2024 Best Exam Success Text Messages for Good Luck in Your Exams

Since it’s always valid that you can’t read for someone writing an exam, it’s also valid that your words of encouragement with heartfelt prayers can go along way in making them successful.

Our part of the deal is to create the Exam Success Text Messages and Prayers you can send to your friend, loved ones and lovers, wishing them good luck. So, read on.

Exam Success Text Message

Best of exam success text messages. Effectual exam success text messages for good luck in your exams.

1. As you go into the exam hall, may success keep smiling at you. You’ll win in Jesus name.

2. As nothing is impossible for God to do, this exam shall not be impossible for you to pass! Amen. Go and succeed.

3. As you are entering into the examination hall, may God go before you, to crown all your efforts with good success. Amen.

Exam Success Text Message
Exam Success Text Message

4. May the angels of “The Most High” be with you, and help you make distinctions in your papers. Success is yours.

5. You’ll not have any cause to rewrite any of your papers, in Jesus name. Go and write distinctions!

6. May God be before you to guide you and be after you to make sure you succeed. Congratulations.

7. You’ll not lack the wisdom, knowledge and understanding you need to pass this exam. Amen.

8. God has never failed! On your situation, He never will… May God make this examination easy for you to pass.

9. As you read, may your assimilation process be fast. May God make everything easy for you. Amen!

10. As you read for your examination, you shall not read to forget. I bind and speak against all the embargoes of failure in your life. You’ll have the last laugh!

Exam Success Text

11. May the blood of Jesus cover your writing materials and make your lecturer smile at your papers. Amen…

12. I pray for you, all that others find unable to do, you’ll do with ease, by God’s grace. Amen.

13. Play, sleep, eat, read, and above all, PRAY! God’s with you!

14. May God’s unending love never depart from you, as you write your last paper in school. I care…

Exam Success Text
Exam Success Text

15. May God bestow upon you the wisdom that surpasses Solomons’. You’ll pass this examination.

16. In the name that is above every other name, I pray for you, no question in this examination will be difficult for you to tackle. Amen.

17. I know you’re a genius. And do not forget God made you one. As you read, do not forget to pray. Then watch God settling your case.

18. As you enter jato the examination hall, may you see God in all you do. It is well with you.

19. I pray God makes way for you, where there seems to be no way. May you remember this particular paper and praise God always.

20. Before you leave for the examination hall this morning, eat well, pray well, and revise all you’ve read well. God’s working out something bigger for you. Amen.

Exam Text Message

21. May God’s voice begin to speak for you in the exam hall… Amen. Success all the way!

22. May God bestow upon you the knowledge to understand, and the ease to assimilate quickly. Amen.

23. Do not underestimate yourself! Be courageous… Be bold… And watch yourself make it, in this examination.

Exam Text Message
Exam Text Message

24. May the Lord of all possibilities make all that seems impossible in this examination, possible in Jesus name. Amen.

25. So far the Lord of Melchizedek and Samuel is your God, evil plans concerning this examination will not stand.

24. May divine help from above locate you as you’re entering into the examination hall.

25. Because you’re a child of “The Most High”, no examination will be hard for you to tackle. Amen.

26. As you lift up your voice today, may God hear all your cry as regards this examination. Amen.

27. Worry less, eat well, sleep well, pray well, and read well. May God crown all your efforts with great success!

28. Whenever the result of your examinations is out, you’ll leap for joy! Amen.

29. May God shower you His true colour throughout this examination, and beyond. May you have testimony galore by His grace. Amen.

30. Have you been struggling to make it in your previous examinations? Worry no more… Your success is now!

Success Text Messages

31. As you enter into the examination hall, may you be led by the Holy Spirit, on what to write and what not to… Be determined!

32. Your future lies in your hands. Just make yourself happy, and be sure you stand out amongst your equals. You’ll make it.

33. Against all forms of failure and self-doubt, you’ll make it, in Jesus name.

Success Text Messages
Success Text Messages

34. Wherever your answer scripts go, may God stand in for you, and makes sure you excel. Amen.

35. May the angels of God guide and guard you throughout this examination. God is with you.

Good Luck Wishes for Exams

36. In the course of this examination, may you remember all that you’ve read, in Jesus name. Amen.

37. When the result of this examination shall come out, you’ll have the best laugh!

Good Luck Wishes for Exams
Good Luck Wishes for Exams

38. Whatsoever will make you repeat any of your papers, heaven will render then powerless! Read and pray!

39. When the results of the examination shall come out, your mates will ask you “How did you do it!” Amen.

40. When you’re tired of reading, may the Lord give you the power and zeal to forge ahead. Amen.

Good Luck Messages for Exams

41. Whatever you’ve read as regards this examination will not be in vain. May God give you retentive memory!

42. Thank God for bringing you this far. May God do wonders in the course of your exams. Amen.

43. All your night and evening classes will not be in vain. May God make you laugh when you eventually get the results.

Good Luck Messages for Exams
Good Luck Messages for Exams

44. May God send helpers of destiny to help you as you proceed in writing your papers. Amen.

45. Your lecturers have no say on your achievement, only God does. May God make your barge greater grades in this exam.

46. No matter the bragging and ranting of your lecturers, you shall make it!

47. The Lord that has started His works in your life will not end now. You will end well in Jesus name.

48. You shall not have any cause to be chased out in the examination hall. Every form of implication is cancelled in Jesus name.

49. I speak against all marks of failure in your life and academics. You’ll come out in flying colours. Amen.

50. If there’s any tag on your body, that says you will not get to the top, it is destroyed in Jesus name.

  • Written by: Olalekan Adebumiti.