100 Happy New Month Messages to My Love [April 2024]

The dawn of a new month, shouldn’t be treated with triviality. In fact, you may take it a little further, by pulling a mini party. Count your blessings.

Lucky you! Not only are you breathing the air of a new month but also, you are in a sweet romantic relationship. In a relationship and loving it? Then here are romantic goose-bumping, happy new month messages for your sweety, that can leave momentum in their heart.

New month messages to my love [April 2024]: Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife. Make your choice or choices.

Happy New Month Messages to My Love

1. Happy new month, darling. I have no doubt that this month will be beautiful and full of magical moments for you and me.

2. It’s a new month, a new beginning and another chance to do better, achieve better feats, and ultimately, to love each other stronger. Happy new month, my baby

3. Life has gifted us two things today and they are; a new day and a new month. Our love shall lead and I wish you a superb month, sweety.

4. Angels exist in every month. Baby, I’m quite sure benevolent angels shall assist you this month, lead and guide you accordingly. Happy new, my honey bunny.

5. This month shall be sweetly eventful for you, my love. The first week shall elevate you, the second week shall bless your ways, the third week shall increase you and the fourth week shall give you good success and sound health. Happy new month, my baby.

6. Happy new month, love. The journey of another thirty days has begun. It shall be blissful and joyful for you. It shall mark the beginning of excellence in your life.

7. Sweety, in this new month you shall have three great visitors. Money shall visit you, success shall abide with you and peace of mind shall be your companion. Happy new month, boo boo.

8. In this new month, sweety, you shall ride on the horse of joy, mount on the height of greatness and sit on the seat of excellence. All I wanna say is happy new month, dear one.

9. The mere act if wishing you a happy new month sets my heart on fire. It pleases me to inform you that, this new month shall exceed your imagination, your dreams shall come true in a bigger and better way. Sweety, I’m wishing you a new month of joy.

10. I made a promise to the moon in the sky, that I will plant new kisses on your cheek each day of this month and I pray for good health for us to both witness these magical moments. I love you, my love. Happy new month.

New Month Message to My Love

11. Happy new month, my baby. Throughout this month, your beautiful mind shall be free of worries like a newborn baby.

12. If life goes up and down, you shall only soar higher and higher till you surpass your target. If life only gives lemon, you shall be served lemonade and if life throws you down, you shall be lifted higher than your falls. This is the promise of the new month for you. Happy new month, my love.

13. I had a dream, that the new month set you on a special throne, giving you the privileges of a dignitary and serving you fresh wine and sweet grapes each day of the month. Happy new month, the royal one.

14. Happy new month, sweety. This month, you shall be beckoned upon for greatness, you shall be listed for blessings and you shall be enrolled for victories. Have yourself a lovely new month.

15. I wanna wishing you a merry new month. Happiness shall surround your household. You shall not experience dryness, my love.

16. Sweety, happy new month to you. joy shall dine with you and splendour shall surround your table.

17. My love, happy new month. Your bliss shall be uncommon and your feat shall be unmatchable. I wish you all of the good things of life.

18. Happy new month, sweety. Your news shall be heard for good this month and your name shall be celebrated for life. This is the gift if the new month to you. From me to my love.

19. Happy new month to the sweetest person in the world. Take life one step at a time, steadily, you shall win the race of this month and your crown shall be made of splendour.

20. Happy new month, dearie. The gift of longevity, peace of mind, speed, greatness, prosperity and joy has been mailed to your address. Endeavour to receive it. It’s my token of appreciation to you for a great job done last month.

Happy New Month Text to My Love

21. Happy new month. You and I shall be together from sunrise to sunset. The distance shall not get in the way of what we feel for each other. Our love shall achieve more than mere feelings this month.

22. Happy new month, my pumpkin. I just wanna relay to you that, I love you more each passing month. I can’t deny this after checking the thermometer of love.

23. Happy new month, my favourite one. Your basket shall be full of a bountiful harvest this month, cause your seeds have been watered and it’s time to yield its increase. I promise to be your partner in the harvest. Kisses!

24. Your report says last month you did well. Your forecast says, this new month shall be so much, more, better than the hitherto. My love, Happy new month.

25. From sundown to sunset, each day in this month will mark a new dawn of growth, development, achievement and fulfilment. This new month will make you smile like the cutest smiley. Happy new month to the greatest lover in the world.

26. Darling, I wanna congratulate you for seeing a new month. Your life shall blossom like a plant, planted on a good soil. Your leaves shall be evergreen. Love you, sweety.

27. Signs, wonders and miracle shall wrap this new month. These special gifts shall be gifted to you until your life begins to marvel everyone around you and everyone who hears about you. Kisses!

28. This is not just a new month, the icing on the cake is the fact that, this month has been made for you. It’s been made for your greatness, fame and fortune. Happy new month, sweety.

29. Happy new month, my duo. This month shall smile on you, people shall laugh with you and congratulations shall be bestowed on you.

30. Happy new month, my love. You shall not be penalized, you shall not be disqualified from the field of success and ultimately, you shall score many goals of victory this month.

Happy New Month Sms to My Love

31. This new month shall tell your story in a different way. You shall become an inspiration of success. Happy new month, one in a million.

32. Happy new month, dearie. You shall not thirst for the good things of life rather, you shall be pet with the sweet things of life. You shall record gains and not losses this new month.

33. Happy new month, my baby. This month shall take you on a roller coaster of laughter, sweet emotions, joy and sound peace.

34. Happy new month, honey bun. I promise you an undying and unfailing love. So help me God.

35. Happy new month, my love. I wish you a profound success, unbeatable records of victory and an ever smiling face that will keep melting my heart for you.

36. Happy new month, my joy. This month shall bestow on you royal gains and benefits because you deserve to be treated specially. I love you, my sweety.

37. A calendar only has the numbers of date but sweety, this month’s calendar only has your face on it with a message inscribed on it, that reads, “love would compensate you this new month”. My dear, happy new month.

38. Happy new month, sweety. I dreamt this month shall give you the kisses of love, the embraces of success and the look of glory.

39. Happy new month, my Darling. I wish you a great month, the one that will not cut off your expectations and dreams.

40. Happy new month, pumpkin. I wish a vein that flows with love, a heart that pumps kindness and hands that would render help. Kisses!

Happy New Month Wishes to My Love

41. Yay! It’s a new month. I’m eager to give you a gold of inestimable worth, as we walk this new month together on the sands of time. Happy new month, my love.

42. My love, happy new month. Wishing you days that will be filled with beautiful moments and memories that we can’t forget for good.

43. Happy new month, my only one. You shall birth beautiful dreams, nurture good works and reap great success.

44. Happy new month, cutie. I wanna tell you little things that mean so much “I love you undeniably”.

45. Happy new month, my love. As you look at the sky this month, you shall obtain great help and good signs that shall lead you aright.

46. Happy new month, my love. I assure you each day of this month has something special to offer a special angel in human form like you.

47. Happy new month, dear. Wishing you sound protection and good health, this month.

48. Happy new month, sweety. Love shall bless you this month, love shall favour you and grant you sweet things of life.

49. Happy new month, my world. You shall reap the dividends of true love in this new month.

50. Happy new month, sweety. I’m happy to inform you that, if everyone lets you down, God will be there for you unfailingly, throughout this month. Kisses!

New Month Wishes to My Love

51. Happy new month, my love. Your well shall never run dry. Its aquifer shall continuously provide water that will nourish your life eternally.

52. Happy new month, sweety. This month shall take you to a greater height, make a beautiful land of gold for your sake. You shall be treated like an Excellency.

53. Happy new month, sweety. Our love shall hold on tight as never before. Our soul shall sync happiness, joy and peace together.

54. Happy new month, my heartbeat. I wish you a flavour that shall garnish your life deliciously.

55. Sweety, it’s another new month. Your life shall give a steaming vapour of pleasure, splendour and beauty. I love you!

56. Happy new month, darling. In this new month, life shall treat you better than Kings and Queens.

57. Sweety, I wanna wish you a happy new month. You shall be seen at the top of the pyramid of success. Your life shall project favour.

58. Happy new month, baby. If love is a crime, our love shall break rules this month and set a new path. You and I shall become pathfinders for love. Kisses!

59. Happy new month, honey bunny. I wish you a love that knows no boundary, no limit, baby.

60. Happy new month, my one and only. You shall dive right into success and conquer your fears. You shall be known for your bravery and be celebrated for your greatness.

Happy New Month for My Love

61. Happy new month, my heartbeat. You shall not be treated like a chaff, the winds shall not blow away your success and you shall leap for joy all the days of this month.

62. A new month makes me happy, cause it’s another opportunity to get things right. My love, you shall be clear of your visions this month and you shall go ahead and accomplish each of them.

63. Happy new month, sweety. Life shall not scold you, rather, life shall congratulate you. I love you!

64. New month births goodness. My love, your goodness shall be swiftly delivered to you this month. You shall not wait endlessly.

65. Sweety, I’m glad it’s a new month. I’m excited to give you a love confession, it’s my dream to let you know that my love for you is new every morning. Happy new month, sweety.

66. Happy new month, my firefly. Life has promised to treat you kind, give you all you need and to help you achieve your dreams. Sweety, this month marks a dream come true for you.

67. Happy new month, sweety. Your maker shall redesign your life beautifully, like a great architect. You shall become the finest work of art this new month.

68. Happy new month, my butterfly of many colours. The world shall read your success story and your news shall fly around for all the great reasons there are, in this new month.

69. Hurray! It’s a new month and I can’t keep calm until I let my love know that no one occupies my heart the way you do. This new month shall see a call for your jubilation.

70. Happy new month, sweetheart. Soldiers shall go to war on your behalf and win victories for your sake. You shall be served like a Royal. I love you sincerely.

New Month Sms to My Love

71. Happy new month, my joy. As the sun gives it light in this month, I pray you succeed, when the moon gives it light, I pray your efforts shall be crowned with success. I love you truly.

72. My one in a million. If I don’t wish you a happy new month, who will? I hope this message, triggers something in you that would propel you to be a better person for yourself, for me and for the world at large.

73. Happy new month to the person who understands all my sign language, who gets all my in-jokes and who reads all my facial expression. I pray the universe works everything out in your favour this new month.

74. Happy new month, honey bunny. I want you to know that just as you are irreplaceable in this world, so also are you irreplaceable in my heart. Your angels will never lose sight of you in this month.

75. Happy new month, love. May I let you know that, when you fall I promise to be right there to pick you up when you’re happy, I will be there to share those sweet moments with you. This month shall bring good tidings from the North, West, South and East.

76. Happy new month, sweety. Life shall not be hard on you rather, it shall caress you with all the tender things it has to offer. Enjoy a smooth ride for the rest of this month, sweety.

77. New month sometimes, gives us a new direction. My love, you shall make the right decisions, and follow the right directions to accomplish your heart desires. You won’t miss your dream. Happy new month.

78. Happy new month, my only one. The sweet melodies in your heart shall take you to beautiful places and the breeze shall inspire you to break barriers.

79. Happy new month, my unconditional love. Many promises but few fulfil. However, be rest assured that, this month will fulfil all the sweet promises that life has made to you.

80. Happy new month, sweetheart. You made it into this month in good health. Be rest assured, you will also leave this month with a sound health.

Romantic New Month Messages to My Love

81. Happy new month, darling. This month welcomes you with good hands and has good gifts at your doorstep for you to unwrap. Be pleasantly surprised.

82. Happy new month, my love. If the rest of the world is moving at a slow pace, you will overtake the world and become a phenomenal being. Kisses.

83. My hushpuppy, happy new month. It may take fill words to say “I love you” but I mean it when I say I do love you. This month shall supply your needs geometrically.

84. Hurray! Happy new month. Take a look at the day, it looks better than yesterday, thus, is an evidence of a brighter month for you. Love you.

85. My everything, I wanna wish you a happy new month. Your knees shall not hit the floor, they shall stand before Kings and Queens. You shall always take the first place.

86. Happy new month, beloved. Life shall be more than fair to you, it shall treat you luxuriously.

87. Happy new month, sweety. Life has realized your needs and is set to bestow upon you your heart desires. Be ready, sweety.

88. Happy new month, honey pie. Your battles have been won, and your show of victory is ready this new month. The stage is ready, take over!

89. Happy new month, the icing on my cake. You deserve the best and life shall see to it that you get the best this very month. Kisses!

90. Happy new month, honeycomb. This month shall dose you with all the goodies and spices of life. Catch my kiss.

Sweet New Month Messages to My Love

91. Happy new month, cutie. The things that will take you this far in this new month shall not elude you. See you at the top, baby.

92. Happy new month, baby. I’m excited to congratulate you for passing the test of last month and making it into this new month. Your rewards are; long life, prosperity, peace of mind, happiness, joy and success.

93. Happy new month, my soulmate. I wish you so many things but the greatest of all is that our love never dies.

94. Happy new month, baby. When others are at a crossed road, you shall have a clear vision of what you wanna do and you shall be gifted to do it excellently. Happy new month.

95. Immediately, I saw the new day, you were the first person to come to my mind. I knew deep down you made it into the new month. My dear, there is a lot in stock for you this month. Be ready to unlock them. Happy new month.

96. Happy new month, my love. You are special, you are kind, you are phenomenal and you are my everything. I hope you know now. Happy new month.

97. Happy new month, honey. Your life shall be noticeable for a turnaround. You shall go forth and achieve your dreams like a warrior. I love you.

98. Happy new month, my super being. Don’t let life catch you unaware, prepare for success cause, this month, you shall succeed to the brim.

99. Happy new month, sweetheart. I know you can make it, I know you can make me proud. This is a new month, go achieve what others dared not to try. Your wings shall fly, this new month. I love you.

100. Happy new month, my love. Come rain, come shine, don’t give up, stay tuned to success. Let’s make a toast to the new month.