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2021 Missing You Text Messages for Him or Her

Loving someone and knowing you are loved too is a very satisfying feeling. It is a feeling that we usually feel like screaming out on a rooftop. Love is always seeking to express itself, and even more in the absence of one’s beloved. Here are I’m missing you text messages you can send to the one you love when you miss them – Missing You Text messages for Your Love.

Note: You can choose to ignore the Table of Contents below because the I miss You Text Messages are meant for both genders.

Sweet Missing You Text Messages

Let your lover know you miss Him or Her by sending these Sweet Missing You Text Messages.

1. No matter what I do, there is one thing that is constant; I think about you all day and it is not getting better. I miss you, sweetheart.

2. Love is a beautiful thing. I didn’t know how much until I met you. I miss you, my heart.

3. Waiting can seem strenuous but waiting for the one you love is exhausting. However, I will rather wait than not have you in my life. I miss you so much, dear.

4. I close my eyes and I see all the beautiful times we spent together. How we cuddled, laughed, cried, hugged, played is still very clear to me. I miss you, my dearest.

5. Cupid’s arrow caught me directly at the heart. I can feel how it caught when you are with me but when you are away, the arrow of love hurts because of how much I wish you were here. I miss you so much, love.

Missing You Text Messages for Him – Boyfriend

Let your Boyfriend know you miss Him by sending these Missing You Text Messages to him.

6. I will try not to spoil the memories of our time together by thinking of how we can’t be together but it is becoming more difficult every day. I miss you, sweetheart.

7. Goodbye is the hardest word I have had to say. I would rather you were walking towards me and holding on to me than letting me go to be away from me. I miss you, beloved.

Missing You Love Message
Missing You Love Message

8. Just like fire is not easily extinguished, so is my love for you not extinguished by this distance. I can’t wait to see you. I really miss you, my love.

9. We really don’t know how much someone means to us until they are no more there. I didn’t expect to miss you this much. But I do, I really do, my heartbeat.

10. One minute, you are there with me and the next, you are gone. Like a bride left at the altar without her groom, I feel left alone and it is not a good feeling. I miss you, honey.

That’s not all… The ones below can perfectly be used for your Boyfriend. Just continue reading..

Missing You Text Messages for Her – Girlfriend

Let your Girlfriend know you miss Her by sending these Missing You Text Messages to her

11. Without you, I can be compared to a lawyer without a court, a doctor without the hospital or a teacher without school. I really miss you, my love.

12. More than anything in the world, I want my heart to beat normally. That can only happen when I see you again. I miss you, dearie.

13. It only takes a spark to get a fire going, it only takes your smile to make my world alright. That is why it’s hard for me not to see it always. I miss you, my beloved.

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14. Even without been present, you are constantly on my mind. I can’t wait to be with you again. I miss you, sweetheart.

15. Not having you around is like having a part of me missing. Only seeing you can fill that void. Come back quickly, I miss you very much.

Missing You Text Messages to My Love

Let your Love know you miss Him or Her by sending these Missing You Text Messages.

16. If only wishes were horses, we would be together always. My greatest heart desire right now is to look into your eyes again. I miss you, baby.

17. You are the only one that can cure me of this sickness of missing you that is plaguing me. I wish you were here, my love.

18. My heart is heavy and empty and there is only one thing I need … You. I miss you, my treasure.

19. When I am asleep, I dream of you. When I am awake, I daydream of you. My life is filled with dreams of you. I miss you, my jewel.

20. You have always presented a feeling of heaven to me. Being with you is like being in paradise and having the best experience of my life. In your absence, it is hard to cope. I miss you so much, love.

Missing You Love Messages

Missing You Love Messages to your Lover.

21. Your heartbeat is like music to my ears. I want to lay on your chest and listen to it all day. I miss you, dearest.

22. The happiest sentence I know is “I love you.” And the saddest sentence I know is “I miss you,” which I do, every minute of every day.

23. For many years, I was on my own, having no idea what it means to be loved. Then you came into my life and changed all that. In your absence, I can’t handle being on my own again. I miss you dearly, my darling.

24. The difference in location is just in location, it cannot create a distance between our hearts. You are forever entrenched in my heart. I love you very much, beloved.

25. You motivate me to win, your presence in my life lightens up my world. And now, your absence left a darkness in its wake. I miss you, heartbeat.

Missing You Message
Missing You Message

26. My smiles, my heart beat, my speech, my thoughts, my dreams … they all point to the fact that I miss you, sweetheart.

27. Now that you are far away from me, I realise I should have spent more time with you. At least, I would have more memories to keep me going. I miss you, honey.

28. The days are not as bright, my nights are not as dreamy, the colours are not as pleasant … all because you are not with me. I miss you, my one and only.

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29. Its hard for me that I am here and you are there. I want us to be together. I miss you very much, dear.

30. You do not have to ask me how I am. You know the answer is that I’m not fine. I can’t be when you are so far away from me. I miss you, boo.

31. I know we have many memories together, our story would probably fill up a book but it can never be enough. I am greedy when it comes to your presence. I miss being with you, my heart.

32. Sleeping beside you will be the highlight my night and waking up beside you will make the day merry. I miss you, love.

33. You may be far away from me but you are actually closer than you think because even my senses have a memory of you. I miss you, treasured one.

35. I wish I was multilingual, so I could communicate how much I miss you in different languages.

36. Time waits for no one. But it seems to me time moves faster when we are together and stands still when we are apart. I can’t wait to see you again, my darling.

37. I might not be there with you but rest assured I will always be there for you. I miss you, my heart.

38. You probably think I exaggerate how much I miss you but you would feel that way if you could look into my eyes and see the loneliness I feel in your absence. I miss you, my jewel.

39. It is just a few days since I last saw you but it seems like forever. I miss you desperately, sweetie.

40. Do not think that I have not tried to stop missing you because I have. It hurts too much but I can’t seem to be able to keep myself from missing you, baby.

41. I can’t wait to be in your arms and behold the beauty of your smile again. I miss you, dearly beloved.

42. Thinking about you has become my default setting. I miss you so much it does not even take any effort. I can’t wait to be with you, sugar.

43. I could have someone closer to me but no, you are worth the time apart. I am so in love with you and I miss you, sweetheart.

44. “I miss you”… There is a lot embedded in those three words for me. In summary, it means I desperately want to be with you again.

45. With you, out of sight is not out of mind. Out of sight actually fills my mind with thoughts of you. I miss you, my own.

Missing You Text
Missing You Text

46. The way I miss you, even holding your hands will do a lot for me. I miss you very much, my love.

47. The amount of time I spend with you cannot make up for the amount of time I am not with you because I always want to be with you. I miss you, darling.

48. If I had to choose between missing you not having you in my life, I would go for missing you every time. I will rather always have you in my life.

49. I wish I could save all our time together in a box, so when I am not with you, I can bring it out and relieve every moment. I miss you, dearest.

50. I wish I had all the vocabulary in the world at my disposal but I know it still would not be enough to express my love for you and my desire for your presence. Every part of me misses you, baby.

51. Somehow, you find a way to creep into everything and everywhere around me. I know it is because I miss you so much, love.

52. The day needs the sun to be perfect and the night needs the stars to be perfect, so do I need you around to be perfect. I miss you, darling.

53. I know you probably wonder how I miss you so much even after spending so much time with you. My heart just wants to be with you always. I miss you, sweetheart.

54. I enjoy loving you, it is pleasurable. I hate missing you, it is torture. But I will not avoid the torture because it means I have you. I miss you, honey.

55. I understand the longer I have to wait to be in your presence again, the better the reward. But I wish I didn’t have to wait so long. I miss you so much, my jewel.

56. Everything, really, is normal. The stars come out at night, the sun rises and sets, the rains fall in their season. But for me, it is still not normal because you are far from me. I miss you, treasure.

57. I wish you could feel how much I miss you as well, so you know I am not exaggerating when I tell you. I miss you very much, my love.

58. If you want to know what’s in my heart, it’s simple … I love you and I miss you, my heart.

59. You were the last person I thought of when I slept last night and the first person on my mind when I woke up. I really miss you, my one and only.

60. I should be working but I’m here thinking about you. I really can’t wait to be with you again. I miss you, dear.

61. Life throws different curve balls at me but none is as difficult as being away from you. I miss you, the one for me.

62. My heart belongs to you. If you believe nothing, believe that. I also did not know how much till you were not beside me. I miss you, darling.

63. My heart is thirsty for your presence just like a desert is thirsty for water. I miss you, beloved.

64. I don’t have to look at your pictures to see you or listen to your voice to hear you. I just have to look into my heart. I miss you, dearest.

65. Sometimes, I wish nothing like love existed because of how much it hurts in your absence. I miss you so much, my heartbeat.

Missing You Text Messages for Her
Missing You Text Messages for Her

66. I know I can’t be with you right now because of circumstances but I would do even the most difficult things, if it was a choice, to look into your eyes again. I miss you, sweet.

67. Since the day you left, there was a hole in my heart and the hole keeps getting bigger and bigger as the days go by. I miss you, honey.

68. The world probably does not seem as perfect as it used to be when we were together. For me, it just gets uglier. I miss you too much, love.

69. I am lucky to have you. Even though it doesn’t seem like that when I am missing you, I want you to know I cherish everything about you. I miss you, dearest.

70. Unlike many things, missing you never goes away. The only cure is being around you again. I miss you, jewel.

71. My heart does not care that I am a man and I am not supposed to cry or it won’t make me miss you so much, dearly beloved.

72. You are my muse, seeing you is enough to inspire my most beautiful creative works. I wish you were here. I miss you, my only.

73. When you are with me, my life brightens and my heart sings but when you are away from me, everything becomes gloomy, moody and dark. I miss you, my treasure.

74. I miss all the little things … your smile, your frown, your embrace, the sound of your voice and laughter, and even our little fights. I want them all back. I miss you, my sweetheart.

75. It might be hard to believe but you are the only one I have ever felt this way for and it’s even more pronounced in your absence. I love you and miss you, my only.

76. If life were fair, I wouldn’t be feeling this much pain at missing you because we would be together. I miss you, honey.

77. This might seem like an exaggeration but my eyes, my arms, my lips, my cheeks, my chest, my heart, my body and soul all miss you because they have all experienced you. I miss you, sweetheart.

78. It’s hard that we are not together but it would be crushing if you are not in my life. So I choose you always. I miss you dearest.

79. Experiencing all the good things of life does not make much sense to me when you are away. You are the one who makes them look beautiful to me. I miss you, my heart.

80. Sweetie, I miss you every time you are in my thoughts, which is always.

81. The world seems more colourful when I am looking at it through your eyes. But that’s only when you are around. I miss you, the only one for me.

82. Every day, I am around people and I interact with these people. But I still feel all alone because you are the only one I want. I miss you, boo.

83. The words, “I miss you” might sound superficial to many. Not to me, it captures exactly how I feel every second we are apart. I miss you so very much, baby.

84. I dream about you every night since you came into my life. Now that you are away, I dream about you even in my waking hour. I miss you, honey.

85. Do not be shocked when you hear that I have been throwing tantrums at home and at work. It just means I want to see you. I miss you, my treasure.

Missing You Text Messages for Him
Missing You Text Messages for Him

86. I am usually more around you than I am, apart from you. However, when I am apart from you, it seems like forever. I miss you dearly.

87. One of my greatest regrets of being away from you is that I cannot get to tell you how much I love you while looking into your eyes. I miss you, honey.

88. Due to this distance, I have become an expert in missing you. I am, however, yet to get used to it, it does not seem to get easier by the day. I miss you, sweet.

89. I have been trying all day to block your thoughts out of my mind. I have discovered it is a hopeless cause. I miss you, sugar.

90. My Heartbeat, I miss you so much that I wish every phone call and text message is from you.

91. I know seeing your smile alone will make everything alright with me. I can’t wait to see you. I really miss you, dearest.

92. Work would be so much more bearable if you were with me. I miss you, my love.

93. When I am around you, I am perfectly alright sitting beside you, saying nothing. When we are apart, I want to keep telling you how much I miss every part of you, sweetheart.

94. Now you are away, I wish I had spent every moment together, letting you know how special you are to me. I can’t wait to see you, so I can tell you. I miss you, beloved.

95. My love for you does not diminish with time, so does how much I miss you, baby.

96. Missing you right now is easier because I know you feel the same way.

97. I would have a mighty​ ocean, bigger than the Pacific if there was a drop of water every time I think of you. I miss you so much, my heart.

98. You are tailor-made for me, you are my soul mate and my perfect partner. That is why it seems like a part of me is ripped away when we are apart. I miss you, honey.

99. Right from the moment I saw you, I knew you were the only one for me. And I knew being away from you would be painful. It turns out I was right. I miss you, sweet.

100. Knowing I would see you soon makes all the moment away worth it but it does not end the pain of being apart till I actually see you. I miss you, my love.

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