Crush Quotes and Love Text Messages for Crush

Do you have anyone you think or know will have a future with you and would love to send some love messages to? You Crush, right? Here is the cute the Romantic Crush Quotes and I Love You Text Messages to Send to Your Crush.

1. I See My Future in You

When I look at you, I see a semblance of my future spouse. And I just can’t wait to let that hit reality. I love you.

2. Just a Chance

All I need and ask for is just a chance to prove the great stuff I’m made of. You won’t regret that. I cherish you.

3. Just Checking on You

Though I don’t know how much of stress you would have gone through today, as a show of care, I hope all is well.
Stay positive.

4. I Sent a Smile

You’re not in need or so I thought. You are so complete, at least your face shows it. Just so you know, no one has enough of smiles… So I sent some.

5. Can I Love You?

There’s a feeling in my heart, I just can’t deny it. My heart beats remind me of its trills and how I’m drawn to allays be with you.
So… Can I love you?

6. The Truth

My heart told me of your and it’s indeed true. It’s a feeling so magical, I just can’t deny. And here I am asking if you will be mine.

7. Just Your Love

Abuse me, hit me, shame me… No matter what you do, just know that I can’t stop loving you. Yes, you and you alone.

8. Is this You?

I see a future, lovely kids and yet a home that’s full of bliss. I look by my side and I see and Angel. Now I’ve come to ask if that will be you.

9. Come With Me

My heart loves you already. My soul has clung to you, in love. I envisage a future of ecstasy, but I need your yes to lead you in. I love you.

10. Will You Be Mine?

You’ve got the things I want in a spouse. You’ve proven each time that you’re one of a kind. And here I am extending my arm… I’ve come to ask if you will be mine.


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