2024 Best WhatsApp Status Ever for Lover and Loved Ones

Sweet collection of Best ever WhatsApp status for Lovers and Loved Ones.

Whatsapp Status for Love

Do you need sweet collections of whatsApp status for lover that you can upload as a status to communicate your deepest affection to your husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend? Here are well-constructed best WhatsApp status for him or her.

1. There’s nothing as sweet as your love. I love you!

2. No matter where I go or find myself, I’ll always be yours. I love you, dearly.

3. We may fight and not talk for days. Still, your love is intact in my heart. I love you.

4. No matter how bad people talk about you, that’s not my business. All I know is, I love you.

5. Heaven and earth may pass away, but my love for you remains unshaken. I love you so much.

Best I Love You WhatsApp Status

6. I won’t lie to you, not seeing on online makes me frustrated. Can you please come back online?

7. I’d always wanted to be with the person who will love and care for me. Thank God I met you. I love you, dear.

8. My love for you will never end. ‘Cos you’ve shown me a love that is true. I love you.

9. I know God knows about our meeting. Cos it’s obvious this one is divine! I love you to bits!

10. My life is void of meaning without you. Wouldn’t have been any better without you. You remain my heartbeat. I love you.

11. I must confess, you’ll shown me a love that is real. And I wanna be with you forever.

12. I never had a clue our love would be this strong. I never wanna opt out. I love you really.

13. I don’t know what my life would be like, without you. You’ve given my life a positive meaning. You’re loved, all the way!

14. Thank you for always standing by me even though my character at times can be annoying. You’re such a darling, and I love you.

15. If I’m asked whom I wanna be with for the rest of my life, it would be no other person, but you! I love you, honey.

16. Just know that whenever you are not online, I think deep about you, and I feel lonely.

17. I know you love me. But I love you more! Let’s keep loving each other.

18. I’m so loving our relationship. You’ve made it interesting from the onset. I have never seen a lover as sweet as you. I love you.

19. You amaze me with the different surprises you come up with, every time. Maybe it’s not right to tell you this on WhatsApp. But you know I’m too shy to tell you physically. I love you.

20. Baby, I love the way you treat me. Definitely, you’ll make a good husband. I love you, forever.