Happy 4th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Having your darling son or baby boy reach his fourth month on earth is a beautiful and great achievement. You can decide to celebrate this special day and make it one to remember. When he grows up to see the birthday photos and cards, wishes and prayers, he will be grateful and love you even more.

You see, celebrating a baby as early as his 4th birthday shows how thoughtful of a person or parent you are. It simply means you love and appreciate your boy and are willing to express it and show how proud you are to have him.

No matter who the baby boy is to you, I have made it easy for you to make his 4th month birthday an amazing one. Whether or not you are getting him a gift, celebrating him with the lovely happy 4th month birthday wishes for baby boy here will make things perfect.

So, proceed to use the cute wishes and greetings below and be the one that will make your baby boy’s fourth month beautiful.

Happy 4th Month Birthday Baby Boy Wishes

You’re only 4 months old but you’ve brought a lot of joy to my life. I’m grateful for every smile you give me, every giggle you make and every time you hold my finger. I can’t wait to watch you grow up into a smart, handsome and successful man. I wish you a very happy first birthday, my baby boy!

1. My baby boy, today, you have completed four months of living. I know that is just a small feat compared to everything you need to accomplish in your life. Right now, my heart is filled with great joy seeing how you glorify God’s name with your little actions. As your father, I just can’t help but thank God for blessing me with this son. Happy birthday, baby!

2. My beloved baby boy, you are something special. You have just turned 4 months old today. I am glad that I was able to spend these critical months with you. Although we are still in the early stages of your development, you’ve already proven to be very smart. You enjoy staring at the ceiling fan and listening to music. I love you so much. Happy birthday!

3. Today, you turn 4 months. I look at you and the world seems to make sense. I wonder about what kind of human being you’re going to be when you grow up? At this point, it does not matter; as long as you are happy with yourself, so am I. May you grow with the strength you need to be great in life.

4. Happy birthday, my son! What a beautiful journey it has been. Every day with you is an experience filled with laughter and fun. You are the best son that a parent can ask for! You will always be my baby and my son no matter how many birthdays are here. Grow with grace!

5. On your 4th month birthday, I want to thank God for gifting me such a beautiful child. He is so cute and amazing. All you need is the love of a mother and you will know how to live a good and meaningful life. And that I will not deprive you. I love you and wish you a memorable childhood.

6. My little prince, like the four seasons, there have been times when you were very gloomy and even morose. Yet, there are also times when you are incredibly cheerful and expressive. You are a mixture of both of us! I will continue to believe in your sparkle and hope that someday, you will exhibit all the colours of the rainbow. Happy birthday to my baby boy.

7. It is a pleasure to have you in my life. I feel blessed that God gave you to me as my child. Hoping your first year will be filled with amazing and sweet memories. Wish you a very happy 4th birthday!

8. My son, I am so blessed to have you in my life, and especially on your special day, I can’t express my gratitude for the beautiful gift that you are by me. You are a true angel sent from heaven and one to be cherished forever. I wish you many more happy returns of the day, full of joy and laughter!

9. Thank you for making me a mother. You are the best child and the cutest baby I have ever seen! From the day you were born, I have been blessed with happiness and fulfilment. We are grateful to have you as a son on this special day. Happy 4th month birthday!

10. Today is a very special day in your life. You turn into a big baby and I become an even happier mother. Your babyhood will soon be over now and the real childhood will begin. I know you will grow up to be a respectable man, with plenty of dreams and aspirations. May God be with you all the time and take care of you always!

11. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday! Although you haven’t been out of our lives for 4 long months, to me, it feels like forever. You have made a difference in my life and made it worth living again. Happy birthday, son! You deserve all that is coming to you!

12. For your 4th month birthday, I wish you peace and love in your life. As you grow older, I aspire to be that person who will bless your good times and rejoice with you in the bad, so, let’s look forward to a wonderful future together. I love you, my baby boy.

13. I want to wish you a very happy 4th month birthday! I never imagined how quickly time would go as I had you. You grow up so quick, and before we know it, you’ll be going off to kindergarten and college. Happy birthday, love.

14. My son, today you have completed four months. I am so blessed to see you grow in health and size every day. You have been my blessing. I love you, my son. May the good Lord keep and take care of you as you grow.

15. Now you are four months old and I can not believe how time has gone by so quickly. I used to think we had plenty of time to spend together, but that was in a blink of an eye and now here you are. I hope you know you are the joy and pride of my life and I am immensely grateful for being your parent. Have a great day, my baby boy!

16. My sweet son, I don’t know where I would be if we had not brought you into this world and our lives. You will never have to ask me for a thing as long as I live. I love you with all my heart and soul. Happy birthday, my precious little angel! May you be that child that is endearing to all.

17. Hey buddy, happy 4 months! Your eyes are so captivating. Your smile makes all my troubles go away. I never knew I could love someone as much as I do for you. You’ve added such a different texture to my life. May you live a hundred years and never meet any harm!

18. My son, hope you have a wonderful birthday! I remember the day your mother and I laid eyes on you for the first time. We knew at the moment that we would love you unconditionally and for life. You are our baby, and we hope you will stay happy always. We are waiting for your next adventure already. Wish you a very happy 4th month birthday!

19. Today is the day of your 4th month birthday, and I can’t believe how important you have been in my life. You have added colour to my boring life. I thank God for you, and wish you a very happy birthday! Happy birthday!

20. Hey buddy, today is your day! As you grow, learn and explore the world around you, I want to see the same enthusiasm, curiosity and joy that you have now. Life is going to be full of surprises, ups and downs that make life worth living but all these will vanish if we have no strong values that help us to find balance. May you stay fit and healthy and develop good habits that give you a happy life. Happy 4th month birthday!

21. On your four-month birthday, I welcome you into a world of freedom where you can play and explore with other little kids in the play area. You have brought so much joy to our daily lives and I am so thankful for this! I wish you a long life, health and happiness, my baby boy.

22. Hello, sweet prince! I can’t believe that you are 4 months old now. You have grown into such a lovely baby boy. I am so proud to be your mother and I wish you happy childhood and a memorable experience. I love you!

23. Happy birthday, my sweet little son. It has been 4 months since you were born, and I have not been able to express my admiration and love for you in words. I am thankful every day that you are mine. Love you, son!

24. Happy birthday, my baby boy! You look so adorable as every month that has gone by. With God’s blessing, you will be happy, healthy and wealthy for the rest of your life. May we live long and grow old together. Love you so much!

25. My son, here you are on your 4th month birthday. I remember how happy you used to feel as your eyes stared into mine, and I held you close to my chest, hoping that you would never feel any pain in life. You have been the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me! May you have beautiful experiences in life.

26. Happy birthday to my handsome little boy! What a wonderful 4 months we have been through. I can’t believe how much you have changed and developed in this short period. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives. I love you very much.

27. I cannot believe that my baby boy is turning four months today! As a father, I have to admit this stage of life is the most complicated and challenging. All they know is crying and eating, but I still treasure every moment! To my special little man, happy birthday again. Have a great day!

28. Hello, sweetheart! It’s your father speaking. I just want to wish you a happy 4 – month birthday today. You are fast growing up and even now, I am jealous of the way you grab the world with your tiny hands. Already, you have so much love to give to those around you. Keep on guiding us in the best ways possible, it will work out well for both of us in the future.

29. My little one, you bring so much joy into my life. Every day is a happy day because you make us laugh and smile. You are just like your father; fearless and strong. We Love you! Happy 4th month birthday to you, dear.

30. My baby, nothing makes me happier than you. You have made changes in my life since the day I saw you. You are more than the treasure of my heart For the future, just keep growing and getting stronger. May you have many more birthdays ahead!

31. Happy 4th month birthday to my wonderful son, Happy son! I am grateful to be your mother. You mean the world to me. This is the start of a very special chapter in my life. I promise to always give our best to make you a better person every day. As we raise you, make us proud by being great. We love you!

32. When I look at you, my heart melts. I thank God for blessing me with such a jewel of a human on this earth. You are like a star that shines brightest than all. Thank you, buddy, for filling the hollows in my heart with love. Happy 4 months birthday, my baby boy!

33. It has been four months since the day we welcomed you into this world. We are fortunate to have a child as special and as cute as you! I want to thank God for blessing us with a wonderful son. You are a ray of hope that brightens up my day. My love for you will never die. You are my star of success! Happy birthday!

34. Hey, son, you are such an adorable boy to me. You continue to surprise me with your cuteness and I’m also proud of the man you will become. Happy 4th month birthday, my baby boy!

35. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face every day of my life. It is not every day that we celebrate the birth of our child. But right now, I feel like the happiest person alive. I am honoured to present you with this unique 4th-month birthday card created so that you can be reminded of your extraordinary value. You are loved! Happy 4th month birthday!

36. You will be the coolest kid on the block one day. You are my son and I will do anything to make you happy. I hope you have a great time celebrating your 4th month birthday. Happy 4 months old!

37. Happy 4th month birthday to my baby boy. I thank God for blessing me with a son like you. When I look at you, all my worries and fears go away, because then I know that there is hope for the future. You give us so much joy and happiness, nothing else matters in this world. Thank you for bringing love into our lives, we love you forever!

38. Happy birthday, my baby boy! You have brought meaning to our lives and I feel so happy to be your parent. You are already four months old. You are a special gift from heaven, sent to us and now, with all your cute smiles, we will love you even more than before.

39. I’m so proud to say that you truly deserve all the love and support on this special day when you completed 4 months. It’s time to move onto another month with an open heart, and travel a new way of growth. Don’t stop till you reach your goal. And if anybody makes you cry, make sure you teach them how to smile! Happy birthday!

40. I am so lucky to have you my son as a child. This day should be heaven-sent for us. All the past worries have been a reward to the present and future. Wishing you a long happy 4th month birthday, my baby boy.

Happy 4th Month Birthday Quotes for Baby Boy

Birthday parties are filled with fun, cake, and laughter. They are also filled with people who care for you and love you. I feel honoured to be here to celebrate my son’s 4th month birthday. You have given my life meaning and joy beyond what I was capable of before. Happy birthday, my baby boy!

41. To my son, today, you complete four beautiful months with us. You have been the light of all our lives! Thank you are small words compared to everything that you mean to me and the family. I wish you a cheerful day as you celebrate your 4th month birthday.

42. Dear baby boy, you indeed arrived in this world four months ago, and I instantly fell in love with you. You are strong and athletic, and I am proud of you. I hope you grow up to be an exemplary person in life. All your dad and I want is for you to grow into a happy, strong man. Happy 4 month birthday, my son!

43. My baby boy, I thank God every day for giving me a son like you. You make me proud every time I see you sleep! I hope you grow up as wonderful as your father. Baby, happy birthday! Love mommy.

44. Today’s your birthday and mommy has plans for a long day ahead with her little man. You are growing so fast! You are learning about the world around you so quickly and I am happy to be one of the people you learn from. Keep all this knowledge coming, because I love being able to help my firstborn child understand the world in which we live today. I wish you a happy birthday!

45. Baby, on your birthday, you showed us so much joy and blessings. I can’t wait to see how your personality will develop because we already know how awesome you are! Happy birthday, son!

46. Happy 4th month birthday to my little love in the world! You are my precious little boy whom I love with all my heart. I hope that you continue to grow and develop into the amazing man I know you will be. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

47. Dear son, we cannot believe you are already 4 months old. You have changed our lives in so many ways that words are not enough to describe it. My husband and I are grateful for each day that we get to spend with you, and we hope you grow into a fine young man. Happy birthday, my son!

48. There are no words to describe how happy I am about having a son like you. You’ve made me love you more because I see so much of myself in you. I hope with everything in me that your dreams come true. Happy 4 month birthday, handsome, you make me so proud!

49. The first 4 months have been the best in my life, as you came into this world! You are slowly shaping up to be an amazing person: you are playful, friendly, adorable. I hope that you become every bit of what your father and I wanted you to be. Happy birthday to my son!

50. Sweet baby boy, you are four months old now. I cannot even imagine the love in my heart for you right now. Your smile is contagious! Just when I thought I had received so much love from the world… You came into my life and filled the void in my soul with pure bliss! I am your mommy and you are my son.

51. My son, on the day of your fourth month birthday, you have suddenly turned into a very active and vibrant baby. I can still see the baby in you who smiles at me whenever I take your hands to take a walk. I pray to God to bless you with everything you deserve in life.

52. My little baby boy! Four months old already. I remember holding you for the very first time and being amazed that you were a part of me. Every day, you discover something new about the world, and I watch my baby growing into a human being. Happy fourth month birthday, baby!

53. My little angel, the day you came into this world, you brought so much joy to my life as you are the most precious gift that is given to me. Now watching you grow into a beautiful little boy is just heart-melting. I want to promise to always be there for you as a loving father and take care of you till the end of time. Happy 4 months old!

54. Daddy loves you a lot and wishes you a very happy 4months birthday! Daddy knows how much you grow up every day, so please, keep it up. We are proud of you, big boy!

55. I am so thankful to God for bringing you into my life. You give me joy, laughter and love. I’m not going to tell you how special you are in words, but just show you that I love you with my actions and prayers! Happy 4-month birthday, my baby boy!

56. My lovely baby boy! When you were born, I knew the tedium and the hardship of being a mother, but little did I know that it would be worth all the pain. I have seen joy in your smile and strength in your eyes. You are far more than a gift from God, you are my life. Happy birthday, dear!

57. My son, happy birthday to you! You have brought so much joy and happiness to my life. I cherish every moment we spend together. You make my world a better place to live in. You are the apple of my eyes!

58. On this happy day, I am grateful to God for giving me the greatest gift among all my sons. Although your growth brings tears to my eyes, I know that there will be many more moments to cherish as your mother in the times ahead. Wishing you the very best of everything on your special day!

59. On your 4th month birthday, I wish you a happy birthday and much success in life. You have been such a joy to me from the day of your birth. I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things you accomplish in life. As you grow into a man, make sure not to lose your boyhood ways – and the smile that I love so much.

60. My son, you have given me the greatest gift of all. You made me realize how beautiful a son’s love is, as you are giving me now the greatest feeling in life since your birth. Now, coming to your 4th month birthday, I wish you a very happy birthday with best wishes!

61. Sweetheart, when I held you in my arms for the first time, I was scared and thrilled by the overwhelming love that I felt for you. Since then, you have made my life full of exciting adventures and heart-warming experiences. You are indeed a blessing in disguise. Dad loves you. Happy 4th month!

62. What can I possibly say to express my happiness for this wonderful day. Every time I look at him, my heart overflows with joy. Today, you are 4 months old and your progress is truly amazing! The way you are getting on with life just overflowing with cuteness, makes me want to celebrate your birthday even more. I love you, baby.

63. Baby, you continue to amaze me each day. You are turning four months already, and become more curious all the time. I wish that you’ll always be this happy and adorable!

64. My dearest son, you are a non-stop joy! You have been giving us sleepless nights, yet you are the most adorable thing we have ever seen. This birthday should be your moment to shine, and it would be a pleasure for me to make it as special as possible so you can remember it forever.

65. 4 months have passed since the day you were born. I can’t imagine my life without you, baby. May God bless you always and make your every day a joyous one! I love you so much!

66. My dear son, today is your 4th month birthday. You are growing up so fast. I wish you good luck in everything that you do and wish you all the great things in life.

67. My lovely son is growing up too fast! I wish you happy 4 months birthday baby boy. You are already a big boy! I hope you grow up to be strong and healthy, my dear child.

68. Congratulations on your fourth month birthday! You grow more and more, each day. I wonder what you will be when you grow up? Whatever you choose to be, I’m sure you will be a big success in life. Hope you have a great birthday! I love you!

69. Today is your 4 months birthday and I would love to say a big thank you for being my beautiful baby! You have made my life so much easier and joyous. I love you more than anything! Happy birthday, sweetheart! Love you, Mom

70. Today is a special day for someone very special indeed. My son, I remember you as a baby of just 1-month-old, now 4 months old. You’ve changed so much in that time and become stronger and more independent. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you to the moon and back, always!

4 Month Birthday Wishes and Prayers for A Baby Boy

Today marks the 4th month of your arrival. You are a healthy baby, smiling, gurgling and laughing. You have brought great joy to the people around you. It’s my prayer that you will grow to conquer and be a great man. I wish you a happy birthday, my baby boy!

71. My little sticky one. How could I ever have waited for you? In this short time, you have grown so much and I cannot wait for the day you take your first steps. Happy birthday, my baby boy! I am so proud of you. I love you more than words can say and I pray that you have a beautiful childhood.

72. You have gone through a lot already; 4 months without your mom is quite a challenge. But you have come through, and today you are celebrating your 4th month birthday. Know that I am proud of the man you will grow up to be and for always having a special place in my heart. I love you, baby!

73. My little one, it is your 4th month birthday today! I couldn’t be more proud to have such a strong and cute boy. You’ve grown so much and have learnt so many new things in just 4 months! I pray that you become even better as you grow. Aunty loves you so much!

74. Son, you were born just the last 4 months. But to me, it feels like you have been around forever. Today is your birthday. I wanted to wish you a warm birthday. You have grown so much in the last four months and I am excited to see what you will be like as a year old. May you always make us proud. I hope you are having fun with friends and family. Love, Uncle.

75. My baby son! You are growing so fast! Today is a good day to thank God for giving you into our family. This is a milestone for us to celebrate. I promise from now on, I’ll be there throughout all the hard and beautiful times in your life, and I pray that you will always be a victor.

76. The best gift to me is your birth. I love you so much. You are such a healthy and loving baby. The fact that you are here with me is a miracle. I wish you a good life, and may you never experience the sorrows of this world. You have brought a ton of joy to us. We love you times infinity. Happy birthday to the most amazing baby on this planet!

77. My baby boy, you have no doubt being my most treasured blessing and memory. I am so thankful to God for giving me the gift of motherhood even if I am not your biological mom. I wish you a life of bliss of peace. Happy 4th month birthday to my little prince.

78. My heart swells with love for you today and every day. Every time I look at you, I cannot get over how God blessed us with an angel like you. You mean a lot to us and I pray for God to keep you for us. Happy 4 month birthday, my baby boy. May God bless you more and more!

79. My little angel is growing up so fast. I remember the day you were born when I first held you in my arms and looked deep into your eyes. I was in awe! Your innocent baby face melted my heart. It has been four months since my friend gave birth to you, and the two of us have grown a lot closer. Happy birthday to my baby boy! I pray for your health, growth and prosperity.

80. I have never been more proud of anyone than I am of you now. You stole my heart the very moment you made your appearance into this world, and I thank God for blessing us with a wonderful baby boy like you! Happy birthday!

81. You entered this family amidst a shower of rainbows and I knew that you were here to stay. You have grown into a little angel, with your fair beautiful looks and lovable character. Happy 4th month birthday, baby and best wishes!

82. My baby boy, my joy, my younger friend. I never knew I could feel so much love for you. Everything you do is a choice and each day we are closer to seeing who you will be when you grow up. I pray that I can teach you well and protect you from all the dangers of this world. You are our greatest gift from God, and He will bless you for us. Happy 4th month birthday.

83. On the 4th month of our baby boy’s birthday, I wish to thank him for bringing so much joy and happiness into this family. I will forever cherish this special day as he is our pride. My wishes and prayers are that God will protect him and make him prosper in all ramifications of life. Happy birthday to our baby boy.

84. 4th month old baby boy, I never thought a tiny baby could make this entire world look so different, so beautiful. But you have; the way you giggle and smile has melted my heart. Wishing you all the best for your fourth month birthday!

85. Today is a joyous occasion, as we celebrate the life of a prince. Your smiles make this world a better place for each of us. Here’s wishing you a happy 4th month birthday! With love from your sister.

86. 4 months old and all you do is smile away! I could not have imagined a sweeter face like yours. You have changed my life completely. From the sleepless nights to the endless smiles and cuddles, I love your presence in my life more than words can express. Happy birthday to my baby boy and brother! From your big sis.

87. Today, every second I love you a little more. My boy, just 4 months on earth and you are making the world a better place to live in. May you grow to fulfil God’s purpose for you. Happy 4th month birthday, dear.

88. My little man, each day that I gaze into your face I wonder how you got so beautiful! You have such a cute personality you always show it, and your cute dimples are the cutest things in the world. May you grow to make us all proud. Happy 4th month birthday!

89. Thank you, Lord, for giving us a healthy son. He has brought us so much joy and laughter over the past few months. I am truly grateful for it all. You are in my thoughts and prayers always, dear baby boy. Happy birthday!

90. Today is my baby boy’s 4th month birthday and I want to wish him a merry birthday! He has been a great addition to our family and brought joy into everyone’s life. I hope this day is as special as he is to us.

91. You are a wonderful son to us. Your presence in our lives has made a dramatic difference and it is just awesome to have you around. You are growing up to be such a fine person and we have high hopes for your future. Happy 4th month birthday!

92. Believe it or not, you mean a lot to us. You have brought so much joy to me and I can’t thank God enough for you. I promise to make your journey in this life easier and full of laughter. I want you to have the best of everything in this world; be it happiness, success, education or toys. I hope you have a very happy 4 month birthday!

93. I am posting this video on your 4 month birthday to say how much I love it. Mommy and daddy adore you but I love you as you! They have gone through a lot of trouble to keep you happy. I pray that you grow to make us all proud. Happy birthday, my baby boy.

94. Wow! Yet another month has passed, little man. You are becoming bigger and more adorable, with every passing day. Happy birthday and here’s to many more years of fun and happiness together!

95. Happy 4th month birthday to my beautiful, adorable, and cutest baby boy! I am sorry for not being able to give you all the things I would have wanted to on your very fourth birthday, but I pray that you will grow with grace and wisdom. I love you my darling!

96. Hello, little man! Happy birthday to you! I am so proud that you are my little boy, and I would never trade your love for the world. Keep growing up healthy, strong and smart just like your daddy and mummy. All my love big aunty.”

97. For your 4th month birthday, I salute you for everything you are to us and I hope you grow wiser in the years to come. I love you big… More cakes and candies!

98. Happy 4th month birthday! You are a bundle of pure joy and entertainment. Your world is a discovery every day, with new things to experience and learn. I look forward to every moment with you, your smiles, giggles, and cries. The journey has just begun…

99. 4 months old and growing day by day, you grow up so fast. I would like to thank God for giving us such a wonderful son like you. I am grateful that together we have overcome the greatest obstacles and achieved great successes. We will continue to rise above hurdles until we achieve all our set goals. Happy birthday, my baby boy!

100. My darling baby, today you are 4 months old. You are growing up so fast and I am amazed at all the improvements that you have made over the last couple of weeks. I am forever grateful to God for giving us a healthy baby. Wish you all the best for today and always. I love you big!

Yeah! It’s still about your baby boy’s fourth month of existence. He should get to know he is special even before his first birthday. Smiles…

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