2024 Birthday Poems for Her – Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

Yes, it’s her day again. It’s yet another day to make her feel on top of the world. It’s her birthday so use the birthday Poems below to make her day.

Poems for Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

These sweet Birthday Poems for Girlfriend will spice up your relationship. Enjoy!

I Always Remember

You remember, you forget
I always remember
All you think, you feel
Is little, compared to
what I think about you today
I will always remember
How I cherished today and
Will cherish forever.

All I Wish

When I have gold and diamonds
I have cars and money
I wish joy for you
I go out for a walk,
I sit to eat, my thoughts roam
All I will always wish is that
you get that special thing
you desire.

More than a Kiss

So many nights
I hold you close
Kissing you seems unending
I look to the sky,
My heart rings like a bell,
My mind concours
forcing the openings of my mouth
and feet to move
If I want a desire every year
on this day, is to give u
More than a kiss.
Happy birthday to you, my love.

I Bless Your Mum

The day you were born
The day you first cried
As you grew from cradle to a teenager
to adulthood
I bless your mum
For keeping you for me
I bless your mum
Today I bless the Princess
from a Queen
Which showered me with love
Oh, I bless your mum.

I Bless that Day

The day I found you
when you wore those smiles
I never knew it was your special day
for I bless that day
If I hadn’t found you,
would my eyes ever see?
For your love swallows me
I bless that day
Which always brings today
And puts me in paradise.

My Jewel

Sacred woman
Sacred beauty
what money can’t afford
No treasure can replace
My priceless,
Should I sing for you today?
Request as thine heart wishes
for I will always honour you my jewel
I would never deliver sadness to you.
Happy birthday to you, from me.


Today is beautiful and real
with those glowing eyes and
charming smiles

Let me do your wish
Just for you alone, my jewel
I’ll sing and sing aloud
for today, I see you increasing.
Happy birthday.

Like a Rose

Like flowers, blossom
Like perfumes, spray today
Like a rose, you’re special
I fear to throw my rose today
For I will guard it.

Like its colour
You shall succeed
like a rose
You’ll rise and shine
To cover the world
With your greatness
They will then say like a rose…
she rose.
Happy birthday.

Like Diamond

I know
You know
We know
It’s beautiful
Its sight cause exclaims
you’ll never know

Not today alone
You’re like a diamond
I don’t want to know how expensive
you’re beautiful

As you grow in age today,
you’ll always be a diamond
no matter the age you’ll age
you’ll be a diamond and
fill the earth with beauties…
The real beauty that never fades.
Happy birthday.

For You Alone

If I know how to present
My wish to you,
It would be for you alone

I go about searching and asking
For what you deserve
For my heart knows you alone

Just for you alone
I would go miles unending
To get you wishes
From the ocean and
Sing sweet words
To your soul.

Today I dance
And stand the chance
To celebrate You alone
Happy birthday.

Bless Your Day

Shall bless your day
You dance to the tune or not
It will bless your day

Your mouth of praise,
My heart of love
Must bless your day
Everyone aware, unaware
Shall bless your day
Your day today
Shall bless your day

It shall be
Joy joy joy
Be joyous
Be merry
Be happy
For I bless your day today
Happy birthday.

When I Am Far Away

I can run away
To miles far away
but when am far,
I remember this day
Always ringing and echoing
Yes, through and through.

I can lose my breath
And cease to live
but when am far away
My heart never
Forgets today

If today I had set my
half-closed eye on you
far away,
I’ll wish life for you
Again and again

Even when am far away,
My heart will always
Send sweet wishes
To bless you today
Happy birthday.

Your Smile

Gives me joy,
gives me hope,
cheers my soul,
lightens my burden.

Today as you smile
cleanses all doubt and
shows me love
I know it’s real for
It teaches me to smile
A thousand miles away.

You’ll smile and never cry,
This day shall come
Yes, again and again
Smile on, for you’re free
Free to keep smiling
till you grab
success unending
smile, smile and smile.
Happy birthday

Honouring You

If you ask me what makes me happy
It’s honouring you
All I want to do
today and forever
is to honour you
I would never ever want to miss
honouring you on
this special day
you deserved to be
honoured above all.

From my heart, I’ll say,
honouring you now,
today and forever
is what I’ll always do
Happy birthday.

Always Be There

The party may end
the drinks may be exhausted
the food may be consumed,
I’ll always be there.

For you, anytime you all
I’ll always be there
If am invited
if it’s unaware
if it’s brief
I’ll still be there

I’ll always be there
only for you and
no one else
for I’ll be there to give you
the best of all
Happy birthday.


How much?
They wouldn’t know the cost
For you’re a gift
If the shops and markets get stocked,
They’ll never know your gift
you’re priceless, compared to a gift.

If I wish anything today,
is that this gift I give you
never leaves my store heart
Above all gifts,
You’re a gift
Happy birthday.

When I Close My Eyes

Your smile is all I imagine
When I close my eyes
When I close my eyes,
My heart opens,
my mind inclines
For when I close my eyes
I see today.

Every day seems more like it
When I close my eyes
For when I close my eyes
I pray success lifts you high,
love smiles at you and
joy remains forever.

Let me close my eyes and
When I close my eye, my heart
now and forever sends those
precious words to bless you
Happy birthday.

You Shine

I will tell you today
you shine
I’ll tell you again
like sunshine, you shine.

It’s bright so bright for
it gives life and
leads the blind.

Today as it remains today,
let me resound the words,
You’ll shine,
you’ll glow,
you’ll always be amazing
Happy birthday.

If I Had More

I will offer it freely
If I had more
I will sing and play on strings
to watch you dance
if I had more.

Accept the best I offer
for I will surrender all
at thy feet
If I had more
I’ll wish and wish you
if I had more
If I just had more,
twill be sweeter than heaven
for you today
I’ll still give you wishes that
you’ll excel and prosper

For if I had more,
I’ll forever pour out my desires
Happy birthday.