Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Siblings’ birthdays are one of the best celebrations in a family where there is mutual love and understanding. It comes with so much joy and expectations. It’s the time when siblings appreciate the life of their brother/sister.

Your sister’s 17th birthday is the day she should know she has a loving family and that she is just 365 days away from legally becoming an adult. Knowing fully well that she has people who look up to her and also the parent who wants to be proud of her. This will make her maintain her good attitude.

Cakes and gifts will be appreciated by her but messages will plant a seed of love and joy in her heart and even an everlasting bond as siblings.

Here are some awesome happy 17th birthday wishes for sister for your dear sister who just clocked 17 and needs all the strength to carry on this beautiful day.

17th Birthday Sister Wishes

Hey beautiful, I am sending you these wishes from the depth of my heart and to tell you how happy I am happy to celebrate your 17th birthday with you. I hope you will always remember that I got your back every day. Happy celebration, sister.

Check out these breathtaking happy birthday wishes for your sister on her birthday that will make her feel lucky to have you as a sibling.

1. Sweet sister, happy 17th birthday to you. As you turn a new age, may everything you hoped for come to you in multiple folds. I love you and wish you all the best. Enjoy your new age.

2. Hurray, it’s my favourite sister’s birthday. Happy 17years of living. You have made our parents proud with your intelligence and good morals. I wish you God’s blessings and abundant joy. Thank you for being an inspiration to the world. Enjoy your day, sis.

3. Sweet 17, happy birthday to you. I wish you more years, more wisdom, more knowledge, more ideas to be great because you are destined for greatness. Enjoy your new age dearest sister. I love you.

4. I celebrate the woman you are gradually becoming, I celebrate the intelligence embedded in you. I celebrate the height you wish to attain. I celebrate your new age. I celebrate the age of 17 of your life. I celebrate you, dearest sister. Happy birthday.

5. Hey birthday, girl, I wish you sound health and a strong heart as you enter the last lap of being a middle adolescent. I wish you more brain to act maturely and more wisdom to scale through temptation. Happy 17th birthday to you, favourite sister.

6. More fulfilment as you step into chapter 17 of your life, dearest sister. May you see reasons to be happy always. May you see reasons to celebrate your life. Happy 17th birthday, sweet sister

7. With great pleasure, I celebrate chapter 17 of your life dearest sister. You radiate Good luck. May everyone that comes across you experience good luck. May you never fall on life Happy birthday, Sister

8. Today your journey to a new age begins, may you not be lost on the way and may you be a Pathfinder to many. I wish you more love and happiness than ever.

9. As you clock 17 today, I wish it going to be a memorable one in your life. May you continue to strengthen your plans and enlarge the coast. Happy birthday, pretty sister.

10. To an amazing sister whom I look up to, I wish you a happy birthday as you turn 17 today. May your receive abundance in everything you do.

11. 17 kisses to you on your 17th birthday pretty dear sister. May it be the best you ever celebrate. I’m sending you loads of love, happiness and best wishes.

12. You are gradually moving out of your teen years. May all that you look forward to, come to your life in no time. You are the best sister ever. Happy 17th year on earth to you

13. 17 candles on 17cakes just to celebrate your 17th birthday and to wish you more light and sweetness of life as you embark on another new journey. Happy birthday, sweet sis

14. Doors of opportunities, a new day with success and more achievement are a few things you will receive as you open chapter 17 of your life. You are forever my favourite. Happy birthday, darling sister

15. You are gradually moving to become an adult. May your heart be prepared for the journey ahead and may it be a smooth one. Happy 17 years of existing, sister

16. I celebrate your new age with you tomorrow day dearest sister and I am wishing you a graceful one. Happy 17ty birthday

17. 17 years of living, achieving and making everyone around you proud. You have lived a life of motivation. Continue to be you, sister. Happy birthday

18. As you open a new chapter today beautiful sister. I hope it brings you laughter and an abundance of blessings. You are forever loved. Enjoy being 17

19. Your best days are yet to come because I believe in you and wish you more success in life. Happy 17 years of being alive, sister.

20. Even as a teenager, you motivate both young and old with your attitude and of course your brilliancy. Mum and dad are proud of you, I’m honoured to call you my sister. Happy 17th birthday sister.

21. Hurray to your new age sister! Wishing you the best life has to offer. Enjoy your beautiful age. 17 was made for you, that I know.

22. Just one year from living your life just the way you want it. I hope it will still be the life that inspired us as siblings and the world. Happy 17th birthday to you.

23. A beautiful 17th birthday to a pretty sister who is loved by all and cherished by me. May this new age of yours be a magical one. Happy birthday to you.

24. You have been a fantastic sister to me. Your words of advice as a teenager baffle me. You are the epitome of wisdom that I’ve come to respect. Happy 17th birthday to you. More wisdom I wish you.

25. I have known you as my sister since your first cry 17 years ago. Apart from your beautiful face, I’ve come to love your beautiful heart as well. Longer life I pray for you sister. Happy 17th birthday to you.

26. Happiest 17th birthday to my fabulous sister. I am so proud of all that you have done for yourself and I trust you to achieve more as you grow older. Cheers to your new age.

27. Your new age is the last lap of being a dependant. As you look forward to being independent, may you find your true purpose in life and not misuse this opportunity that awaits you. Enjoy your 17 because you own it

28. You are an extraordinary sister, you teach morals and abide by them. You work hard and study harder to be a great woman. I am glad to have you as my sister. Happy 17th birthday to you.

29. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be a great person because you have made your early and middle adolescence useful. Success is convincedly yours, darling sister, but before then groove into your 17 like a baby. Happy birthday.

30. As you clock 17 today, may it come with more happiness than the previous year. May it usher in new opportunities in your life. Happy birthday, dear sister.

31. 17 years ago, I held a fine gem in my arms and look forward to the wonderful time we would share as sisters. Till now you are still a precious gem I behold. Happy birthday, darling sister.

32. As a toddler, you’ve always had a great vision of what you want to become. As a preteen, you’ve started working towards them and as an almost adult, you have achieved so much more. I so much appreciate having you as my sister. Happy 17th birthday to you.

33. Countless blessings, excess opportunities and longer life are my wishes for you on your 17th birthday, dearest sister. Happy birthday and rock it with style

34. You are daddy’s girl, mummy’s baby. You double your relationship as my sister and best friend. Talking to you is the best communication I enjoyed so much. Thank you for being my sibling. Happy 17th birthday to you.

35. As you begin another year today, may you experience good things in life. May you see new opportunities and may you enjoy the fruitfulness of them. Happy birthday to you, sister.

36. On your 17th birthday, may your life not be cut short. May your strength never turn weak. May your light not turn dim. May you continue to experience happiness. Happy birthday, sister

37. I celebrate you today because you believed in yourself before anyone. You aim higher and dream bigger, in fact, you are your own cheerleader. May this day bring forth abundance in your life. Happy 17th birthday to you.

38. May life be fair to you. May you find answers to your worries. May everything you do fall in your favour. May you be happy always. 17 looks. sweet on you baby. Happy birthday.

39. Every gift, blessing and prayer you received today will be perfect for you because you deserve it. Happy birthday, sweetest sister

40. As you clock 17 today, may you walk your way to greatness. May you find possibility in every impossibility. Enjoy your hearty birthday, darling sister.

41. May your new age holds good memories with laughter and joy. I wish you continuous grace and mercy.
Happy 17th birthday to you darling sister. I wish you nothing but the best.

42. Each step you take as you turn a new age today, will take you to a place of achievement. Love you, darling sister. Happy birthday to your 17years old self

43. Cheers to the latest 17 in town. May you always be honoured, love and cherished all the days of your life. I wish you well dear sister. Enjoy your special day.

44. Just one more year to get to the age where you will be accountable for your actions. I wish you an error-free life as you enter the age of 17 today. Happy birthday, sis.

45. Irrespective of our daily arguments, I want you to know you’re still my favourite sister. I’m wishing you more years as you turn 17 years today. Happiest birthday

46. Here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday darling sister. As you turn 17 today, may every minute brings you profound joy

47. 17 years of excellence, grace, joy, happiness and peace of mind. Wishing you continuous enjoyment. Happy birthday, sweet sis

48. Just as the sun and moon brighten the day and night, may you be the light of the family. 17 looks magnificent on you.

49. I wish I can shout and tell the whole world about your birthday today. Just know that you are the best gift God has given this planet. Happy 17th birthday. So grateful to have you as my sis.

50. You are a selfless and caring person. Permit me to shower you with wishes and hugs. Happy 17th birthday to my world’s best sister.

17th Birthday Quotes for Sister

Dear sister, for your birthday, I’m sending you this special quote as a way of showing you how much you mean to me and I hope you find them awesome for your 17th year of living. Happy 17th birthday to you, dear.

These beautiful quotes are the best ones for celebrating your sweet sister on her 17th birthday and making her feel deserving of the accolades

51. 17 cakes, 17 hugs, 17 gifts and 17 prayers. These are what I’m sending you. Enjoy it sister

52. Just 52 weeks to your Big Freedom till then, let me remind you that you are still under mum and dad. Happy 17th birthday, sister

53. I’ve come to see you as a woman and not a girl because you do things morally and maturely at age 17! Happy birthday to you, dearest sister

54. Your first 17 on earth has been wonderful. Your next 17 will be thrice fabulous as this. Happy birthday, sister.

55. You are one sister I can’t let go of. You are the best and greatest. Happy 17th birthday to you.

56. You are not only a year older today but a year wiser and knowledgeable. Happy 17th birthday, sister.

57. As you increase in age and maturity, I hope you can still play castle sand with me. Happy birthday to you.

58. When you are happy, I feel relaxed because that’s what I crave daily. You are the best sister ever. 17 was made for you. Happy birthday.

59. One of the things I’m glad to have is you as my sister. With you around me, the world is a better place. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy stepping into your 17!

60. Since the day I’ve come to know you as my sister, it has been joy and fun galore. You are so easy to deal with. Enjoy your 17th year of existence.

61. No bad vibes with you. You are so fun to be with. Let’s groove on your 17th birthday sister. You are worth it.

62. Every penny spent on you has been worth it. You are exceptionally brilliant. Happy 17th birthday, sister

63. You are ALMOST a legal adult but not yet one. Just reminding you sister. Lols. Happy 17th birthday.

64. I know you can’t wait to be tagged “adult”. It will surely come but let party your last stage of ‘childhood’. Happy 17th birthday, fabulous sister.

65. Your past has gone, your future is way ahead. All the best in it. Happy 17th birthday, darling sister.

66. You are not just my sister but a precious gift to the world. Happy birthday to you.

67. I hope the world remembers that the special gift is celebrating her 17th birthday. Enjoy your day sister.

68. Happy birthday dearest sister. I’m so glad that I’m the best version of you. It’s so marvellous. Rock your 17 with grace.

69. You are more than my sister, you are my queen mother because you always watch out for me. Happy 17 years of living.

70. Even though older than you are, I can’t just respect the wisdom bestowed upon you. You are a masterpiece from God. Walk gracefully into your new age 17.

71. I hope you had a wonderful experience in your 17 years of living. Happy birthday, awe-mazing sister.

72. I know all you want to hear today is happy birthday. So, let me be the second person to tell you that and the first to eat your cake. Enjoy you 17, baby sister.

73. For being alive, achieving some of your plans and gradually becoming an adult. Aren’t these worth being grateful for? Happy birthday to you on your 17th year, sweetest sister.

74. Happy birthday, sister. The sky is not your limit but your beginning of more greatness. Know this and experience peace. 17 looks fabulous on you.

75. As sweet as birthday cake is, it must be shared with all. May the world beg for some piece of your knowledge. You are wonderfully blessed. Enjoy being 17. Darling sister

76. As your new age marks the end f childhood, may every sorrow ends today in your life. Happy you always you get. Happy 17th birthday.

77. Your smile, birthday and yes! your cake makes today a special day. You are a special person. Happy birthday to you.

78. You aim for the best, you will get the best because you deserve the best. Happy birthday, my sister and best friend.

79. We clicked on the first day I knew you as my sister. Years after, we are still the best of sisters. Enjoy your 17 with the blessings that come with it. Happy birthday, dearie.

80. They say “birds of same feathers flock together” think it was meant for us. We are birds of the same mother and I love how we flock together. I Wouldn’t trade this bird for even a peacock. Happy birthday to you.

81. Happy birthday to my precious gem of a sister. I love you and would not trade you for gold. You are worth more than it in my life. Enjoy the big 17

82. May your new journey takes you a new and positive dimension. Happy 17th birthday, sweet sister.

83. Happy 17th birthday darling sister. How you handle situations made me believe that you were born with maturity. Stay happy always.

84. Yippee! That’s the shout of happiness because it’s my baby sister’s 17th birthday. I promise to make it special for you.

85. Dear sis, all house chores on me today because it’s your birthday and I promised to make you feel special today because truly you are to me. You will take over tomorrow. Enjoy yourself as the 17th-year-old celebrant

86. You are the most blessed sibling any sister would ask for. Guess I’m the lucky one then. Happy 17th birthday to you.

87. Just want you to know that I’m proud of you more than anything even myself. You are beautifully extraordinary. Happy birthday, sister

88. May your new age be as you – fun, bright and beautiful. Congratulations on stepping on ladder 17. It sure going to be worth it.

89. The journey might look far dearest sister but look back and see how far you have come in life. So, be persevere and not tired. Happy birthday to you

90. One of my best days in the year is your birthday. You are my best sister and it going to be the best birthday celebration ever. 17 cakes for you sister. Enjoy your day.

91. Today makes it 17years mum brought you home in a shawl from the hospital and called you my sister. How I loved you then and yes, I still love you now. Happy birthday, cute sister.

92. Sending this beautiful young lady who happens to be my darling sister a big hug and money cake for her 17th birthday. I hope you love the former more than the latter.

93. So much excitement to look forward to today being your birthday, beautiful sister. I just can’t wait to dance and merry. 17 years of favour is worth celebrating. Happy birthday, sister.

94. A decade and 7 years, still couldn’t fathom your intelligence and knowledge in handling tough situations. I’m honoured to have you on board in the family as my sister. Happy birthday to you

95. Many says I should be jealous to have a brainy sister like you, I said I’m honoured to have you in my life. Happy 17th birthday to you.

96. My wish for you is that you should be triple happy as I am. You are the most charismatic sister I know. Enjoy being 17, baby.

97. Happy 17th birthday to the most beautiful sister in the world. I love that you know how much I love you. More years of happiness and success to you.

98. Let me tell you something. You changed my life for good the day I knew you as my sister because I got someone to love and cherish(YOU). Happy birthday, darling sister.

99. A wonderful birthday to a wonderful sister on a wonderful day with a beautiful cake to a beautiful heart who is my beautiful sister. Happy 17th birthday to you

100. One of the best days in one’s life is her birthday. I hope you see today as the best day of your life. Happy birthday, darling sister.

Aren’t the 17th birthday wishes heartfelt and motivating? Why not send them to your sister and see her drop a tear of gratitude to you. Kindly comment and share this post