2024 Romantic Love Poems for Him (Your Boyfriend)

They say love makes the world go round… but, true love takes you on a journey filled with contentment and excitement.

Here are romantic love poems to communicate your feelings for your man. These are beautiful love poems for him, such that will be on a repeat in his mind, keeping yo close to him always!

Romantic Love Poems for Him

Spice up your relationship with these Romantic Love Poems for your Boyfriend.

1. I dreamt of you last night
Soft kisses, feathery touches
They accompanied me to my dreams
Smug smiles, lopsided grins
They are my first thoughts when I wake
I wish I make you feel great about seeing a new day
Like you make me feel.

2. I wake up to the music of the birds of the birds from my window
It is a music that tells of all that is right in the world
It is a music that echoes the song in my heart
Music that is directed by thoughts of you
You play my heart like a string
Filling it with music.

3. I watched the moon before I slept
I know you did too
I woke up to the bright rays of the sun
I know you did too
I’m glad we have each other for one more day
I know you are too.

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4. Another hectic day begins
I do not panic because I have you
My safe haven
My place of rest
My eye in the storm
Good morning.

5. When I say “good morning”
I say it because I mean it
Not just as a greeting
But as a fact
Because you make the morning feel good.

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6. The dews of the morning
The mist in the air
They speak of new beginnings
A new beginning with you.

7. I open my eyes to the dawn of a new day
With excitement in my heart
And a dance in my steps
It’s another day to explore you and me.

8. Morning breeds hope
To unfold my dreams and widen my scope
To love is to hope
To be loved is the answer of dreams untold.

9. I love you
It is my conviction
It is my truth
As sure as the night turns into morning
So shall it stand true.

Good Morning Poems for Boyfriend

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10. The morning comes with beautiful rays
Rays of hope, rays of love
It comes with the splatter of dews on leaves too
Dews of fresh beginnings, dews of peace.

11. Your love makes my heart go a-dancing
To the staccato rhythm that is your heartbeat
It makes me walk with a swing and a smile on my face
It makes me think about you all day long.

12. They say to love and be loved is the best thing
I say they know nothing until they have been wrapped in your love
To bow in sweet surrender
To have your yearnings filled to capacity
That is what is the best thing
I know this because you make me wake up to it every day.

13. Some say love is the stuff of fairy tales
Of princes sweeping princesses off their feet
Of fairy godmothers waving their wand and creating magic
I thank my fairy godmother daily
For knowing my needs and bringing you my way.

14. Love is a language between two hearts
It seldom has the need for words
It thrives on the actions
It is a soundless symphony
Like the relationship between night and morning.

15. This emotion like fire
It runs through my veins and warms me up
It ignites at the thought of you
It stays with me through the day.

16. This raging storm that goes on in my heart
It is difficult being away from you
It is a sweet torture
This love, it keeps my soul bare.

17. Rainy mornings make me think about you
The intensity reminds me of your love for me
The music it emits as it meets with my roof
Gives me visions of dancing in the rain with you.

18. Cloudy skies echo the sadness in my hear
Being apart from you rips me in two
The dark clouds speak of my pain
They speak of my anger at the distance between us
I always want to be with you.

19. I look forward to the dawn of each day
It is a guarantee of one more day with you
Every second, every minute, every hour means the world to me
To be with you every day is my earnest desire.

20. I listen to the wind as it calls out your name
Do you hear it too?
It is a message from me to you
Of love, of longing, of desire, of forever.

I Love You Poems for Him

Romantic Poems to say I Love You to him.

21. If tomorrow never comes
Will you make today count?
Will you create memories that will outlive a lifetime?
Because you and I are the stuff love legends are made of.

22. I know you are good at games
It is the intelligence you have and everything
It is what draws me to you
But, this one game you lost before you started
You already lost your heart to me.

23. I woke to the reality of love
Slowly, madly, deeply
This is one reality I am happy to face
And enjoy it every step of the way.

24. What is your truth?
Mine is that I love you
What is your reality?
Mine is that I do not want to live without you.

25. Every morning after I wake
I stare at the picture of you on my bedside
I trace the lines on your face
I smile in contentment
I’m glad I got you.

26. I don’t want our love to last for just a moment
In this world of uncertainties
I want you to be the one thing I can be sure of
Just as I am certain that night surely turns to morning
Let me be certain that you’ll love me always.

27. When I look at myself in the mirror
I appreciate the wonder your love does to me
I glow like the early morning sun
My eyes sparkle with secrets only you can read
I revel in your love.

28. I can’t hide it
No matter how hard I try
This love we share
It keeps through every fibre of me
It is my reality.

29. I get goosebumps at the sound of your voice
The depth, it calls out to me
The intensity, it comforts me
The passion, it ignites me
Your voice is an unending music in my head.

30. Your touch fills me with longing
Yearning for more and more of you
You’ve lighted a fire that the flames cannot be doused
Don’t leave me for it will be darkness all around
My moon and stars.

Sweet Poems for Him

Sweet Poems to make his day blissful.

31. Your love is all the prize I need
Winning you is all I dream both when I sleep and wake
It is the medal I desire around my neck
It is the plaque I want to carry in my heart.

32. All day long, I wonder what goes on in your mind
Do you think about me?
Do you wish you could have me forever?
Deliriously happy, infectiously in love
These are the things I wish for
And I wish you do too.

33. I give you everything I have
Heart, body, soul
I do not ask for more
It is the exact thing I want from you
Today, tomorrow, forever.

34. You got the best of me
I wouldn’t have it any other way
I don’t know if I show it well enough
I’ll strive to love you the way you do me
Because in you I find perfection
In you I find rest.

35. How would I exist without you?
The days ahead seem so empty and dreary
I don’t ever wanna take this journey without you
My partner, my confidant, my comforter
Thank you for choosing me.

36. I never knew there was a wrong way to love
Until you showed the right way
Every day opens a new page in this world of romance you and I share
I wouldn’t trade it for anything
I want this forever.

37. Some friends become enemies
Some other friends become brothers
But, we became lovers
We took it a step further by becoming soulmates
Every step has been amazing
Every morning awakens a better you.

38. The warmth of the darkness holds me close like you do
I close my eyes and become engulfed in its depth
It is the way your arms hold me
Safe in your till I wake to the dawn of a new day.

39. With closed eyes and parted lips
I wait for your kiss
Bated breath, unsteady heartbeat
I long for your lips to claim mine
The passion shines brighter every second
It twinkles like fireflies, it twinkles like stars.

40. They say love is like magic
If it is true, then I know a magician
You swept me off my feet without any warning
You’ve held me spellbound with your care
Don’t let this end
Play with me some more.

Romantic Poem for Boyfriend

Trending Romantic Poem for Boyfriend.

41. The beauty of the morning makes me nostalgic with thoughts of you
It’s you I see when I close my eyes
It’s you I feel in every breath I take
The love I have for you is renewed every morning.

42. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul
I believed it when I met you
Your eye mirror the contentment I have found in you
They speak of the bliss in my soul
I love you.

43. The clarity if knowing it is you I want
Today, tomorrow and the day after
You’ve earned it my beloved
For choosing me to gift your heart
I’ll make sure there are no regrets.

44. My sweetness, good morning
The melody in your voice
The laughter in your eyes
Are the substance happiness is made of
Thank you for making me a happy person.

45. Is it possible to love you even more?
Because I find my love growing in seconds
With every breath I take
With every strength in me
I find myself wanting to love you more and more.

46. Your love is intoxicating like sleep during an early morning rain
Your passion is like the blanket that wraps me from the cold.
Your patience with me is like waking up to the brightness after the rain
Thank you for loving me differently.

47. Thoughts of you make my heart leap for joy
It makes laughter rumble deep in my belly like the roar of thunder
Like the winds during a storm, it threatens to blow my mind off
This is the kind of love that existed only in my imaginations.

48. I’m a dreamer but you remain my one dream come true
Daily you fulfil my every fantasy
I’m excited at the close of dusk and overwhelmed by the break of dawn
Because I know I’ll learn something new from you
It gladdens my heart all day long.

49. They say nothing good last forever
I only laugh at their ignorance
They don’t know you and me
When they do, they will realize that better things stick together.
Good morning.

50. Love gives strength to weary limb
It gives hope during despair
I know this because I experience it with you
As each day breaks, you unravel a new side of love
Forever doesn’t seem so long with you.

Love Poems for Your Boyfriend

Sweet Love Poems for your Boyfriend to feel happy.

51. I am grateful for today,
And even more, because I still got you,
With you on my side, I can face the world,
Good morning my beloved.

52. When my eyes open at the break of dawn,
The day may seem bleak because of my many problems,
It is thoughts of you that give rest to my troubled mind,
I don’t want to imagine what life would be like without you.

53. The troubles of life restart as we wake,
Same way as the love that lives in our hearts,
Every morning is a new opportunity to love you in a different way,
I am here, you’re here and that’s all that matters.

54. People say it’s difficult to love one person for a long time,
I laugh because they’ve not encountered you,
The different shades of love you show me,
Those shades guide me daily.

55. The different colours of the rainbow are there for a reason,
It is to show the many ways love can be expressed,
Sometimes as a colour on its own,
Other times as a combination of different colours.

56. The early morning rays are soothing,
They remind me of your smiles,
They soothe my pains.

57. The calm on your face as I wake and lie beside you,
Caresses my core,
Watching your calm and steady breath,
Reminds me of the confident personality you have.

58. The twinkle in your eyes as you gaze at me when you wake,
It makes me glow like a star,
Because I know you delight in me,
And I find happiness in you.

59. The morning breeze is tender,
As tender as your breath when you snuggle up to me,
Thoughts of you encompass me when I wake,
Have a great day my darling.

60. The morning dew on leaves revitalizes them,
Same as when you kiss me good morning,
Or grab me for a hug as you wake,
You make me happy.

Short Poem for Boyfriend

Short but romantic Poem for your lovely Boyfriend.

61. Looking out the window as I wake beside you,
The leaves on trees sway to the music of the cool breeze,
It echoes the music in my heart and the dance in my eyes,
This is what your love does to me.

62. I’m envious of the morning sun,
It kisses you before I can even set my eyes on you,
I wish to be the only one doing that,
Good morning.

63. I see you in my dreams,
I wake up with thoughts of you,
Being with you is all I desire.

64. I can’t wait to be yours forever,
To fall asleep in your arms,
And wake to your smiles.

65. To not be yours is a great fear,
Because my love for you renews every dawn,
And it’s stronger and certain,
As sure as morning turning into night.

66. My desire is to wake you with a smile on your lips,
To make your day alive with my tender love and care,
To fill you with my attention,
And make you be at your best.

67. A man who loves his woman in many different ways,
Who delights in her laughter and smiles,
Is the desire of every woman,
And I have that in you.

68. I want to be all you need,
A woman who prays for your wellbeing,
Satisfies your sexual needs,
And keeps you happy all day long.

69. A new day to be with you is here,
I thank the Maker for creating you,
I’m grateful to the universe for uniting us,
Good morning.

70. Wipe the frown off your face,
Don’t let it create creases on your handsome face,
Somebody lives for your smiles,
It kickstarts her day.

Short Love Poems for Him

Sweet short love poems for your Boyfriend.

71. My day starts when I felt a tug at my heart,
It’s the same tug I feel when you’re awake,
It is a reminder that I am not alone,
All day long.

72. It used to be lonely without you,
My days are no longer bleak since you came along,
I look forward to mornings now,
Because I got you on my side.

73. You should not be afraid of what the day holds,
Because I am here to walk you through it,
I am your guardian angel,
And I love you so much.

74. It rained last night,
And cleared the sky this morning,
Same way you wiped my tears when you met me,
And gave me a whole new perspective to love.

75. You treat me like a rose,
You tend to my petals,
Watering me with your love, care and affection,
Day after day.

76. You open one eye then another and stare at me,
Do I make your heart faster?
Do I make you feel warmer?
This is what you do to me everything you wake.

77. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes,
Like the morning sun, you cast your glow on me,
You illuminate every part of me and mark me as yours.

78. I’ve been marked, I am told,
I do not doubt this,
It is the mark my lover imprinted on me,
Just as the sun marks each day.

79. Cold days are not cold when I’m beside you
Hot days lose their heat when I’m with you,
You change everything around me,
And I want it to stay that way.

80. Some days I wake up to a kiss,
Other days I wake up to breakfast in bed,
With you, I know my days will be filled with vibrant colours,
I’m glad I’m yours and you are mine.

Famous Love Poems for Him

Famous Love Poems you can also send to your lover.

81. Will you be here tomorrow and the day after?
Because I don’t want this to end,
I don’t to spend another day without you.

82. Lovely days start with thoughts of you,
And ends with kissing you good night,
You’re in my life,
I remain grateful for the gift you are to me.

83. Lovers fight and quarrel,
We do too,
The sun doesn’t meet our anger,
Because we are one.

84. As the rays of the morning sun signal a new day,
So does waking up next to your smile ignite your flame,
You’re my sun,
You are my moon and stars.

85. Light of my life,
That’s what you have become to me,
You add so much colour to my life,
Don’t go anywhere from me.

86. Our love has no restraint,
This is what I have come to realize,
Because it renews at the dawn of each day.

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87. Our love is not defined by how often we’re together,
For even when you’re far from me, I have the same feeling,
It’s deeper than distance.

88. Love brought me to where I belong,
It’s in the peace I find in your arms,
It’s in the smiles when I wake up next to you.

89. You have taught me the meaning of love,
I appreciate your persistence and patience,
Now it’s imprinted on my heart,
Good morning.

90. I feel best when I’m with you,
You bring out the best in me,
Morning after morning, you unravel new parts of me.

91. There’s something about this feeling,
This intense love at the thought of you,
I want to be yours only,
Now and always.

92. Thank you for being with me for one more day,
This is all I pray for,
To be yours forever and always.

Heart Touching Love Poems for Him

Heart Touching Love Poems for your Boyfriend.

93. I don’t want to know how a day without you would be,
Thoughts of it seem bleak,
Days and nights with you is all I want,
Seconds and minutes with you are all I crave.

94. Your love took me by surprise,
It has taken over every fibre of my being,
I revel in sweet surrender,
Its taste gets better every time on your lips.

95. When you look in my eyes,
Do you see the spark?
I see it in yours;
I feel it in your touch too.

96. Tell me your troubles and doubts,
I may not be able to take them all,
But, I’ll ease your pain,
And give you fresh hope like the break of dawn.

97. I love the way you love me,
I love the way you cradle my head as I lay beside you,
I love the smile tugging at your lips when I wake you,
I love mornings with you.

98. The way you reach for me in your sleep,
And snuggle when I try to wake you,
Are thoughts that stay with me when I’m away from you,
Like this morning.

99. I feel like singing of my love for you from the mountain top,
Like the birds singing from trees tops in the morning,
Your love fills me with a well of happiness,
You renew it every day.

100. I trace the lines on your face when you sleep,
I know every line tells a story,
I want to be a lead story in your life too,
The kind you tell with smiles and laughter.