2024 Trending Cute Goodnight Texts to a Crush

You have a crush on someone and you need some text messages to send to that new friend to make him or her feel loved? Okay, I get it.

Down below are the best of romantic and cute good night texts messages to send to your crush. Enjoy!

Cute Goodnight Texts to a Crush

1. Out of a million set of guys, you are the only one I have goosebumps for. Good night.

2. I don’t know if my heart can actually stop leaping up towards you anytime I snore away at night.

3. I just woke up to find me wet and wondering what happened. I knew that I didn’t piss on the bed. But then, something mysterious happened – and I know you caused it.

4. My crush, may you be strong enough to crush your goals faster like our teeth do to biscuits. Good night.

5. I wish a good morning in advance to the one that makes me forget myself.

6. To this cute friend of mine, I wish you a splendid night ahead.

7. I just can’t sleep without musing about you. I want to be your Valentine. Good night.

8. Good night dear, I wish you all the best of nightfall, okay?

9. To my crush, the only cause to most of my abrupt heart thumping. I wish you a good night ahead.

10. I wish you a splendid night ahead of time and tons of sweet dreams, bye.

Sweet Goodnight Text for Your Crush

11. Goodbye for now to the cute crush my heart craves for her bossom all through the night.

12. I long to see you for my heart yearns for your affection. I hope you know that? Good night.

13. My arm is all I am extending from my heart’s dept, babe will you be mine? If no, then good night, anyway.

14. Anytime I muse about you, my mind sees a blissful morrow of me, you and our lovely kids. But then, will you let that happen? Good night as you think over it.

15. Good night to the girl that makes me want to solve a maths of no bodmas – love.

16. Good nighty hours to my to-be friend. I know your eyes are already gummy right? Lol.

17. Good night to the lips that hold the key to my love story tonight. I know you are, right?

18. I have made up the decision to be yours forever. Boy! Have a splendid night rest without worries. Okay?

19. I just want to say I care for you and wish you a splendid night ahead, my buddy.

20. I care less about what cynics will say about me and you. Good night dear. I heart you.

Good Night Messages for Your Crush

21. I just can’t wait to behold the future, where you and I will walk down the aisle in matrimony. Good night for now.

22. Crush, do you know how being a friend to you has made me crush my goals? I mean it. Well, have a night rest dear.

23. I can’t tell how much stress you had to pass through today. I just thought it will be cool to say good night.

24. Let your light glow as you lie beneath your blanket tonight dreaming about the good side of life.

25. Enjoy your night crush. Don’t let anything hurt you okay? Have a nice sleeping time.

26. May your worries morph into smiles and giggles as you snore(if you want to) throughout the night. Lol.

27. My body is constantly craving for your tender touch. Good night.

28. May this special person find solace as he goes to sleep, tonight.

29. As you shut the doors of your eyes may you be fulfilled tonight.

30. It has always been an exciting moment to talk with you. Good night dear.

Ways to Say Goodnight to Your Crush

31. I wish you a cool night sleep as the moment that precedes morning falls again.

32. Bye for now, to the man I so much adore and care for. Good night.

33. Dear crush, may what you feel be exactly the way I feel for you – tonight.

34. May you find peace and tranquillity as you sleep tonight in your mind, body and soul.

35. Do you know your smile is what drives me crazy that I can’t help but to simply say I love you? Good night.

36. Crush, you are my drive, my muse and control. I know this will sound unsound. But, why will I lie to a princess like you tonight?

37. When I think of my future, I see you beside me -a woman carrying a baby. Maybe, you will see same in your sleep tonight. Bye.

38. Recalling your mannish voice is itself, is enough to make me want to fumble with you tonight. Boy!

39. As the moon shines, may you gleam too. Tonight, in your comely way.

40. Good night to my heart’s pill. I know we don’t know each other much. But, you make me feel healed already.

Best Way to Say Goodnight to Your Crush

41. When people say love is blind I use to contemplate. But, do you know that last night, I fell down because I was thinking about you? I mean it. Good night, anyways.

42. I am glad to know that I crossed paths with a comely damsel like you. Good night.

43. Goodnight dear crush, you make me feel like my mind is cuffed and under your spell.

44. They say mental slavery is the worse form of slavery. Now, before I say goodnight; let me let you know that I am a captive to the way your gazes controls my mind.

45. If there is anything that moves my vigour from action, and inaction at a spot. Then, it’s you. My crush. Good night dear.

46. I have your thoughts daily in my mind like a patient does to drugs. Wishing you a blissful night rest.

47. If life makes you feel down by day, don’t cry, please. Know that someone is out there thinking, praying and wishing you the best that life holds for you. Good night.

48. I know you will think I will just wish you, “good night”. But, I wish you a good relaxation time and a sweet dream tonight.

49. Princess, do you know you are the one that stands out among the rest? Okay, have a good night ahead.

50. My crush, while I stare at you running today on the pitch. My heart skipped – staring at your muscles and all. Good night as you relax.

Goodnight Wish for Crush

51. I knew you will be the mum to my kids ever since I saw you crush. Let the moon make this night serene for you.

52. May this night be as cool as ice to my heart drive. And that’s you.

53. May you find peace of mind throughout nightfall. My only crush.

54. Crush, my love for you is unconditional, it sprouts from my heart’s dept. And I just can’t sleep without musing about you. Have a splendid night ahead.

55. What a girl deserves is not just an intelligent man, she needs one who is caring and loving enough to make her smile and giggle even when others grief. Good night.

56. You make me feel like I am the only one on the apex of happiness, by just your smile. Have a night rest.

57. Good night my crush, may you have a stress-free after-day as we part for now.

58. Your cute and baby looking face is joy-inducing on its own. Good night my crush.

59. Your love is gluey, that it can mend one’s cracked heart. I can see it from your deeds. Relax, as the sun snores too. Okay?

60. It’s 1:30 am already, I woke up dreaming about how our relationship will start and morph into a matrimony one day. Sleep well.

Good Night Sms for Crush

61. I’m now convinced, that wishes can be horses at times. You are a dream come true. Rest your body well.

62. I long for your love more than the word means. But, will you let your mind resolve to say yes to as you text me back after tonight?

63. I wish I am now in your warm arms, feeling your smell. But, I know you are about to sleep now. May you wake up by morn to read this words and know that I care.

64. I have been celibate for years, but will you be my lover now? Think about it as you sleep tonight.

65. My heart thumbs so fast like that of one, running Olympics. I always feel that way anytime I hear your name being called. Good night boy and know that I care.

66. I know it sounds absurd to tell a guy “I love you”. But, before you start sleeping tonight, can you please read these words and know that I am still sane?

67. You are the hybrid of other girls I know. Don’t overwork yourself, sleep well and ease off the stress of today. Okay?

68. I just saw you today. But, I can’t imagine my life without your affection given to me. Good night.

69. Your beauty outweighs what the word describes, I can’t imagine sleeping without you by my side. Crush, you are a heart twister.

70. The worse form of slavery is mind control. You have done that to me with just your voice and looks today, may your night be full of serenity, anyways.

Flirty Goodnight Texts for Your Crush

71. Every breath I take from now will be because, I want to spend it with you, crush. Good night to you.

72. I can see the man in you as you talk and aspire to do things. I wish a good night rest to you.

73. All I crave for is to prove what I am worth in love. Will you let me? Think over this as you sleep tonight.

74. I just send this to check on you and be sure that you have actually been fine throughout the day. And wish you a splendid night ahead.

75. I tend to have this subconscious inclination to your stories, issues and body. But, will you love me? Good night in advance.

76. Good night in advance my to-be boyfriend. I knew it when first I saw you boy!

77. C-r-u-s-h, I want you to mend my heart. But, before then, sleep well tonight.

78. You can take my breath away, do it If you want to, good after-day.

79. Let your dreams be about us and nought, in love tonight.

80. May this night be the best you have ever slept inside.

Saying Goodnight to Your Crush

81. I must admit that I’m under your spell. Like a person whose mind has been taking over by juju. Crush, you are indeed a mind twister. Good night.

82. Your eyes alone have held me captive of your spell. Good night as we all rest over the day’s bustle.

83. Should I say goodnight to you only? I just met you today but, I can’t sleep.

84. You are an astonishing girl. I can’t see a rival around. Rest well tonight.

85. I can’t really paint my emotions toward you. You make me feel like my words are void of colours. Good night crush.

86. I am high over your smoky eyes, you are like beer to me. You make me go crazy. Good night to you.

87. Good night to my heart’s drive, muse and inspiration. I wish you a splendid night ahead.

88. He is my everything ever since we crossed our paths. May he find solace in sleep.

89. The one reading this message is my new catch. Yes! I am happy to say this because he will sleep and muse over me too.

90. I feel like I am a superhuman despite my flaws to know that I have someone like you. Good night.

Good Night Crush Quotes

91. Your eyes can outshine that of the sun. I mean it. Have a splendid night rest.

92. I love you more than my cash. You know that right? I long for thee tonight.

93. It’s in your arms that I long to spend my eternity in. Have a splendid night ahead.

94. Before tomorrow, may your entire stress be taken away, crush.

95. Being your girlfriend is one that will lend my broken heart. But, will you let me be? Good night, anyways.

96. What runs on my mind’s track are scenes of your smile and shaky gaits. Rest well tonight girl.

97. What my heart wishes for you are lovely dreams, filled with love and comfort tonight, crush.

98. My nights are almost the same, daily, because I spend it thinking about you every second of it. Relax, okay?

99. I want to be the one closer and nigh to your bossom even when your shadow flees when you opt into the dark. Good night my crush.

100. I am ready to tie the nuptial knot with you, but will you say you do? Muse about this as you enjoy the night, crush.