I am Proud to be Your Dad Quotes

Frankly speaking, fatherhood with great gain and happiness, in the long run, doesn’t come on a platter of gold. It comes with great work done over a large number of years from infancy to adulthood stage with prayers and supplications to God to help your child keep the lessons, cultures and behaviours you have instilled into him/ her.

Seeing that your child or children are actually following all that you have instilled in them will make you so highly proud of them. Now taking a walk down memory lane with so much joy and love for your child, it will not be a bad idea to let them know that they are bringing you joy and that you are proud to be their father.

And that is why these heart touchings, warm and lovely I am proud to be your dad quotes are written so, take the liberty to do so without hesitation. They will simply love you the more.

Proud to be Your Father Quotes and Messages

I am proud to be your dad and am so grateful for your beautiful presence in my life. You constantly put smiles on my face and you make me a complete person when it comes to fatherhood. Thanks, dear.

1. Dear son, your humility won everybody to your side but it is your hard work that won you the award of excellence. Congratulations to you for winning everything! I am so proud to be your dad.

2. Dear daughter, you have been my cook, washwoman, friend, gist partner and house cleaner ever since your mother passed. You did not make me feel her absence at all. I am so proud of you, dear.

3. You are very kind, loving and caring. You have always been there for me and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter like you. I love you and I am so proud to be your dad.

4. It fills my heart with joy to be your dad and I am elated God chose me to be your biological father out of the millions of men on earth. Kisses!

5. Shout out to the most talented boy out there who happens to be my son. Congratulations on your award. You really deserve it.

6. Seems like just yesterday I was changing your first diaper in the hospital and now, you’re about to change the world. I’m so proud to be your dad, dear.

7. You’re the best, son. You really are and that is why you came out as the best applicant for this well-paying white-collar job of your dreams and I love you for this. I’m so proud to be your dad and the best dad you could ever ask of.

8. Dear daughter, your achievements have shown that you took everything I have taught you to heart. Thank you for being an amazing child because I am proud of being your dad.

9. Dear daughter, I’d always known you to be one born to be great. Thanks for making me a proud dad of a talented girl. Congratulations!

10. I am proud to be your dad. Thank you for the many ways you brighten my life and make me proud. I love you.

11. I am so proud on this beautiful day to be your dad because having you as an amazing daughter makes me so thankful to God for giving you to me and the opportunity, he gives me every day to love you, guide you and shape you into the young woman that you have become.

12. Dear daughter, thanks for how much you have loved me, for all the endless support, love and patience you have had with me through the years.

13. Thinking of you and your accomplishments this day, I’m proud to call you, my daughter. I love you.

14. Well done to you, my son in whom I am well pleased. I am so proud of you and I hope that this new level of success takes to you a higher height of operations. Congratulations!

15. When you were young, I’d wake up early, drive to your school and wait for you in the parking lot after the close from work with ice cream in my hands just so you could run into my arms and hug me as you walked out. I’d love to do that again and I am proud to be your dad.

16. I am proud to be your father because you are strong, smart, sweet and kind. Thanks for representing the family well.

17. Thank you for taking heed to all the principles of life and disciplines I instilled in you. You have made me a proud father of a well-behaved child. I love you.

18. Not many people can say they are the father of their best friend, but you have made me one of the few exceptions and I cherish you for that. All gratitude to God for availing me of this opportunity.

19. Congratulations on your big promotion, my lovely son. You worked hard, and you deserve it. Cheers! Dad loves you and he is super proud of you.

20. All those moments of bonding with you from infancy till now keep adding up to form the most amazing feeling I have ever had in the world. Thanks for making my world, son. I am super proud of you.

21. I am proud of you for being my only son. You have always been my guardian and escort. You are always behind me at any party I find myself. You are the best.

22. it gladdens my heart that my beautiful and loving daughter is throwing this surprise birthday party for me. I cannot thank you enough, my dear. God will honour you and grant you all your heart desires, dear.

23. Would not have thought that you will bring me so much joy and happiness especially in your academics to the extent of coming out in flying colours. I am super proud of you, dear.

24. It is not common to see such a lovely heart, my dear daughter who takes care of me so well even on the days when I am down. I will forever be grateful to God for giving you as a daughter to me. I am proud to be your dad.

25. My greatest wish is that you know how much I love and cherish you, sweet son. You have always made me happy to have you as a son and I am proud of you.

26. I wouldn’t change my son for the world no matter what but I wish I could change the world for my son. That is how much I love you and I am so proud of you.

27. My job as a father is to put you through life which I did and you have made it so easy for me. Thanks for making me experience fatherhood without many problems. You are a rare son and I am proud of you.

28. Your presence in my life, my dear princess has made me love being a father from the day you were born into the earth to the day I gave your hand in marriage to your sweet and loving husband. I am a super proud dad of a pretty daughter.

29. I am proud of you not because of any accomplishment you have had or will have, but because you are my daughter.

30. I want you to know that with or without me physically present to attend your graduation ceremony, I am totally proud of you.

Make an imprint of smiles all over your son or daughter’s face with these loving quotes from you, their dad. They would never forget having a good father in all ramifications as a real dad who has put away ego found in some men to send a message showing how grateful you are to have them.