2024 Birthday Poems for Him – Birthday Poems for Boyfriend

Yea, it’s his birthday and a great time to shower him with much of love. It’s a time to tell him how much he means to you and how much you care for him.

To help you, we’ve written some lovely collection of happy birthday poems for him – on your behalf.

If you are ready for the treat, follow me on this page.

Poems for Your Boyfriend on His Birthday

Below are Romantic Birthday Poems for Boyfriend to make him feel loved on his special day.

Happy Birthday to My Pride

My pride
My crown
My eagle
I am proud of you today
And I will always be.

If not every day,
I will show the world today
My pride
Let them see
Let them know

I wouldn’t listen
I wouldn’t care
I wouldn’t mind
Just for today

Today as you age
Do not think amiss
I want pride to run
through my veins
Just because of you
I am proud, yes, of you.
Happy birthday to you.

The Stage is Set for You

Dance and Dance
The music will play
The music won’t play
I will dance and dance
Everyone offers gifts
No one offers gift
I will still dance and dance
If I will eat
If I won’t eat
I will dance and dance…

It’s just for you
Because of you
For I will dance and dance
If you look through with microscope,
The circles of my heart
Circulates with Joy

O let me dance and dance
I am merry
I am happy
I want to always see you glow

Let me dance and pray
You shall dance and dance
Till the clock tickles, days pass
year fades and brings another year
so just dance and dance.
Happy birthday to you, my love.

A Day Like This

This date
No one knows
no one sees
the significance
Of this date
But I know the essence
For it breaks shackles,
Binds my heart,
Sets my mind at ease,
My feet moving and
My eye focused

This date will always be
A landmark for my history,
A spot no hypo can remove,
A catalyst on my brain
I will never ever forget this date
Happy birthday to you my heart.

So Special and Unique

For anything in this world,
I count today unique
For all silver and gold
I count you unique
Above all you do today,
you’ll stand out unique

From my heart
I would love to give you
unique wishes
As you’re plus one today,
you’ll count more success
As you celebrate today with many,
you’ll celebrate always and
As you read through these lines
With smiles,
continue to smile
In a unique way
Happy birthday from my heart to you.

All Thanks to Your Dad

I bless your dad
I look at you every day
you’ve proven true as a man
I bless your dad
Now, today like I have never
known you,
you crossed the bar
to a new age
I bless your dad.

Your nature and physique
answers all questions
for no one needs to ask of
the king who brought you
into this world
you act more than a prince
I just bless your dad

The prince like a king
I would always want to serve you
O! I bless your dad.
Happy birthday

Evergreen Virtue

This date in this month every year
is evergreen
your joy and happiness
which comes from within
is evergreen
could it be the music?
could it be the time?
it’s evergreen
more precious than gold
today will be evergreen

Evergreen thoughts and wishes
Are my desires for you
as you earn them in love always evergreen
Happy birthday to you from your love.

Unforgettable Day

Anytime you call the date
It goes deep down
Oh, if you would know how deep!

All my wishes can’t be exhausted
they live deep down the
depth of my heart

I sincerely take today deeper
than you imagine
do not ask why
for I will always
love, cherish, pray and
wish you the best
from the depth of my heart
Happy birthday to you, my love.

I Celebrate You

Each year
this day clicks,
it swindles my heart,
stirs my thought
with love and joy
I celebrate you forever

If streams stop flowing,
I will celebrate you
Not when I have money and cars
I will celebrate you
Even when the time is far spent,
I still want to celebrate you

Let celebration get exhausted
or I do not get words again,
still, I will celebrate you
Happy birthday.

This is so Captivating

Whenever the clock ticks
whenever my eye rolls
this your special day
captures me
I was never forced
to think of today for
It captures me

If it will be beautiful
if it won’t be,
It will still capture me

Do not push my heart away
tell me over and over again
the day you were born
let it ring like a bell
for it captures me.
Happy birthday

A Long Life Wish

More and always
It will be long life
Not because I think so
I know it’s long life
Believe or doubt it
it’s sure it’s long life

What I always wish for you,
not for today but forever
long life and
long years

I pray from my heart
In love, joy and peace
twill be long life
Happy birthday to you with love.

Health and Wealth

Many would come to drop
and lay their prayers
But for me I’ll say
you shall prosper in
health and wealth

Every year you cross the bar,
your strength shall not fail in health
you’ll never drain in wealth

You’ll see more years,
live in health and in wealth
forever sing and sing
for it’s all my desires for you
Happy birthday to you, my heart desire.