I Cherish You SMS Messages for Her or Him

Nothing stops you from sending the best of romantic messages to prove that you really cherish your lover.

And if you’re ready for some of those… Follow me on this page.

I Cherish You Sms for Her or Him

These cherishing messages are lovely enough to send to your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

  • You Are the One I Need

I’ve had the chance to get some tastes of love and having you has given a better feeling than I ever had. You’re sure the only one I need now and forever. I love you.

  • You Are My Only Choice

I do not have to choose again since I’ve got you. Even if I have to make such a choice in this present life or the hereafter, you will ever be my only choice. I cherish you so much.

  • You Deserve All of Me

You’ve been the reason I laugh, merry, and move on in life. You’ve given your all to see us going greatly together forever… And now I see that no one else deserves me but you. I love you and cherish your all.

  • Nothing Moves Me Again

Since I’ve got you, I’ve seen more than the seven wonders of the world. Since I’ve been yours, nothing seem to bother me again. Indeed, you have made me into a better version of me. Thanks, I love you.

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I Cherish You Messages for Her or Him

  • Until Death Do Us Part

I’ve made up my mind to love you forever. I’ve made a promise to be yours until the world ceases to be no more. I’ll cherish and love you until I breathe my last.

  • I Will Forever Love You

It still beats my imagination how someone like me could have found a rare gem than you are. And to pay back the favour, I’ll love you forever. I love you, yes, I do.

  • You Are the Only One for Me

I have tasted of your love and saw how it defies the best of sumptuous meals. I’ve experienced your care and discovered it’s inherent ebullience… And so I made a resolution to make you my only lover. I love you.

  • One More Time

If life would be again… if I’ll be my gender again and you’ll retain yours… And if we will cross part again… I will choose to love you once again. I love you and will forever cherish you. Mwah.

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