Birthday Prayers for a Friend (2024)

Friends are important in our lives. They are family that’s not related by blood. True ones are rare to find because most of them tend to be betrayals and untrusted.

If you are fortunate to have a close one who loves and cares about you, you need to count yourself lucky and also keep such a person very well.

On your friend’s birthday, let him/her know you appreciate his/her friendship. You may do this by organizing a birthday party or getting him/her a gift.

Most importantly, send such a friend, prayers that will meet with his/her wishes for the new age.

Check out these powerful birthday prayers for a wonderful, unique and special friend.

Happy Birthday Prayers for a Special Friend

Since you have a special friend that deserves some words of blessings on his or her birthday, these happy birthday prayers for a friend will help you to get the best of wishes to him or her from the heart.

1. Dearest friend, new age comes with many expectations. You are a rare gem. I pray that may all your expectations come to reality. May you receive the grace to sail to your success. Every closed door in the previous year of your life will begin to open for you in this new chapter of your life. You will go from glory to glory. You know I love you like my blood because, in this friendship race of ours, you’re my blood. Happy birthday, my friend.

2. To my lovely friend, I pray that for the rest of your life, the hands of Lord will rescue you from seen and unseen dangers. You will not walk through the valley of the shadow of death and when you do, you will fear no evil because the good Lord is with you till old age. So, walk fearlessly because God is for you. Happy birthday, my trustworthy friend.

3. On your birthday, may you become a magnet that will attract successful people to you and you will also be a blessing to all who sees you. May God’s goodness continue to abide with you and may you look back to all the years and shout Thank you, God. I cherish dearie. Happy birthday, my dearest friend.

4. May you flap your wings and soar high. May you be among those that God wants to bless. May you receive good news, God’s gift and favour. You will be satisfied with a long life. May the gates of Heaven be open unto you and showers blessings upon you. May you live long with sound health. Above all, may you be the testimony. Happy birthday to you, my amiable friend.

5. As from today being your birthday darling friend, the good Lord will favour you, songs of joy shall not depart from your mouth. You shall be greatly great. Those around will be blessed for your sake. You will be a blessing to this generation. Where people are receiving NO for an answer, yours will be YES. You shall not be a disgrace but embrace. You will have multiple testimonies. Have a wonderful birthday.

6. May you be called blessed. May you be honoured. May you be loved. May you matter. May you be respected. May your light never turns dim. May your fire never blows out. May you increase in wisdom and wealth, These are my prayers for you dear friend as you celebrate your birthday. Do have an incredible day

7. On your special day my wonderful friend, I pray that whoever planning to disrupt your day and make it sorrowful, may they fall into their own trap. May you excel in every area of your life. May you become royalty in a strange land. May you be recognized and worthy of respect. May God bless you and keep you safe from now and forever. Happy birthday, my friend.

8. Those that God has ordered to be blessings to you will locate you, dwell with you and do accordingly to God’s wishes. you shall not stumble. You shall rise above your peers. You shall not know grief. Your days will be filled with goodness, greatness and open doors. May you walk into the room filled with successful people and may you matter in life. Happy birthday, my darling friend.

9. Happy birthday to the person I’m lucky to have as a friend. You are one in a million. I pray that God will give you a call that will change your life positively. Your birthday will be filled with divine favour from above. Heaven will send your destiny helper to you and you will not do evil in God’s eyes. His mighty hands shall keep you safe. You shall dwell under the shadow of God. He shall bless your going out and coming in. Have fun on your birthday, my sweet friend.

10. Breakthrough doors, divine favour, God’s intervention, endless happiness, peace of mind, joy overflow, untangled blessings and all the good things you ever hope for are my prayers for you as you add a year in another year. Enjoy your day dear friend. You’re loved by all.

11. May God anoint your head and may it never run dry. May you enjoy the glory of God. Happy birthday my lovely friend.

12. You are a blessing to my dear friend. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. May God showers you with infinite blessings as you celebrate your new age. Enjoy your day,

13. What a day! A queen was born this day some years back. A true friend with a heart of gold. May your life be filled with gold. You will sit among kings and queens and no among mere men. Happy Cake Day, my true friend.

14. My special friend, on this day, may you have reasons to be happy as you add another year to your beautiful years. Have a blast birthday.

15. This is your big day sweetest friend. You will receive Big gift from the Almighty God which no man will be able to compete with. Enjoy your day.

16. Just because it’s your day. May every eye that sees you bless you, every tongue say good things about you. God, Himself, will visit you in His Mercy. Happy womb escape, my loyal friend.

17. I asked Her d for a true friend and He gave me a sister. You loved me with my flaws. Honour and adore me even with my mistakes. On your special day, may you be honoured and loved by God and man. Do have a wonderful birthday.

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18. My special prayer for a special friend on his special day is that may God take you to the rivers of waters where success, favour and everlasting peace flow. Happy birthday, my dear.

19. May this year birthday celebration be beautiful for you, dearest friend. I love you and it’s massive.

20. I remembered your wish last year. As you see another beautiful year, may all your plans come to execution. Happiest birthday, babes.

21. Today is bright because it’s your birthday. May you experience happiness and brightness and darkness will never prevail in your life. Enjoy your womb escape celebration friend.

22. May you be blessed and not caused. May you be honoured and not disgraced. May you be loved and not hate. May you be a boss and not a single servant. May God’s love never come to an end. May you have reasons to enjoy the new season of your life. Happy birthday, my lovely friend.

23. You are God’s love because you love wholeheartedly. Your kind is rare. May you receive multiple love and respect from all. Enjoy your birthday, sister-friend

24. On your special day, darling friend, I pray that God will make ways for you. You will find your way to success and happiness. Happy birthday.

25. As you walk into this new chapter of yours, may you walk into success, breakthrough, prosperity. Happy birthday, my sweet friend.

26. Water is inevitable. As you celebrate another day in a new year, may you be irreplaceable and become the success founder of many. Happy birthday, my friend.

27. As your special day emerges today, I pray for fruitfulness and abundance of God’s grace upon your life. Happy birthday, my sweet friend

28. Heaven is happy with you because you put a smile on people’s faces. As you celebrate another year of your existence, may all your hard work pays and may you be grateful this year. Happy birthday, my sister-friend.

29. Just as the eagle, may you soar higher and reach the place of success. Have a blessed birthday, dear friend.

30. I dreamt that God sent His Angels to earth to bless some special people. I saw them coming to your house. I asked them why all of them are going to your house. They told him you possess all the qualities of all the blessings. Well, I couldn’t argue because you are a special person. Have a splendid birthday ever, my kind-hearted friend.

31. Dear friend, may your sense of humour never die. May you continue to put my 32 teeth on display every day. I love you and wish you the best birthday ever.

32. May the Lord guide and keep you safe as you see yet another year. You will age gracefully and be loved by all
Enjoy your new age, pretty friend.

33. On your birthday, dearest friend, I pray for peace and contentment all the days of your life. Have a wonderful birthday.

34. You can only celebrate another age in a new year. I pray that new and beautiful things will be bestowed upon you and you will have a testimony. Enjoy your Cake day, darling friend.

35. As you celebrate your birthday is I pray that God will continue to support your progress. Have a fantastic birthday, sweet friend.

36. May God’s love and mercy follow you to and the years to come. Happy birthday, dear friend.

37. To my darling friend. May God bless you exceedingly and abundantly now and forever. Have a fabulous birthday.

38. May get God never stop supporting and listening to your pleas. Happy birthday, my unique friend.

39. To my wonderful friend, I wish you more grace to excel and progress. Happy birthday.

40. Dear friend, I pray that God’s forthcoming blessings will dwell in your life. I’m so proud to call you my friend. Have a great birthday.

41. As you see another birthday, you will fulfil God’s purpose for your beautiful life. I love you, dear friend. Have a fabulous day

42. The presence of the Lord will be with you wherever you go. May God not forsake you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

43. As you see another birth year of yours, the good Lord will answer all that your heart so much urge for. Your kind is a rare dear friend. Happy birthday to you.

44. It’s my friend’s day. I pray that in the room filled with successful people, you will be their leader. God will never leave nor forsake you. Have a splendid birthday, my blood

45. Here’s wishing a dear friend God’s peace of mind on his birthday. May you have confidence in God, not your work. Enjoy your special day

46. As you celebrate your womb escape today, may you receive the sustenance of God from now till old age just as He promised. Happiest birthday, my darling friend.

47. Heavenly Father, I am grateful for the life of my friend who has been nothing but the best. Lord as he celebrates his birthday, may you perfect everything that concerns him. Happy birthday, dearest friend

48. In your special day, I pray that God blessed you with sound health, unquestionable joy and everlasting happiness. Happy birthday, my angelic friend.

49. Lord, I just want to thank you for giving my dearest friend to see another birthday. I pray, Father Lord that she will continue to grow in greatness. Have a great birthday, my sweet friend.

50. When I think about you, I count myself lucky to have you as a friend. On your special day, I pray that good luck will locate you and make your home its abode. Do have a wonderful birthday, my friend.

51. Friend like no other. That’s who you are. On your birthday, may God bless you like never before. Happy birthday, my true friend.

52. To my dear friend, I pray that you find comfort in God’s love and experience peace of mind in your life. Happy birthday, my sweet friend.

53. Dearest friend, as you celebrate your birthday, I pray that the light of God shines on you all the days of your life. Have a bright day.

54. Dear friend, as David was selected among his peers for royalty. On your birthday, may you be selected for greatness. Enjoy your birthday dear.

55. Here’s wishing my very good friend a happy birthday. May you walk on the highway of success and God will be your stronghold. Have a blessed Cake day.

56. As you begin another journey of your life, may the glory and peace of God go with you and your life will be garnish with riches. Happy birthday, my darling friend.

57. On your birthday, may God open doors of glory, greatness and good tidings to you and no man will be able to shut it. Have a prosperous and healthy birthday, sweet friend.

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58. To my wonderful friend, as you celebrate your birthday, I pray that nothing will threaten your peace and you shall enjoy God’s fullness of joy. Have a splendid day

59. Celebrating one’s birthday comes with joy and excitement. My sweet friend, I pray that nothing will steal your joy from you and excitement will be memorable. Enjoy your day.

60. For as many that will be celebrating your birthday with you, may you find your destiny helper. May you have blessings in abundance. Happy birthday, my dearest friend.

61. Today is a happy day because it’s your birthday my angelic friend. I prayer that progress replaces your stagnancy. Joy to your sorrow. Peace to all turbulence. Light to your darkness, embrace to your disgrace. These are my prayers for you. It shall come to manifestation. Happy birthday.

62. As you see another birthday of yours, your eyes will see nothing but good things. You shall be called blessed. Have a fabulous birthday, my sweet friend.

63. Welcome to another year of elevation by God. Your birthday this year will be filled with joy overflow. Happy birthday, my trusted friend.

64. Birthday celebration shoes that one increases in age. For you to celebrate your birthday today, may you grow in riches and health. Have a perfect birthday, my darling friend.

65. The Lord will do something new in your life and this birthday will be the best ever. Happy birthday, my friend.

66. Just because it’s your birthday dear friend, at the mention of your name, honour will be appreciated. Cheers to many more successful years friend.

67. You shall rise above your enemies. Knowingly or unknowingly,
those who wished for you sadness will be disappointed. Happy birthday dear friend.

68. As you see another birthday of yours, the good Lord will direct your steps and you will not lose your focus in life. Happy birthday, my friend.

69. My prayers for you on your birthday darling friend: when you pray, the Lord will answer, when you ask, He will give. May you blossom and shine bright. Happy birthday, dearie.

70. On your special day which is your birthday, may God clothes you with His glory. You will not be found wanting. Happy birthday, my dearest friend.

71. Sweet friend, as you celebrate your birthday, may you never know shame, disappointment and sorrow. May you be elevated and celebrated. Happy birthday.

72. I pray for you darling friend, as you add a year to your beautiful age, may you matter in important places. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are yours. Happy birthday, my very good friend.

73. Here’s to a great friend who is so special to me and on this day which happens to be your birthday, I pray that the good Lord will continue to be your solid rock. Have an amazing birthday.

74. My dear friend, on your birthday, I pray that where you have been rejected, you will be celebrated. Doors of favour will be open permanently for you. Happy womb escape.

75. On your special day, my amazing friend, whatever the Lord has spoken to your life for you to succeed will come to fulfilment. Enjoy your birthday.

76. To my kind-hearted friend, I pray that as you celebrate another age today, the path that the Lord is pleased with what you have on, you will not derail from it. Have a wonderful birthday.

77. I pray for you today, my amazing friend, that the good Lord will singlehandedly take you to your place of success. Happy birthday, my dear.

78. Here’s wishing you God’s grace and may He fills your heart with joy and mouth with laughter. Do have an interesting birthday, my lovely friend.

79. May God clothe you the spirit of excellence. May He make way for you in the wilderness. These are my prayers for you as you celebrate your birthday my dearest friend.

80. It is your birthday my dear friend, I wish you many more years and pray that He will bless you so much that it will overflow. Have an amazing birthday.

81. This is your new age in another year. Dear friend, I pray that you shall increase in wisdom, riches, and age. You shall be elevated. Happy birthday to you.

82. As you celebrate your birthday, you shall be the cornerstone and be honoured. Happy birthday, my dearest friend.

83. My good friend, I pray for you on your birthday. You shall be promoted and not demoted. You shall increase and not decrease. You shall be the light and not walk in darkness. Have a great birthday.

84. To my good friend, I pray for you on your birthday that may you have a land share testimony. May your story change for the best. Have a fun-filled birthday.

85. Dear friend, you are celebrating a new age in another year. I pray that the Lord will do new things in your life. Have a blessed birthday.

86. My good friend, as you add another year to your age, I pray it marks the new beginning of greatness, breakthrough and prosperity to you. Many happy returns, my dear.

87. Happy birthday my dearest friend. I pray that, henceforth, you shall not be put to shame, you will not lack God’s and humans’ help. Enjoy your day.

88. As you add a new age this new year. May everything you touch turns to gold. May you receive good news and be happy with your new age. Happy birthday, my favourite friend.

89. Happy birthday, dearest friend. May you shine like the morning sun and twinkle like the evening stars. May your day be colourful. Do have a blessed birthday.

90. Birthdays are people’s happy day; if not happiest. May yours not be different this year and ahead. Have a great birthday, sweet friend.

91. May your hard work not be scattered by the enemies. May you be triumphant and victorious. Happy birthday my good friend.

92. Dearest friend, Happy birthday. My prayer is that your peace of mind will not run out. The mercy of God shall abide with you all the days of your life. Have a blast.

93. As you celebrate another age sweet friend, may you flourish like trees planted by the river banks. You will never know sorrow. Happy birthday, my amazing friend.

94. My God gift friend, on your birthday, may God grants you abundant blessings, grace and favour. Have a fantastic birthday.

95. It’s Your birthday my friend, I pray that you will continue to have reasons to sing joyful songs. Enjoy your birthday.

96. Happy birthday to my darling friend. I pray that God cancels anything that will cause you sadness and sorrow. You will forever be grateful. Stay blessed.

97. Today is your birthday dear friend. May there be a celebration of joy, promotion and success in your life from now till old age.

98. As you see a new age sweet friend, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. You will not become the target for evil arrows. Happy birthday to you.

99. Here’s wishing you greatness dear friend and may your life advertise success. Happy birthday, my kind-hearted friend.

100. As you remember and celebrate your birthday my good friend, may God remember you for good and may people celebrate the miracles that come with it. Have a fun-filled birthday.

Love these powerful prayers? Send them to your friend and be sure all the prayers will come to pass in his/her life. Don’t forget to comment and like this post.