7 Shocking Things You Don’t Know About Valentine’s Day

The 2nd of the 12th months of the calendar year is tagged as the “Month of Love.” Why?

Because there’s always so much more love in the air around and within this month.

And since the month of February is acquainted with the month of love, everyone is excited to wish each other Happy Valentine’s Day.

But first, what do you know about Valentine’s Day? Why is it called Valentine’s Day and not Lawerence’s Day, George’s Day or Psalmist’s Day?

You will agree with me that it will be nice to know some amazing facts about Valentine, do you think?

I present to you, Seven Facts You Don’t Know About Valentine which are essential for you to know in the year 2024.

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Valentine Facts #1

Have you ever thought why Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th of February and not any other day of the month?

Yes, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated any day of the month of February, but it falls on the 14th day of the month instead.

St. Valentine died on the 14th of February, that’s why every 14th of February is meant for his remembrance.

But not all churches commemorate his death on February 14th, like the Western Christan Church. July 6th is fixed by Eastern Orthodox Church, while July 30th by Eastern Orthodox Church.

Valentine Facts #2

Let me shake up you a little. Are you ready for it?

The most exchanged seasonal cards each and every year aside from Merry Christmas and Happy New Year cards is what?

Easter’s day card? Ramadan Kareem’s day card? Happy Anniversary’s day card or Birthday cards?

No! None of the above.

Valentine’s Day cards are the second largest seasonal card that’s been exchanged every year.

Valentine Facts #3

Amidst the 365 days in a year, Valentine’s Day stands out every year when it comes to wedding proposals.

Most young lovers want to add to the so much love that’s embedded in Valentine’s Day by proposing to their fiancee.

And that’s why the number of wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day supersedes other days of the year.

Which amount averagely to more than 220,000 wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Facts #4

In this part of the country where I come from, Valentine’s Day is believed to be a day set aside for lovers only.

The myth was and is still that Valentine’s Day it’s a day just for lovers – boyfriend, girlfriend, husband and wife.

It’s not meant for lovers alone, but also for friends and family.

As Valentine’s Day is called “Ystävänpäivä” in Finland, which means “Friend’s Day.” There, it’s more of remembering your best friends than your lovers.

Valentine Facts #5

A little game here won’t be a bad idea, right?

Okay, let’s play.

Among the following, who do you think receive the most Valentine’s Day cards?

(A) School Teachers (B) Husbands (C) Wives (D) Boyfriends (E) Girlfriends

I know what you’re thinking and I’m pleased to tell you that you’re wrong. Yes, you’re wrong.

It’s not wives, girlfriends, husbands or boyfriends. It’s School Teachers.

Better luck next time. Moving on to the next fact.

Valentine Facts #6

This next fact weakens me. I hope it will do the very same thing to you.

First, shout out to all my food lovers aka foodie across the universe.

Where are my foodie buddies at, because this one is particularly for us. Yes, us, because I’m also a lover of good food.

During the medieval times on Valentine’s Day, girls eat crazy foods just so they could dream of their prince charming.

Valentine Facts #7

This should have come first, but I thought I should save the best for the last.

There’s this belief that guys or men should be the one buying the ladies or women gifts on special occasions.

And on a special day like Valentine’s Day, you will want to agree with me that men purchase the majority of the gifts on this day, Yes or Yes?

Let me burst your bubble by telling you that, women around the globe purchase 85% of gifts on Valentine’s Day.