100 Inspirational Happy New Month Status [July 2024]

New months are fresh starts to new beginnings. They pass a very important message – the opportunity to pick up afresh, and to achieve set goals and objectives.

We’re here again with a collection of new month messages which you can send to your family, friends and acquaintances. They’re prepared in such a way that it’ll not only be a form of greeting, but it’ll also be a motivation to help spur your loved ones to achieve their set goals for this new month of July 2024.

You’ve wonderful choices to select from. Do so, and know that it’ll deliver your message on the start of a new month.

Inspirational New Month Status

These are precious and lovely motivational Status you can use or upload on your social media to inspire your followers.

1. Go out this month to surmount every challenge and to remove all embargoes that can stop you from achieving your set goals. Have a blessed month.

2. No success can be achieved without a set mind to drive it. Have a new month full of achievable successes. Succeed!

3. May this month be filled with untamed joy that’ll help make the best of your life. May your joy never cease. Happy new month.

4. Happiness shouldn’t be the exclusive preserve of the rich and mighty. You can be happy too. May you be really happy in all that you do this month. HNM!

5. No one has the right to make you happy or sad. Try not to tie your happiness to anyone; it’s your responsibility. I wish you a new month filled with unreserved happiness.

6. May your joy be full. May you find the purpose of your existence. May you live the life that you desire this month and forever! Have a rainbow coloured month!

7. I hope that the challenges and vicissitudes of life you face this month will spur you on to achieving the unachievable. I wish you heaven’s best.

8. Make sure to change every aspect of your life that’s purpose diminishing. Be the change you want to see in the universe. I hope you have a month filled with positive change!

9. As you gear up to receive the month’s endless blessings and possibilities, try to be a spring of blessings to others as well. Have a blessing-filled month.

10. Confidence and bravery go hand-in-hand. Be confident in facing life’s vicissitudes, and be brave enough to face life’s gruesome challenges. Have a month of victory.

Happy New Month Status

Is a new month already, make your social media page become the source of inspirations to everyone that visit it with these Happy New Month Status.

11. May you be endowed with the strength to keep you moving this new month. Focus on the future ahead, and not on the crippling circumstances. Go succeed.

12. Good success isn’t easy to come by. It is helped by an unflinching sense of determination, persistence, and due diligence. May you find grace to succeed in all of your endeavours this month. Grace to you.

13. I wish you a month filled with goodness and all shades of pleasant surprises. May everything good come your way!

14. Do have a month filled with positive and worthwhile experiences. Experience outside of the norm teaches us new stuff. Learn new things, break new barriers, test new waters!

15. I pray each day of the new month brings you enough hope to keep your dreams alive. Keep hope alive, and believe that dreams come true.

16. I pray that the good Lord directs you in all of the choices and decisions you need to make this month. Without the divine, we are nothing. Have him a space in your life, and you’ll have a life free of stress. Have a blessed month.

17. May peace fill your soul, may love fill your heart, may strength fill your body. Have a new month filled with heavenly blessings.

18. May the glory of God abound fully in your life this month. Go out there and shine! That’s what is expected of you.

19. May every moment of this month be filled with life-changing achievements for you. Don’t wait for anyone’s permission. Go out there and get all you deserve. Have an achievement-filled month.

20. I do hope you beat your previous track record of achievements this month. Go out there and beat your own records!

New Month Facebook Status

People will surely check what you are saying through your social media page? Then, is time to make changing life your obligation by updating your status page with these New Month Wishes Status.

21. I pray that doors of opportunities will open for you this new month. May you find help in every angle. However, if doors don’t open, make new ones!

22. I hope that all your set goals come to fruition this month. Resign not to fate if things don’t go along with set plans. Only the determined can move mountains. Never give up.

23. May each day bring you closer to the attainment of your purpose and the reason for your existence. Attain the unattainable!

24. Welcome to the month of great flourishing. Do flourish on every side, like the palm tree.

25. May the divine power of God protect you, your family, and possessions from every imaginable and unimaginable harm. Have God’s full protection this month.

26. Overlook the errors of the previous month, and look forward to making this month pretty sensational. It’s achievable – just do it!

27. May everything work for your good this new month. Believe is the key. Yes, believe. Just believe – things will work out well. Have a month filled with endless possibilities.

28. May your achievements in the new month dwarf all the failures of the previous months. Grace to you.

29. May this month bring you everything you need to survive in life. Make God use of them, and make the world a better place.

30. May your month be spiced with joy unspeakable and peace undeniable. Seek peace with all men, and spread happiness roundabout!

New Month Whatsapp Status

31. I do hope you get things right this new month. You were made to try, do try harder, and make this month better than the last. I wish you well. Happy new month!

32. Make the best of this new month, because it’s a part of your life. If you let it go without making the best of it, you even your life away. Make the best of it!

33. May the impossibilities of the previous month be made possible this month. May your joy be full. May you prosper. Happy new month.

34. May you find inner peace, and may your inner being find harmony in all ways. Have a glorious month ahead.

35. I do hope that you will make and bring to life positive memories from this month that’ll last a lifetime. Happy new month.

36. May God bless you this month to make it inspiring and full of positive energy and enthusiasm. Have an ecstatic month ahead.

37. May the Lord open the doors of favour, blessings, peace and joy for you this month. May you never lose your shine. Shine on!

38. Every effort no matter how small counts. May all your efforts in becoming the best of whom you were made to be count. Don’t get tired; keep pushing!

39. The new month comes with its attendant blessings and challenges. May the blessings and challenges help shape you into becoming the best of who you’re.

40. The storms of life will come rocking your ship, but prepare to brace yourself. May your life’s ship never wreck. May this month be spiced with joy for you.

New Month Motivational Status

41. May every good thing you’ve ever wished for, be yours this new month. Have a month filled with wonderful goodies.

42. May all the things you love doing bring you joy and utter fulfilment. Keep doing what you love, and love what you do. Have a grand month ahead.

43. I wish you a happy new month. Your best is yet to come.

44. As you go through this month, do well to use things and love people. Never play with the emotions of people. May God bless you.

45. Be sure to spread happiness and excitement everywhere you go this new month. It’ll be for the greater good. Happy new month.

46. I do hope that all your plans, ideas, and good thoughts come into reality this new month. Have a blast!

47. I pray that this month bring you success in all aspects of human endeavours. You’re born to succeed.

48. May you start and end this month with praises and thanksgiving. Remember to give thanks always, even when things go wrong.

49. May God guide you every step of the way this month. May you never be a victim of circumstances. Have a grace coloured month.

50. May those who bless you be blessed; those who curse you will be cursed too! So that the world can be a better place, say good things to people as well. Happy new month!

51. You have all it takes to win. Brave all odds, and have the best of this new month.

52. May you have unlimited access to the divine this month. May his grace shine on you, and make you enjoy all the days therein.

53. Forget all the mistakes of the past, look forward to making the most of this month. Happy new month to you!

54. May all of life’s goodness and blessings be yours for the taking this month. Have a fruitful month.

55. May all of your interactions bring you joy, peace and quiet. May God lead you every step of the way. Happy new month!

56. May you take only informed decisions that will lead to your greatness this month. Blossom!

57. Rise, shine! Make the best of every minute this month, and be accountable to none but yourself.

58. May this new month be as bright as the sun high in its horizon. Enjoy.

59. Enjoy the perfect love and great warmth this month. Heaven’s best all the way.

60. May this month bring to your doorstep all the good things you expect from life. Grace to you.

61. May the glory of God be evident in your life and those of your family members. Blessings to you.

62. May your dreams come true this month, even if the vicissitudes of life says otherwise.

63. May you be in control of all of life’s situations. Do have a blessed month.

64. May goodness, mercy, and God’s grace be your portion this month. Have a great month helped by God.

65. May divinely inspired testimonies fill your mouth as you journey through this month. God bless you.

66. May this month be more gracious and successful for you than the previous months. May you get greater results.

67. I pray that God protect you and your abode from all of life’s troubles and hurt this new month. May your joy also be full.

68. May you always have a reason to celebrate every day of your life. Have a fun filled month!

69. May all your planned goals for this month be accomplished. Achieve the impossible! Happy new month.

70. May you have good health and wellness this month. May you keep being strong. Have a strength enabled month, my dear.

71. May this month be a month of wonderful happenings for you. May you always look back and remember it for good.

72. May your life be like that of a tree planted by the rivers. May you blossom, may you shine. Happy new month.

73. God himself will favour you and will cause you to be blessed by all men. Have a great month!

74. May God’s grace and favour put you in good standing. May you be distinguished for success in life this month.

75. The new month brings with it new opportunities. May you be bold to take on those opportunities. Have a wonderful month!

76. I hope that all that comes your way this month bring you joy and unlimited pleasantness. Have a lovely month!

77. May the Lord take you onto a higher level and may you never be grounded by life’s challenges. Have a great month.

78. May the peace of mind that comes from the throne of God be your portion this month. Grow in God’s grace.

79. May your glow never be dimmed. May your shine never be hidden. May you shine so bright like stars in the dark night. Have a lovely month.

80. May you be blessed with great cheer and delight this month. Have a life full of great joy. Happy new month!

81. May good fortune and glad tidings be yours as you journey through this month. Have an exceptional experience!

82. May the challenges life throw at you make you stronger than ever before. Do have a month of great victory!

83. May you never be defeated by the things that come your way. May the heavens lead and sustain you. Happy new month!

84. May you soar like the eagles and win every of life’s battles this month. Have a great month!

85. You shall experience freedom from shackles self-imposed this month and forevermore!

86. May the blocks placed on your path of success be removed from now on. Have a victorious month.

87. May all the changes that happen to you be positive, and may they bring about growth and development. Have a blessed month.

88. May all the evil and wickedness that fly during the day and at night never get close to you and your family. May the Lord protect you all the way!

89. May God guide you, and may he keep you from falling. Have a lovely month!

90. May your smile never cease, and may your tears be wiped away this new month!

91. Have a month filled with all shades of awesomeness. Enjoy!

92. May the hand of God keep you from the evil of this month. May his protection be all-encompassing.

93. May all the good things you have ever dreamt about come your way. May everything good come this month!

94. May your mind be enlightened, and may you see opportunity in every disability this month. Have a grand month!

95. May the provision of the Lord keep you from every form of lack this month. May the windows of heaven ever stay open!

96. May you be sought out for success, and may all men intentionally favour you. Have a month filled with blessings!

97. May your life radiate the glory of God, and may you never for once be ridiculed by any man. Blessings to you this new month!

98. I wish you soundness of mind and health to the body. May the Lord keep you and yours from all forms of sicknesses.

99. May you enjoy life as you live every day. Happy new month.

100. Even when the world says there’s a casting down, may you be lifted up from grass to grace. Have an uplifting and inspirational month.

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