your consistence in the face of long distance, I love you and wish that you have a really beautiful birthday.

74. You are beautiful love. Never doubt this or thing long distance will make me forget that fact, happy birthday darling.

75. I love you and wish that this long distance does not last more than this year, happy birthday.

76. This is how I know we were meant to be together forever; we have outlasted every challenge and made beauty come out of ashes. Happy birthday to my other half.

77. You are like me in so many ways. Maybe this is why we have been able to enjoy a beautiful long-distance relationship. Happy birthday.

78. It is that time of the year again! Even if I am not there physically, know that I am spiritually present with you and celebrating with equal intensity.

79. I was once asked if I was sure you are my forever; you can already guess my answer. I have never been surer of anything in my life.

80. I am thinking today and spending most of my time imagining the time you are having without me to celebrate with you, happy birthday,

81. I will admit that it is quite painful that I am not where you are right now trying to get you to laugh at my dry jokes. Happy birthday, love.

82. I wish you greatness, good health and joy so big that your sorrow will be left with no choice than to shy away,

83. You are light and love and a double dose of joy and happiness. Distance has nothing on us, happy birthday.

84. Since the birth of proximity, you have not failed in opening my eyes daily to reasons to still hold on to our relationship. Happy birthday.

85. For all the bravery you have exuded and the love you have enacted in the past few years, I celebrate you. For being born, I celebrate you. Happy birthday!

86. Great tidings will locate you now and forever, don’t doubt this single prayer that is coming from a heart that feels what you do from very far away. Happy birthday.

87. I actually do acknowledge the things you do. The fact that I miss you so much may have blinded my heart to seeing these things and saying them. Happy birthday, love.

88. I am seeing soon! If that isn’t enough reason to smile, at least your birthday celebration is. So much to be grateful for. Happy birthday, love.

89. You are my dearest and the most cherished in my life. Long distance hasn’t and can never change that fact. Happy birthday, love.

90. Happy birthday to the one that has all the keys to the door of my heart. I love you and no distance can change that.

91. You are such a breath of fresh air. I miss having you around and certainly look forward to having you in my arms. Happy birthday.

92. My arms miss you, my eyes too, and although I know you are far away for genuine reasons I still can’t help but wish you were here. Happy birthday.

93. Of love and distance, you and I are perfect definition. I love you so much and wish that you have a birthday.

94. You deserve all the goodness that you will be given today and beyond. I love so much darling.

95. A big happy birthday shout out to my lover and friend. A far away love that is very close to my heart.

96. You are the beginning of my day and the end of it. A very happy birthday celebration to you

97. The thought of you has become a substantial part of my life since your presence became scarce. Happy birthday.

98. My baby is far away and I am here anticipating his return with so much eagerness. Happy birthday.

99. You are probably wondering just as I am. Let us meet soon to discuss all these and more! Happy birthday.

100. Love found me when I found you and it hasn’t left me even when we have been so far away from each other. Happy birthday, dearest.

101. You are enough reason to be happy on this day and hope for a future untold. Happy birthday.

102. When I remember that someone like you is in my corner and readily available to do anything for me, I feel really blessed. Happy birthday, darling.

103. I have a lot to be thankful for. You are number one on the list. Happy birthday to the most amazing person I know.

104. You have made things very easy and long distance a very attractive thing. I do not know how you have been able to achieve this.

105. You are everything, my forever and far away love inclusive. Happy birthday, dearie.

106. Although, it is quite challenging to be without you for months. Having you far away is still ten times better than not having you at all. Happy birthday.

107. You are amazing, all shade of awesome and a reason to be in a long distance relationship. Happy birthday, love.

108. You are loved by me. This is the most unmistakable fact you will listen to today. Happy birthday.

109. Grace is the only explanation of the rate at which our love has been going and the quality of the long distance relationship we have. Happy birthday.

110. You have been a blessing to me in more ways than one and I wouldn’t trade you for anything. Not even a relationship that is not long distance.

Indeed, long distance has nothing on your love or the grand celebration you have in mind for his birthday with some of these messages.