2024 Merry Christmas Wishes for Friends

Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s Christmas again. It’s the season of love, joy, care and kindness everywhere and to everyone.

Christmas is a special season of the year and once in a year but actually to be felt and celebrated every day. It’s a season of love and care for your family, loved ones and those special friends of yours.

That special friend of yours definitely needs a very special and unique Christmas wishes that would wow!!! him or her and show them how much you love and care for them.

So don’t hesitate to click into this lovely Merry Christmas wishes for friends and send them to those lovely and beautiful friends of yours making this Christmas a memorable one for them.

Isn’t this so lovely and cute? Have a taste and I bet you’ll definitely come back for more.

Let’s ride on!!!

Friendship Christmas Messages for Friends

1. Hi friendly friend, I am so happy and grateful to God for making this Christmas a witness for us. I am really excited to send this to you. Merry Christmas to you, lovely wishes and beautiful surprises shall come to you and you shall be more fulfilled and be set prepared even for the year to come. I love more, friend. Merry Merry Christmas to you.

2. Warmth greetings to you friend. I’m so delighted and very much excited. We have made it to the 359th day of the year even December 25th and onward. All praises to God. I wish you a very meritorious and glamorous Christmas this season. May the surprises of the season come upon you and your family. Merry Christmas to you!

3. Dear friend, I wish you an awesome time out this lovely season. May the joy and peace of the season be abundantly supplied to you on all sides. Loving you more and always, cute friend. Merry Christmas to you.

4. Make sure you enjoy every bit of the moment this season, each taste of the chicken, cookie and fries. Don’t forget to keep mine. Wishing you a very sweetened and honey filled Christmas. Stay cool, dear friend.

5. As the joy and love of the season roll over, may you be filled with joy unspeakable and happiness undisturbed. Have a very blessed and meritorious Christmas celebration.

6. Christmas trees are very much all around and carol songs in the air. All the beautiful moments are here. May the joy and awesome moments of this season be joyfully spent and enjoyed by you each and every bit of it all. Have a nice time out, darling. Merry Christmas!

7. Saying Merry Christmas is inevitable this season, and wishing a beautiful and lovely friend like you goodness and love all round is definitely unforgettable for me. I wish you all good tidings and lovely moments this season. Merry and awesome Christmas celebration to you!

8. May you never miss out of the love, care, beauty and blessings this season offers. Make no room for sadness and sorrow, dear friend and enjoy all the blessed seasonal packages of the season. Have a wonderful experience all through. Merry Christmas, bestie.

9. Christmas is a time to cherish and love the more, your family, friends and all your loved ones. Wishing all beautiful wishes and lovely moments throughout this awesome festive season. I love you more and more, friend. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

10. May this Christmas season be so shiny, bright and lovely to you. Enjoy every bit of it, dear. Merry Christmas!

11. May the expectations of your heart according to God’s plan for your life not be cut short. The joy and light of this season will cause speedy answers to all these desires. Enjoy this Christmas to the fullest, friend. Love you!!!

12. Christmas is a season of special caring and kind sharing of love, gifts and lovely wishes. You have not just shared your time and love for me but also cared unconditionally for me, dear friend. Thank you so much. More grace and goodness for you this season. Merry Christmas to you!

13. I love you so much darling friend, and I wish that we’ll be more of true and lovely friends together forever even from this season on. May you be blessed with more true friends and even more grace to continue being a lovely friend. Merriest Christmas to you!!!

14. Hello dear friend, heartily saying this, I pray that you and I shall become more of a true friend from now henceforth. Many wishes and goodies coming your way!!! Merry Christmas.

15. Christmas is here again, beautiful decorations are set in houses, Christmas light and trees are all over decorated everywhere. Hey best pal, may your life be decorated the more this season with lovely and colourful things and moments. Can’t love you less, dear friend. Merry Christmas.

16. This Christmas is made merrier because of you, friend. I love you so much, friend. Have a very nice time this season.

17. Among numerous presents and gifts, having you is very much outstanding. You are a truly an amazing friend. Merry Christmas to you!

18. In the midst of various gift I have prepared for you, I have this special wish for you this season. May your life be so sweetened and tasty with goodly things. Merry Christmas to you.

19. This Christmas shall be so meaningful and gracious to you. I wish you more and more good tidings. Merry Christmas!

20. Favours and mercy shall find you and cause all your efforts from the beginning of the year to be fruitful this beautiful season. I love and cherish you, dear friend. Merry Christmas to you!

21. Hey bestie, I wish above all things that you prosper in health even as your soul prospers from this season onward. Merry merry Christmas to you, dearie.

22. Love unending and caring unconditionally this season. May you never be left out in the joy and gladness this season offers. Love you more friend. Merry Christmas best friend.

23. As this awesome season unfolds, may new and awesome things be unfolded for you enormously. Enjoy every second of this beautiful season. Love you, dear. Merry Christmas.

24. New and unexpected miracles are all in stock this lovely season. May you never miss out of a bit of all the miraculous moments. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration. Merry Christmas to you, darling friend.

25. Jesus, the King of glory was born today and the world rejoices that the Saviour is here. May you and your family be totally saved from every form of evil and troubles of the earth. Joy and peace shall be all yours from this season on. Happy and meritorious Christmas to you.

26. I wish you a merry Christmas and a very gladsome celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Gracious blessings shall accompany you, dear friend. Have a wonderful experience.

27. Being friends with you make Christmas very more exciting and lovely. I really cherish you, dear. Merry Christmas to you!

28. May your heart be filled with so much happiness and joy this festive season. Christmas everywhere! Christmas here. Love you so much, dear. Merry Christmas!

29. As the new atmosphere of the season dawns, may you be brought to a new and amazing season of life in all you do. Blessings galore for you.

30. Christmas is all about gifts, strawberries, pies and most of all, the best friend ever present. You are a blessing to me , dear friend. God bless you. Merry Christmas to you.

31. As this blessed season enfolds, may blessings and favours engulf you. Enjoy and have fun. Merry Christmas dearie.

32. Lights and love shall fill your life as from now on, dear. The joy of the season shall be surplus for you. Have a very nice and wonderful Christmas celebration.

33. May loads of goodies and packs of nice surprises shall come your way bountifully this season. Merry Christmas to you, my darling friend.

34. The celebration of the Christmas season is a celebration of the birth into the newness of the life of God. May the graces of the season be made supplied to you graciously. Merry Merry and meritorious Christmas to you.

35. Lovely gifts and precious packages are all in stock for you this gracious season. Just untie them gently and happily! Merry Christmas to you!!!

36. Each year and every 25th of December, a major celebration for the whole earth occurs. A king is born and the Saviour of the world has come. I pray for you dear friend that every phase of salvation for your life shall be made to be prosperous from this season and henceforth. Glory! to God in the highest. Merry Christmas, dear.

37. All the praises and glory to the Lord of lords and the soon coming King of glory for another opportunity to witness this Christmas in good health and wealth. Hey pal, may your be made more graciously broken and raised in the hope of the resurrection to life through the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Wishing you a meritorious Christmas.

38. Enjoy the awesomeness of the season, dear friend. And make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. Merry Christmas to you.

39. Sweetness and joyfulness shall be yours and your family this wonderful season. A merrier Christmas to you, dearie.

40. From me to the one and best friend that is as a family to me, merry Christmas and a happy new year to you. I love you so much.

41. Christmas is always accompanied with love, care and warmth. May you be abundantly filled with them all, lovely friend. Merry Christmas to you!

42. May each and every second counting of this season be fruitful and joyous for and your family. Merry Christmas to you, dear friend.

43. Christmas is always a time naturally reminding us of God’s infinite love for humanity in sending His Son to save and redeem us from all our sins. May the importance of this period graciously and continually dawn on us and the joy abundantly be in us. Merry Christmas friend.

44. May your heart be filled with countless reasons to rejoice this beautiful season. All thanks to God for life. Merry and gladsome Christmas to you dearie.

45. I believe and hope that the dawning of this Christmas season shall encompass you and your family with so much joy unspeakable and happiness boundlessly. Merry Christmas to you all.

46. I am wishing a memorable merry Christmas to you dear friend, from the bottom of my heart I am saying I love you so much. Enjoy the day! Merry Christmas!!!

47. The emphasis of Christmas is love and concern for man. May your life be filled with so much love and be embraced with bountiful care and support all round for you. Merry Christmas to you, darling friend.

48. This Christmas is specially awesome for me one of the reasons that you are present here with me. Thank you lovely friend. Merry, merrier and the merriest Christmas to you.

49. Nothing shall hinder the flow of happiness and joy in you this season but the fullness of joy, happiness and gladness shall be yours and your family this wonderful Christmas season. Merry Christmas to you.

50. May you receive the access to the doors of joyfulness and favours of this gracious and lovely season. Happy Christmas celebration to you.

51. The atmosphere of the season is with love, ease and favours all round. May all this be doubled for you throughout your life from this season on. Merry Christmas, friend.

52. With joy shall you leap up and happiness shall you shout for victory for the mercy and grace of this gracious season shall encompass you with expected successes and achievements. I love you best friend. Merry Christmas!

53. Praise be to the Lord Most High!! As we call to remembrance the birth of Jesus, may the light and glory of Him fill our lives and families. Merry Christmas to you! Merry Merry Christmas to you!!

54. May very form hullabaloo be replaced with unlimited peacefulness in you and your family’s life from this time forth. Enjoy the season, dear. Merry Merry Christmas to you all.

55. All the labours of your hands and your strivings this year shall bountifully yield good profit for you by the reason of the grace available in this gracious and lovely season. Amen. Merry Christmas to the cutest friend ever.

56. Inexpressible is my joy within and unsurmountable is my happiness this day. First that God is Love and He is good and worthy to be highly praised. Then that He has surrounded me with so beautiful family, friends and loved ones even to celebrate with this Christmas. I love you all. Merry Christmas to you from me!!!

57. Goodness and mercy shall follow you all through and abode with you graciously from the season and always. My best and lovely friend, merry Christmas and happy new year to you. Love you!!!!!

58. Amidst the turbulence and upheavals, you and your family shall be filled with so much tranquillity and joy this season. Happy Christmas and a splendid new year ahead.

59. As we celebrate this Christmas, may all your dreams be fulfilled and even a new and great achievement be set for you as we progress into the new year. Wishing you a meritorious Christmas and a glorious new year.

60. Immeasurable love and incredible mercies shall be as a gift for you this season and onward. As for me, I love you so so much, friend. Merry Christmas to you!

61. The whole world rejoices at the birth of our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ. The hope of His coming gives is an anchor for our souls in this perishing world. Keep this in heart dear friend, merry Christmas and an awesome new year to you.

62. May the merriment this season never elude you but shall cause every sorrow to stray away from your life. Happy merriment and a merry Christmas to you, friendly and lovely friend.

63. Loads of goodies and gifts packs but here is a wish of me to you. May God grant you the desires of His intent for you and your family this wonderful season. Happy holidays!

64. Unending joy and untampered happiness shall fill your heart this season. From me to you, dearie, merry Christmas and a wonderful new year ahead.

65. Glory! Glory! To the Lord God in the highest for making us witnesses of this gracious season again. He alone is faithful and loving. May His faithfulness continues to abide in us and with us. Let’s walk in obedience to His will. Merry Christmas to you, friend.

66. The end product of the birth of Jesus Christ is joy everlasting. May this be our testimony at the end of it all. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration, cutie.

67. Merry merry and merry Christmas to you and your family. Joy overflowing is yours all this season.

68. Hello dear friend, let’s ensure to make many awesome and memorable moments this Christmas. I love dearly. Merry Christmas!

69. Laughter and merriments shall be the call of the day for you and your family, today and henceforth. Enjoy, eat and smile. Merry Christmas to you!

70. It’s the season of cheering and love. I am sharing my love and joy with you, my bestie. Merry Christmas!!!

71. As the devil was ignorant of the essence and havoc the birth of Jesus Christ was and is to bring to his evil reign, he would have tried all he could to stop it but he failed. So also shall he fail over you and your family’s life from this time forth and forever. A meritorious Christmas to you and your family.

72. The season is a season of favour from both God and man, may you ever be favoured and shown mercy all through your lifetime. Wishing you a merry Christmas and happy new year.

73. Peace that surpasses every form of troubles shall come upon you and your family from this season and onward.

74. The joy of the beautiful festive season shall gracefully truncate every evil plot of the enemy against you and your family. Enjoy to the fullest, dear. Merry Christmas to you all.

75. Cakes and pastries, balloons and colourful decorations are all in the call of the season, don’t miss out on any one of them. Have fun, dear. Merry Christmas to you!

76. Joy unspeakable and love unconditional shall bring you into the reality of the season. Have a very joyous and meritorious Christmas.

77. Hurray!! Its Christmas, a time to celebrate and indeed a time to restore love and affection back to the heart. I am sending you gifts of love and a happy filled heart to you. Thank for being there for me, best friend. Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year to you.

78. I am very happy I have you around even to express the call of the season to you more. I love you so so much, dear friend. Merry Christmas to you.

79. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you, lovely friend. Divine blessings shall be bestowed on you enormously this day and henceforth.

80. Like a flowing peaceful river, so shall your joy be, and like the happiness of the shepherds then who was told of the birth of Jesus, so shall your happiness be to the brim this season. Make sure you enjoy every bit of it all.

81. Gifts definitely are inevitable this season, enjoyment and jollification is assuredly a menu of the season but having a beautiful friend to share all this with is the actual merriment of the season. I love you so much, friend. Merry Christmas and a glorious new year to you.

82. Oh, how He loves us, oh how He loves us so, that He gave us His Son to become the propitiation for our sins. Don’t let us be ignorant of this great and better sacrifice. Embrace the call of the season, friend. Merry Christmas to you.

83. I love you so much, friend. Merry Christmas and a glorious new year to you. I pray that our friendship shall grow stronger this day and forevermore.

84. Saying Merry Christmas is the same as saying “ I love you” let this dawn on you friend. As for me, “I love you so much”. And merry Christmas to you.

85. Thank You, heavenly Father, for your infinite mercy towards us. Your love is like a hurricane and we are trees that You have made to bend beneath for the inheritance of Your mercy and love. Thank You for Your love O God. We love You, Lord. This is the song of the season and always. Heartily sing and echo with, dear friend. Merry Christmas to you!

86. Christmas is specially unique and wonderful. May the light of this season illuminate in you brightly. Remain blessed, darling.

87. No record of calamity, absence of the call to troubles and sorrows for you. For the graces and mercies of this season shall abundantly overshadow you and your family. I wish you a meritorious Christmas!

88. People complain that “ there’s no money to enjoy Christmas and no resources to have fun with. But I am so grateful to God and happy that just having my family, you and all my loved ones around is enough for me. I love you all. Merry Christmas!

89. May this Christmas bring you to the beginning of a new and glorious year. Have a wonderful Christmas experience, friend. I can’t love you less.

90. Sparkles and shining all around. May this Christmas be bright and shining for you and your family. Merry Christmas friend.

91. As we celebrate this Christmas, may you experience perfect health and be in good wealth, dear. Happy and wonderful Christmas celebration to you.

92. Many many more happy and awesome returns for you this season. All your labours in the year shall spring forth uncountably for you and your family. Happy holidays.

93. From now on, by the grace and mercy of this glorious season, you shall be blessed and continually be a blessing to many, just as you are to me, darling. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you.

94. I pray and hope that the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ will spring forth the more in you the need to live His life in the hope of his coming. Merry Christmas to you, friend. Love you!!

95. Have a very peaceful and blissful Christmas with your family and loved ones. Don’t forget you are always in my heart. Merry Christmas to you.

96. A merrymaking season is it that has dawned on us. Ensure to go in the groove of the season. I’m coming over so as for us to celebrate together. Merry Merry Christmas and a glorious new year ahead.

97. May the light of God shine upon every form of darkness in your life. And fill your heart with so much joy and liberty. Have a very wonderful celebration of love and peace.

98. As you bring yourself to love and share this season, may you be replenished with abundance of new heights and a new heart of love. Christ reigns!! Merry Christmas.

99. I have something to say, friend…… Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you. Have fun dear.

100. As from now on, may the set time of favour for you never be missed and boycotted. Mercy and goodness all round shall be with you. Wishing you a very meritorious Christmas and a glorious new year. Love you!!!

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