Romantic Good Night Messages for Her or Him in 2024

Romantic Good Night Messages for Her or Him from the Heart

The following are romantic good night messages for her or him that you can send to your boyfriend or girlfriend to remind him or her how strong is the love you felt for him or her.

Romantic Good Night Love Messages for Her

Most romantic good night love quotes and sayings for girlfriend, you will love to send to your Girlfriend after the stress she went through in the day.

1. The Billions of Yesterdays

There is just one today amidst the billion of yesterdays and tomorrows, and it will not pass without me telling you – I love you. Goodnight my dearest.

2. I’m Glad You’re Mine

Today like yesterday, I found myself thinking about you and your love for me and I’m glad you’re mine. Goodnight my love.

3. Seeds of Joy

God always bless the earth each and every day with seeds of joy and I was grateful that I caught one – You. Goodnight my baby.

4. Darkness of The Night

Looking at the stars in the sky glittering and shinning brighter in the darkness of the night, only reminds me of your glowing face. Goodnight my dearest.

5. In Your Beautiful Eyes

I admire the stars in the sky, but none of them can be equaled to the ones in your beautiful eyes. Goodnight my love.

6. When My Dream Come True

I desire to wake up with you beside me, my dear the very day when my dream come true. Goodnight my dearest.

7. Home Coming

After the day’s business, I cherish and love the thought that I going back home, since home for me is being in your bosom. Goodnight my love.

8. Thought of the Day

Even when I don’t have anything to say, remember that you’re always in my mind, as you’re my thought for the day. Goodnight my baby.

9. Being in Your Arms

I can’t wait to be home and being embrace in your arms again and again. Goodnight my dearest.

10. Goodnight Not Goodbye

Every night I crave for your presence so as to kiss you tenderly and say goodnight and not goodbye. Goodnight my love.

11. Your Beautiful Face

Each and every night I dream about you so much in order to continue to behold your beautiful face and lovely smile. Goodnight beautiful.

12. Want to Want Me

This is my desire tonight; I want you to want me and I love to love you like I’ve never loved before. Goodnight my baby.

13. Your Subtle Touch

I need all of you to love me, I long for your subtle touch as you caress my body tonight. Goodnight my dearest.

14. Thought of You in My Heart

You will always be the first thing on my mind when I wake up, because each night I fall asleep with the thought of you in my heart. Goodnight my love.

15. Goodnight

Goodnight my love… Sleep well my dear… Pleasant dreams my baby. Goodnight beautiful.

16. Ten Thousand Miles

Tonight, I wouldn’t mind to walk ten thousand miles just to be with you, because I’m missing you so much it hurts. Goodnight my dearest.

17. Adoring Message

I desire being with you, to hug you tightly and kiss you tenderly instead of sending you – adoring goodnight message. Goodnight my love.

18. Thinking and Dreaming

During the day it’s you that I’m always thinking of and while at night it’s you whom I’m always dreaming of. Goodnight my baby.

19. One of Those Moments

I’m always glad and thankful each moment that my day ends with you and today is one of those moments. Goodnight my dearest.

20. Moody and Lonely

All I want to say is that I’m missing you so much, because I’m feeling moody and lonely without you here. Goodnight my love, I miss you.

21. I Wish Tonight…

My wish for tonight is that the angels should watch and protect the person who’s reading this message. Goodnight my baby.

22. Our First Kiss

When I was looking at the glowing moon, it reminds me of that night I first kissed you as it was one of my awesome days in life. Goodnight beautiful.

23. Short Night

Often times I want my night to be very short so as to wake up early and go back to continue being with you. Goodnight my love.

24. If It Were…

If it were to be possible, I would make you to stay in my heart every day and night as words alone can’t express how I feel for you. Goodnight my love.

25. The Past is Gone

Don’t number what you’ve lost in the past, as the past is gone. Instead see what you have now and be grateful. Goodnight my baby.

26. Hope You Know..

I want to end my day in letting you know that you were my thought for today and saying I love you so much. Goodnight my love.

27. Brightest Star

I’m sending you the biggest and brightest star to enlighten you and make your dreams pleasant. Goodnight my dearest.

28. For Me…

For me, every new day is an avenue to love you much more than I did a day before and I can’t wait for tomorrow to continue loving you. Goodnight beautiful.

29. Next to You

I will continue dreaming about you each and every night, and hoping that one day I will have the chance of sleeping next to you. Goodnight my love.

30. I Always Wish..

Every night when I fall asleep embracing my pillow, I always wish it’s you my love. Goodnight my love, I miss you.

31. Endless Reasons

Yesterday night I was numbering each star in the sky for very reason why I cherish you. Not long I ran out of stars, it’s then I realized that the reasons are endless. Goodnight beautiful.

32. My All in All

Goodnight my princess; my woman; my dearest; my all in all; my happiness. Sleep tight and dream of your prince – ME. Goodnight my dearest.

33. You’re My Life

Just a reminder; don’t you ever forget that you mean so much more than you could ever imagine to me as you’re my life. Goodnight my baby.

34. Keeps Me Awake

Each night, the thoughts of how much you’ve come to mean to me always keeps me awake much longer than I expected. Goodnight my love.

35. Not a Second

Though my day was hectic and stressful, but not a second goes by without me thinking about you. Goodnight my dearest.

36. Without You Here

It hurts me that I never get to see you tonight and what’s more painful is the thought of falling asleep without you here. Goodnight beautiful.

37. In My Heart

You were in my heart yesterday; you’re in my heart today and you will be this night, tomorrow and forever. Goodnight my love.

38. Wonderful Gifts

Nights are wonderfully wrapped gifts and you only get to see what’s inside it when you close your eyes. So close your eyes and see the beautiful planet waiting for you in the other side. Goodnight.

39. Awesome Day of My Life

Each and every day I spend being with you is always the best and awesome day of my life, I’m patiently waiting for the dawn. Goodnight my baby.

40. Pleasant Dreams

Every night I want to fall asleep with you in my heart so as to have pleasant dreams. Goodnight my dearest.

41. Kiss and Caress You

Tonight, before the cock crows I want to kiss and caress you and love you forever. Goodnight my love.

42. You’re Mine Now

Henceforth, my life will always be beautiful and amazing because you’re mine now. Goodnight my baby.

43. Sweet and Pleasant Smell

You’re the flower that makes the garden of my heart attractive and have a sweet and pleasant smell. Goodnight my dearest.

44. You’re Never Alone

You will never be alone, so do not be afraid because I’m going to put the blanket of my love and care upon you tonight and always. Goodnight beautiful.

45. Answers to Prayer

May God send His angels who will speedily come over to guard you when you sleep, because your prayer has reached Him. Goodnight my love.

46. When I Hear Your Voice

I feel content and happy with hearing your voice over the phone every night before going to bed. Goodnight my baby.

47. Most Wonderful Thing..

The most wonderful thing about each and every night is not just the shinning stars nor the glowing moon in the sky, but being with you. Goodnight my dearest.

48. Always in My Mind

You’re always in my thoughts, since I think of you before going to sleep and as soon as I wake up also. Goodnight beautiful..

49. The Sweetest Music

You’re the sweetest music in my heart; my first and last thought of the day and the rose in the garden of my heart. Goodnight my love.

50. My Heart, To Dance

You’ve illuminate my heart with your love and cause my heart to dance to the beat of your love song. Goodnight my baby.

Cute Good Night Texts for Boyfriend

Romantic Good Night Text Messages for My Boyfriend from the Heart.

51. Ask Your Heart

I was surfing the web, looking for the cutest words I could use in a goodnight message for you? And I was surprised when I got this reply – Ask your heart. Goodnight my love.

52. Goodnight Pills

This message is a pill which helps to drive away your nightmares and gives you pleasant dreams, I will prescribe one dose every night. Goodnight handsome.

53. After Sunset

I wish you’re here to cuddle me all night long and fall asleep after watching the sun has its setting. Goodnight my dearest.

54. My Dreams and Goals

I see all of my dreams and goals turning into reality whenever I reminisce about your love and care for me. Goodnight my love.

55. Effect of Your Love On Me

Every night, all I do is miss you fondly, because such is the beautiful effect of your love on me. Goodnight handsome, I miss you.

56. Feeling Lonesome

Tonight, all I could think of is me giving you a lot of sweet kiss, as I have never felt so lonesome like this before. Goodnight my dearest.

57. Tales of My Love

No matter how sleepy, weak and tired I might be, I wouldn’t be able to drift off to bed until I tell you how much I love you. Goodnight my love, I love you.

58. You and Your Love

I’m actually reminiscing about you and your love, but technically I’m fast asleep. Goodnight my baby, I miss you.

59. Romantic Glowing Moon

Looking out the window and seeing the romantic glowing moon in the dark sky, makes me think of you. Goodnight my dearest.

60. Solace To My Restless Night

Whenever I’m around you at night, there’s always solace to my restless night and I wish it can always be like that. Goodnight my love, I miss you.

61. My Only Glittering Star

Even though millions of stars shine brighter in the dark sky of the night, you will always be the only star glittering in my sight. Goodnight my love.

62. Here’s An Assurance

This text from me to you is an assurance that you will have pleasant dreams and wake up with a glowing smiling face. Goodnight my dearest.

63. Cute Kisses..

All I craved for tonight are cute kisses and warm snuggle from you as I gently drift off to bed. Goodnight handsome.

64. Let’s Cuddle From…

I can’t wait being in your arms again as I really desire we could cuddle from the dusk till dawn. Goodnight my dearest, I love you.

65. Kiss Me Like Never Before

I desire you would kiss and caress me like you’ve never done before tonight till the cock crows. Goodnight my love.

66. The Smile On Your Face

Do you know why the sun is shining so much brighter tonight? It’s competing to be as wonderfully radiant as the smile on your face. Goodnight my baby.

67. Official Invitation

Here’s an official invitation for you to meet me in the dreamland where you can continue to shower me with care and love. Goodnight handsome.

68. I Can’t Take It Anymore

I cannot deal with this loneliness anymore. All I can think of is you and wishing you were here with me tonight. Goodnight my dearest, I miss you.

69. The Girl You Cuddle

I don’t want to be your blanket which you curled up with, I only want to be the girl with whom you cuddle with. Goodnight my love.

70. You Alone

You’re the only thing which my pleasant dreams; my invaluable memories and significant ambitions have in common. Goodnight my baby.

71. All I Could Think Of

All I could think of was being with you, in your arms as I cannot explain how I feel in my lonesomeness. Goodnight my love, I miss you.

72. Our Love Is Eternal

Nights are not meant to be here forever, but our love for each other is till eternity. Goodnight my dearest, I love you.

73. Tight and Cute Hug

I wish I could enter into your Instagram account and give all your pictures a tight and cute goodnight hug. Goodnight handsome.

74. Big Smile On My Face

Every night I always drift off to bed with a big smile on my face, because I’m certain to meet the person who puts it there when I’m awake. Goodnight my dearest.

75. Shivers Down My Spine

Reminiscing about you and your love for me during a hot summer night, sends adorable shivers down my spine. Goodnight my love, I miss you.

76. Without Your Pictures

Without looking at your pictures on my cellphone, my nights would have been lonely. Goodnight my dearest, I miss you.

77. Even Though…

Even though the twinkle little stars disappear at the rising of the sun, my heart will always dance to the rhythm of your love. Goodnight my baby.

78. As The Clock Ticks

I only want to tell you that you’re the most caring, handsome and understanding man in the entire world as the clock ticks away from dusk to dawn. Goodnight handsome.

79. Sleep Tight and Sweet Dreams

Here’s my wishes to the man who made my nights to become longer and dreams much sweeter than before; sleep tight and sweet dreams. Goodnight my love.

80. If I’m An Artist…

If I were to be an artist, I’m going to paint all my dreams and envisage us being together today and forever. Goodnight my love.

81. I Wish I Was An Owl

I wish I could be an owl so as to sit on a branch of the tree outside your window and gaze at you all through the night. Goodnight my baby.

82. Love and Hate Affairs

Your girl has a love and hate affair with the night; hates it because she can’t be with you, but she loves it either since she can dream about you nonstop. Goodnight my love.

83. Nightmares and Pleasant Dreams

I vow to be the guardian angel who fights all your nightmares and brings you pleasant dreams. Goodnight handsome.

84. Chilly Winter

During the chilly winter night, reminiscing about you gives me a comfy warmth on my body all the way to my heart. Goodnight my dearest.

85. Beautiful Rays

The beautiful rays from your glowing smiling face empowers me all day long. Goodnight my love.

86. To My Prince Charming

Goodnight to the prince charming who magically makes all the problems of my life goes away with his kisses. Goodnight my prince, I love you.

87. Reasons Behind My Smile

It’s hard for me to fall asleep without saying goodnight to the man who has been the reasons behind my smiles. Goodnight my love.

88. The Cause Of My Happiness

You were the reasons for all my awesome and amazing memories of the past and my present joy and happiness. Goodnight my dearest.

89. I Cherish You

It’s very late and everyone is fast asleep already, I just want you to know that I cherish you and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Goodnight my baby, I love you.

90. All Because Of You

My dreams have become more dreamier and my nights more peaceful because of you. I’m happy that you’re mine. Goodnight my dearest, I love you.

91. Man Of My Heart

Lord, please send your heavenly angels to watch over the man of my heart as he falls asleep tonight and always. Goodnight my love.

92. The First Amongst The Rest

You’re always the first amongst the many awesome and wonderful things that life has got to offer. Goodnight my baby, I love you.

93. Stunned By The Thought Of…

Each night when I close my eyes to sleep, I’m always stunned by the thoughts of how your love has transformed my whole life. Goodnight my dearest.

94. Back In Your Arms

My heart; my body; my mind and my soul just couldn’t wait any longer to be back in your arms again. Goodnight my love, I miss you.

95. Awesome Wishes

Every night when I drift off to bed; all that I have for you are always awesome wishes. Goodnight handsome, I miss you.

96. Here’s My Prayer

As you sleep tonight, it’s my prayer that all your pleasant dreams be filled up with the thoughts of our unique love. Goodnight my dearest.

97. In Your Company Again

I wouldn’t mind to walk hundreds of miles to be back in your company again and again. Goodnight my love. I love you.

98. The Chilling Breeze

Every night when I feel the chilling breeze on my skin, it’s reminds me of the night you curled up with me here. Goodnight handsome.

99. A Meaningful Life

The moment you stopped loving me is the same time that my life seize to have any meaning as your love gives my life a meaning and reason to live. Goodnight my dearest.

100. The Night You Were Here

Seeing as the stars glittering in the dark sky of the night, reminds me of the night you were here when I was cuddled up in your arms. Goodnight handsome, I miss you.