Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Niece

Having a niece can really be awesome. Right from the day she was born, your heart was full of affection for her and has grown in love for her every day. Every moment you spend with her teaches you more about life and it makes you want to be a better person.

Moreover, you had to resume the duties of being an uncle or aunt and you will love to be good at the job. For every birthday she celebrates, she is a year older and you have to keep up with the good work of being an amazing uncle or aunt by knowing the right gift to give to her or knowing the right words to say to her.

She has filled your life with so much happiness and you want to make her every birthday unique and special. You want to prove to her you can be that cool uncle or aunt she can come to for anything.
So, whatever you are sending to your niece for her birthday today, make sure it is nothing short of beautiful.

Whether your niece is a toddler, young or older, this post contains a range of heart touching birthday wishes for niece, from humorous to inspiring.
Copy the ones you like best and send to her.


Happy birthday Quotes for My Niece

Do you want your niece to see you as that cool uncle /aunt that has always got her back? These happy birthday quotes for my niece will do just that. Send some to her to convince her and also give her a nice birthday celebration.

1.Happy birthday to my lovely niece, I am blessed to have an amazing niece like you. You bring joy to those around you just as the sun brings light to the day. Have a day full of love and laughter.

2. You are the world’s most adorable niece, and that makes me the most joyous aunt around.
Wishing you the most amazing birthday.

3. Here is wishing my wonderful niece a glorious birthday. My love, you deserve every happiness in life, may everything you ever wish for come true today.
Have a great day.

4. My dear niece, may today bring sweet people around you to fill it with sweet memories. You are a gift to the world.
Happy birthday my princess.

5. Happy birthday sweetie, may the happiness you bring to my life be reciprocated with lots of happy moments today and always.
Have a joyous day.

6. You deserve all the love you will get today, you are an amazing person to be with. You bring light, laughter and love into my life.
Happy birthday my sweet niece.

7. You are the beautiful rainbow that fills my cloudy days with bright colours. May you have a celebration filled peasants memories.
Happy birthday, my lovely niece.

8. I am so lucky to have a dashing and loving niece like you. You hard so much excitement to my life, without you my life will be boring.
Happy birthday, my darling.

9. You have a way of putting smiles on people faces with your incredible personality. Thank you for being such a beautiful person.
Happy birthday, my sweetest niece.

10. Happy birthday my dear niece. I am proud of who you have become, you have shown the world what perfection looks like. I hope this day lives up to how perfect you are.

11. Your birth brought so much joy and love to my heart I never knew possible. It is now very easy for me to love. I wish you a day full of as much love as you fill my heart with.
Happy birthday my lovely niece.

12. I never comprehended the true meaning of uncle or aunt until the day you were born. I want to be the coolest one around.
Happy birthday my dearest niece, have a great day.

13. Apart from the smiles and laughter we share, you are a fantastic niece. You fill my heart with so much joy.
Happy birthday my sweet niece.

14. On this special day, may the sun shine as bright as you are and may you always know how special you are.
Happy birthday, my princess.

15. Whatever the moment may be, I will be there to celebrate the good ones with you and give all my love on the not too good ones.
Happy birthday, my lovely niece.

16. Happy birthday to my wonderful niece. May this special day be filled with joy and laughter and this new year with love and happiness.

17. One day is not enough to celebrate your bravery and beauty but we can use the whole of today and then extend it to the rest of the year.
Happy birthday, dearie.

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18. I am an amazing aunt because I have the most amazing niece. Aren’t I lucky.
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful year ahead.

19. You have turned out to be the most precious thing in my life. I never knew your birth will bring me so much joy.
Happy birthday my sweetest niece.

20. Happy birthday my darling girl. You touch my heart in special ways bringing love, warmth and fun. May this day fill your heart with so much beauty.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Niece

Inspire and motivate your niece positively on this special day by sending her some of these inspirational birthday wishes for niece.

21. Happy birthday to the smartest niece. You have a way of bringing out the good in everyone and everything. May this day be filled with laughter, enjoy it to the fullest and do something extraordinary.

22. You always make the atmosphere awesome with your presence. May everything around you today be awesome and lovely.
Happy birthday, my lovely niece.

23. From the day you were born, you warm yourself into my heart and took permanent residence and I am grateful for that.
Happy birthday, my star girl.

24. You will forever hold a special place in my heart because you have filled it with love, care and liveliness.
Happy birthday, my darling niece.

25. Good things don’t come easily but I got one without any work. Having you as my niece is the most precious gift I have gotten.
Happy birthday, my cute niece.

26. On this special day, you are not just a year older but you have become more remarkable. I am so glad I am your uncle.
Happy birthday, my dear niece.

27. Happy birthday to my incredible niece. Every year you grow in strength and grace. May this new year bring to fulfilment all your best heart wishes.
Happy birthday, my princess.

28. You are such a sweet, adorable, loving and cute girl, you have filled my life with so many pleasant memories. Wishing you a beautiful birthday, my dear niece.

29. You came into my life and brought so much love, joy and happiness. May today bring you blessings that will fill your heart with sunshine.
Happy birthday my wonderful niece.

30. To become an amazing aunt you must have a niece and it turns out I have got the most awesome one around.
Wishing you have a blissful birthday.

31. I am inspired by your ability to brighten up a bad moment, you light it up with your smile and laughter. The world is more beautiful because of you. Happy birthday my sweetest niece.

32. Today I want to thank God for blessing me with a niece as wonderful as you. I wish if I ever have a daughter, she turns out like you.
Happy birthday to my fabulous niece.

33. Like a rainbow, you make my life more colourful, nothing can compare to your sweetness. I want you to know you are irreplaceable.
Happy birthday to my favourite niece, have a fantastic day.

34. Your dreams are beautiful just as you are beautiful. I hope they all come true, you deserve all the beauty in the world. I love you.
Have a fabulous birthday dear niece.

35. Your awesomeness will always bring opportunities your way. I hope you grab them all and fulfil your dreams with them. Happy birthday my lovely niece, have a great day.

36. You have been an amazing niece, you are my friend, my confidant and my favourite hang out buddy. Wishing you a day full of love and a year full of beauty.
Happy birthday my dear.

37. Happy birthday my darling niece. May the quest for achieving your dreams never diminish and may your heart always be hopeful. Have a fantastic day.

38. You came into my life and filled it with joyous moments, I hope we create more memorable moments together. Thank you for all the beautiful things you have shown me.
Happy birthday my gorgeous niece.

39. I am glad to have a lovely niece like you. You bring so much peace and joy to my life with your happy smiles, loud laughter and love.
Have a glorious birthday my darling niece.

40. On this special day of yours I want you to know you are special not just to me but to the whole family. You are a lovely, spirited and amazing young woman.
Happy birthday my gorgeous niece.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Niece

These funny birthday wishes for niece will make her smile and make the day a good one to remember. Send some to her.

41. You are like a microscope that sees every little detail of my life and that has made me want to be a better person.
Happy birthday my adorable niece. Thank you for being my companion.

42. You are such an extraordinary niece that is why my wish for you today is, no one shall ever put sad tears on your eyes.
Happy birthday, dearie.

43. On this special day, may you be given loads of gifts that is heavier than your weight, so you wouldn’t be able to carry them.
Happy birthday, my sweet niece.

44. I used to be very serious-minded but you came into my life and made me a gig performer. Wishing you a fabulous day.
Happy birthday, my princess.

45. It is your birthday, but I get to celebrate more than you because I know the older you get the more fun I will have.
Happy birthday, my sweetest niece.

46. You have been my shining star since you were born, don’t ever become dim because I want to be able to see in the night.
Wishing my darling niece a happy birthday.

47. Keep a record of the good moments we created and shared together. You will read them to me when I turn grey.
Happy birthday my niece and friend.

48. Not every uncle has the opportunity of having an audacious niece like you. I love you. Wishing you a beautiful birthday celebration.

49. Do you know why I want you around on certain days? They are my most stressful days and you have a way of easing it out.
Happy birthday my wonderful niece.

50. Even the angels rejoiced with the family the day you were born. Thank you for making our lives heavenly. Happy birthday my lovely niece.

52. Today is your birthday, you can get as excited as you want, even jumping off the stairs. Don’t worry your superman is here.
Happy birthday, my super niece.

53. You always shine like the diamond you are, but can you cover it up a little to reduce the number of crushes you get in a day.
Happy birthday, my radiant niece.

54. You were sent to this family so I can gain the title uncle/aunt. I think I am very lucky.
Happy birthday, my dear niece. Have a great day.

55. The best part of having an amazing niece like you is that you help me master my superhero skills.
Happy birthday to my gallant niece.

56. If you were to be paid a dollar for every face you put a smile on every day, you will be among the richest women in the world.
Happy birthday my fabulous niece.

57. You have grown into a beautiful woman and I can’t wait to be an uncle-in-law or aunt -in -law.
Happy birthday, my darling niece.

58. I will no longer be able to hold you in my arms as I used to when you were tiny and sweet, but I will always hold you my heart.
Happy birthday, my lovely niece.

59. This birthday wrap is filled with gifts of all the different colours you thought me. I wish you have a multicoloured birthday celebration too.
Happy birthday, dear niece.

60. You are younger than me but you have perfectly taken care of my large heart. No one can take your place.
Have an awesome birthday my dear niece.

Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 1

Your niece at 1 will not be able to read but you still have to wish her on her special day. These birthday wishes for niece turning 1 will be just fine.

61. Though you can’t talk yet, we have built a great relationship with smiles and giggles. You are such an awesome niece that my heart wants to fly.
Happy birthday my sweet niece.

62. It’s been one year of love, fun and adventure. I am looking forward to many more years of good memories.
Happy birthday my little fabulous niece.

63. Having you as a niece is a big deal but I am enjoying every moment of it.
Happy birthday to the cutest niece at 1.

64. You will soon grow into a fine young girl, but you will always remain my sweet little princess.
Happy birthday my sweet niece.

65. Happy birthday to the cutest, nicest, sweetest and the most adorable niece at 1. I love you.

66. You are a precious baby girl at 1. I know you will grow up to be my most favourite niece.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

67. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece at 1, I hope you grow up soon but your stunning smile should not.

68. Your first uncle should be the first to wish you on your 1st birthday. I am honoured it is me.
Wishing you a beautiful birthday my lovely niece.

69. I never knew how special the word uncle could be until I became one.
Happy birthday, my cute little niece.

70. I have always dreamt of becoming an aunt, I didn’t know it will come true so soon and also be blessed with a niece so amazing.
Happy birthday my dear.

Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 2

Looking for birthday wishes for that cute niece of yours who is turning 2? This post has got you covered.

71. At 2 you and I are already a duo, a wonderful niece and an awesome cool uncle. Isn’t it just amazing?
Happy birthday, my beautiful princess.

72. My life wouldn’t have been complete if you were not born. You have filled my life with joy.
Happy birthday, my darling niece.

73. You are just 2 and we are already having so much fun. I can’t wait for you to grow older.
Happy birthday, my lovely niece.

74. You are an angel who has made my life so interesting. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
Happy birthday, my cute little niece.

75. I know I will never grow old because your age will always rub off on me.
Happy birthday, my fabulous niece.

76. I have always imagined how my niece will look like, I got one beyond my imaginations.
Happy birthday, my sweet little princess.

77. On this special day, you will only get lovely wishes because it is coming right from my heart where you belong.
Happy birthday, my darling niece.

78. You have the largest share of my love and care. You are an amazing little princess, you deserve the most amount of love from everyone.
Happy birthday, my cute little niece.

79. When I look at your lovely face, it feels my heart with so much joy and I believe the world could really be a better place.
Happy birthday, my dear niece.

80. Some people feel old when they are called uncle or aunt. But hearing it from your cute voice, I feel am the luckiest guy or girl around.
Happy birthday, my lovely niece.

Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 3

You need to come through on your niece’s birthday by sending her the perfect words. Your niece at 3 might not understand all the words but believe me, it will register in her heart. This post contains the perfect birthday wishes for your niece.

81. With the way both of us are going, you will end up being not only my niece but also my best friend. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, my lovely niece.

82. You are my cute, sweet, energetic and expressive niece. But you are impatient and naughty too and I love you.
Happy birthday my princess.

83. My love for you grows with every beat of my heart, by the time you are older, you must have filled my whole heart.
Happy birthday, my sweet niece.

84. I don’t stay stressed up for long, all I need to do is take a look at your cute pictures and I am relieved.
Have the best birthday ever.

85. The dictionary can define the word niece however it likes, but to me, my niece is that sweet, cute, little girl who is also my friend.
Wishing you a lovely birthday.

86. Pearl can be compared in value with a precious stone but nothing can be compared to you. You are my everything.
Happy birthday, my sweetest niece.

87. People say a lot of good things about there niece but I say mine is the cutest, most beautiful and coolest niece around.
Happy birthday, my darling.

88. I wish you a wonderful birthday and I hope you get all the toys you have ever wished for today.
Happy birthday, dear niece.

89. You are just 3 and we have already created a wonderful moment together, let’s make this special day an addition to the list.
Happy birthday, my lovely niece.

90. I didn’t have the right words to express my feelings when you were born. Even now I still don’t but let me just use beautiful and wonderful for now.
Happy birthday, my pretty niece.

Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 4

Your niece is turning 4 and you are searching for the right words to send to her to say happy birthday, then, search no longer. Here is a list of birthday wishes to inspire you for her special day.

91. I don’t know how you manage to trap my heart with your sweet and adorable ways. Anyway, I am not complaining. Have a delightful birthday my dear niece.

92. On this special day, I want you to know I am grateful you are my niece. You fill my life with so much fun and amazement.
Happy birthday my sweetest niece.

93. No matter how bad my day is going when I recall your smiling face, laughter and loving hugs, it gets better.
Happy birthday, my dear niece.

94. You are the perfect role model for a niece: cute, loving, kind and caring. I wish today leave you with good memories. Happy birthday my lovely niece.

95. Every uncle or aunt

will get the title ‘cool’ if every niece is just like you. I wish your birthday be just as amazing as you are.
Happy birthday, dear.

96. I believe if everyone has a niece as adorable, loving and fabulous like you to love and pamper, the world would be a better place.
Happy birthday to my sweetest niece.

97. I am sorry we are miles apart on your birthday, but you will be the only one in my thoughts today. I wish you have the best of birthdays.
Happy birthday, my dearest niece.

98. Your parents gave birth to you but they have not realized that you are a princess, but I have and I remain your loyal subject.
Happy birthday your majesty.

99. It’s amazing how a little girl of 4 can be so understanding, caring, kind and loving. I am glad to be at the receiving end.
Happy birthday my awesome niece.

100. When you called me an aunt for the first time, I suddenly realized I now have to be more responsible and I am working at it.
Happy birthday my wonderful niece.

Thanks for reading through, I hope you found the perfect birthday wishes for your niece in this wonderful collection of heart touching birthday wishes for niece.
However, you want to wish your niece on her special day, from inspiring to funny wishes and even for your young niece, it’s all up there.
Please hit the comment box and say something about the post; it will motivate me to do more. Thanks.