Happy 42nd Birthday Prayers for 42 Year Birthday Celebration (2024)

Where I come from, so much importance is placed on praying for a birthday celebrant, whether or not gifts are available. I feel it is among the best principles a family can possess. So, everybody in the nuclear family would make the celebrant kneel while they surround him or her and jointly offer all the prayers they can. Apart from the fact that the good wishes in those prayers come to fruition more often than not, that person on the ground gets a practical feel of what true love really is.

When he or she stands up, there are automatically fewer reasons to fear or worry. Praying for someone gives them that sense of belonging and a boost of energy to carry on. That’s what we all need to live fulfilling lives especially as we grow older. Getting to your 40s is a blessing. Many people try to ensure that they make the right decisions so that their 40s would really be a blast. But the challenges of life can be very difficult. If they realize they’ve failed at some point, which is not uncommon, it’s easy for them to fall into regrets, confusion and toxic habits. Those that happen to have everything in check also face the need for constant emotional refreshing. Sending a prayer for them on their 42nd birthday is a good way to instil hope, inspiration, and solicit God’s help over their lives. Here are 42nd birthday prayers that foot the bill perfectly.

42nd Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Myself

Writing or saying a heartfelt prayer for yourself on your 42nd birthday could be what your new age needs to be more productive than the last. Some people don’t understand how to do so. They are waiting for someone to pray for them. How on Earth do you make a birthday prayer for yourself? You wake up with You. You do everything with You. So, You know all your demands, problems and successes. All that familiarity puts you in the right position to write a befitting prayer for yourself. Here are 42nd birthday prayers and blessings for yourself.

1. Hello, me. Happy 42nd birthday. I pray that God strengthens you enough to live your life to its fullest.

2. Hey there. It’s your day again. When I think of how far you’ve come, I’m fraught with praise to God for you. I pray that God’s grace in a greater dimension would be with you in this new age.

3. Hello, amazing adult. Your parents gave you whatever name they felt was nice enough. But I call you Conqueror. Your life is not deviating from that reality even in this new age. Continue to be victorious over the troubles of life. Continue to accomplish the projects you have set for yourself.

4. Hurray! It’s the birthday of a legend. I pray that God’s coverage of protection, wisdom and prosperity would come upon you. Enjoy your day.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 42 Years Old Sister

Sisters are wonderful people we will naturally do everything to protect. They are natural nurturers. And sometimes the nurturer forgets to nurture herself. As her sibling, you owe it to her to step in as a conduit of love, encouragement, and kindness, especially on her 42nd birthday. Here are birthday prayer messages for your 42 years old sister to bask in.

5. Happy birthday, sis. I love you so much. God is too loving to leave you halfway. Continue to bask in His goodness and love. Remember you are special. Having you as a sister makes a galaxy of difference to me.

6. Congratulations on your birthday anniversary, big sister. I can’t heart you less. May you become a greater beacon of hope in our world.

7. Happy phenomenal birthday, my shining star. Continue to be pretty and radiant. May your light attract the right people to you. Age gracefully.

8. I pray your prayers come to pass, angel. I love you so much. Have a blast.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 42 Years Old Brother

Men love to show strength especially as they mature. So, your brother who is turning 42 soon might not be all over the place telling everyone about his birthday. But you’ll surely leave a positive mark in his heart by remembering his birthday and sending him prayer messages. Men carry so many responsibilities that we tend to forget that behind their masculinity, there’s a yearning for community. And when they find a piece of the community, it sticks with them for a long time.

Here are birthday prayer messages for your 42 years old brother.

9. Hello, brother. It is your day again. I respect you so much. God is smiling on you. He puts this prayer in my heart for you: may your life get sweeter, and your abilities more refined in Jesus name.

10. I pray that the root evil that causes many men to perform below their potentials be totally cut off from your life. Believe me, the world is waiting to experience your greatness. Arise and shine.

11. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him from them all. I declare the settling of debts in your life and pray for a new season of financial increase that would amaze you.

12. When God made man, He gave him dominion. As a man, there are things God has made you responsible for. I pray that you would not fail in performing your assignments.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Son

Watching your children grow is so fulfilling. Every parent brings up his or her child to surpass existing expectations. A lot of kids succeed mightily but whether or not it is the case with your son, I bet you are still proud of him. So, you could take the opportunity of his birthday to make him know how much you love him and wish him the best. Sending him a prayer message is among the sweetest things you could do for your son. Below are 42nd birthday prayer messages for your son.

13. Happy birthday, my wonderful son. It feels like yesterday that I heard you cry for the first time. I knew immediately that you will be great. I pray that your destiny would outshine the contrary plans of darkness.

14. Hello, my record-breaker. Remember how Hannah dedicated Samuel to God. Today, I rededicate you to God to live for Him and love him. Be strengthened in integrity before Him. I love you, son.

15. The Bible lets me know that you are like an arrow in my quiver. I release you today as an instrument in God’s hands. Continue to walk in his ways and cause damages to every demonic agenda as you dominate territories to the glory of God.

16. Happy birthday, son. Be the best you can be. I am here to support you all the way. May God continue to keep you and guide you throughout. May His face shine on you more. Happy 42nd birthday!

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Daughter

Your daughter is a pearl and deserves your love. Remember her smile. You don’t want to miss it. You want her to be alive and happy and prosperous. You want her to make you proud. Here are 42nd birthday prayer messages to bless your daughter with.

17. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I can hardly find your kind anyway else. Continue to be you. Continue to be beautiful, strong, vibrant and wise. God is on your side.

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18. Honeypie, I’m so grateful for the amazing woman you’ve become. It’s my prayer that God would help you to surpass expectations. In this new age, you’ll attain greater heights.

19. Hello dear. As you open a new chapter of your life, know that God is not done with you yet. He is going to use you to do things that have never been done before. I wish you the very best.

20. Hi, princess. Happy birthday. God’s blessings for your life would not be a minute late. Instead, they’ll pursue you and overtake you in ways beyond your understanding.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Husband/Wife

It is easy to awake on your spouse’s birthday, smile at them after saying a noisy “Happy Birthday”, give them a hug, blurb about how much you love them, and rush out to get ready for the day’s work. That’s fast and simple. But it does not convey as much as is needed. Add a moment of prayer to the equation, and watch your spouse overwhelmed with a sense of love, care, peace and most importantly, hope. Don’t wait till your wedding anniversary to give your spouse such a knockout combo that will do wonders for him/her. Here are 42nd birthday prayer messages for your husband or wife.

21. Hello, honeycomb. You give me hope and joy. You mean the world to me. Today, I pray that God would bring out more of your sweetness to the fore and that He would enable you to make lives better than when you found them. Happy phenomenal birthday, hon.

22. Happy birthday, darling. Thank you for your sacrifices and the privilege of being yours. I pray that you find favour, mercy and goodness every way you go from today.

23. It’s an honour to watch you age gracefully every day. I pray that I’ll be your number one supporter as God uses you mightily and wondrously in this new age. I love you, baby.

24. I pray for divine wisdom to come over your life. God’s pure guidance would cause you to make the right decisions in all your endeavours.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Cousin

It’s been long I saw my cousins, but I understand how important birthdays are to them. They just want the best. Whenever it’s their birthday you’ll find them happy that they are growing. My cousins remind me of good pieces of my past and I never cease to be happy for them. I believe the case is the same with you. Here are 42nd birthday prayer messages for that lovely cousin of yours.

25. Congratulations, pal. I’m so happy for you. You are so unique. I pray that your uniqueness does not lose its lustre. God says you will keep shining.

26. I pray your prayers. May you be richer, better, stronger, smarter, faster and more incredible in your new age. Happy birthday, superhero.

27. When Paul said all things walk together for our good, God especially had you in mind. I pray that you actively walk in that reality from today.

28. I pray for an outpouring of God’s spirit on you. From now on, God will use you to enforce His will in a higher dimension.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Aunt/Uncle

Your aunts and uncles are amazing parts of the family. I’m sure there are some of us whose biggest role models are in our extended families. There’s usually that aunt that gives sweet care and advice; and that uncle that models incredible strength and depth of character. Listed below are 42nd birthday prayer messages for that your aunt and uncle.

29. Happy 42nd birthday! This new age shall be filled with marvellous supernatural occurrences in your favour. God bless you abundantly.

30. Hurray! Sing for joy! Your new age shall be a positive point of reference for you. God shall cause events to happen to prove to you that His signature is on your life for good. Happy extraordinary birthday.

31. God shall light up your life with His amazing light. Every evil work against you shall be exposed and neutralized. Welcome to a more glorious phase of destiny.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for My Sister-In-Law/ Brother-In-law

The siblings of our spouses deserve as much love as our own siblings. Extend some love to them on their 42nd birthday with these prayer messages made specifically for celebrating your brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

32. You shall emerge as a light. A wonder. A colossal entity. Only the will of God shall be enforced in your life as you clock 42. Happy birthday.

33. May age 42 bring you surprising and unprecedented miracles. Continue to be a miracle yourself.

34. May the amazing science of divine restitution and restoration do wonder in your life.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for Dad/Mom

Even if you celebrate your parent’s birthday every month of the year, it won’t be enough to match what he/she truly deserves. Parents are special and it is necessary that we treat them that way. Here are 42nd birthday prayer messages for your mom and dad to smile to.

35. Hello, splendid one. It’s your day again. I admire the person you are. I pray that your growth would not cease.

36. Happy birthday, my first role model. God will drive away reproach from you and cause you to laugh for joy from now on. He will speedily deliver every request you ask of him.

37. Lift your hands in praise, my able caretaker. God is ushering you into a season of record-breaking harvest. You will eat the fruit of your labour.

42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for Grand Dad/Mom

Your grandparents must be over-excited to have a grandchild at age 42. So, make their joy complete by sending them some words of prayer. Here are 42nd birthday prayer messages for your granddad and grandmom.

38. Happy 42nd birthday, granny. No evil would stop God’s promises over your life.

39. Granny, God’s backing is with you. Your life is rid of everything that stops your progress. Enjoy God’s goodness.

40. All of creation would walk in alignment to help you fulfil your mandate of fruitful productivity. Happy fantastic birthday once again

Birthday Prayer Messages for 42 Years Old Father-In-law/ Mother-in-Law

Our Fathers-in-law and Mothers-in-law are largely responsible for who our spouses have become, so celebrating them is important. The birthday prayer messages below are for your 42 years old Father-In-law and mother-in-law.

41. Thank God it is your day again. Receive complete joy in Jesus name.

42. Grace shall open doors for you. God shall cause lines to fall in pleasant places for you.

43. The voice of the wicked shall not defile God’s plans for your life. God is making you a sign and a wonder to your enemies.

44. God says He has plans to prosper you. May those plans come to reality.

Birthday Prayer Messages for 42 years old friend

What better theme should any friendship have but that of empowerment? And what better way to empower a friend than to declare positive things into their lives. These birthday prayer messages for your 42 years old friend would help you do just that.

45. May your harvest not be that of corruption but that of blessing. No act of the wicked shall hijack that which God has in mind for you.

46. I pray for God’s divine visitation upon your life. God is meeting you at every point of your needs starting from today.

47. I pray for more of God’s manifest presence to be felt in your life.

Opening Prayers for 42nd Birthday Party

Being told you are the one to open a birthday with prayers can make your toes to curl. You’d want to sound spiritual enough. Well, you don’t have to be seeing angels to be able to open a birthday party on the right note. These opening prayers for 42nd birthday party would help you do just that.

48. Oh lord, we thank you for you are a God that satisfies. We dedicate this party and the things that will be done therein into your mighty hands. Let all of these bring glory to you and let this party be the exact way you want it to happen in Jesus name.

49. We are grateful Lord for another opportunity such as this to celebrate your mighty power and the wonders you have not ceased from doing. Lord, as we open this birthday party, we solicit more of your goodness and wisdom.

50. Thank you, father, for the great plans you have for our celebrant as age 42 arrives. We all partake of those blessings as we celebrate today. And we remove from our lives any evil cause of sorrow, in Jesus name. Birthday prayers are good tools for making the most important day in a person’s life (birthday) complete. You don’t have to sound as flowery as a store of gift cards. You don’t have to sound too spiritual, either. It just needs to be heartfelt. Take advantage of such an amazing way to influence someone’s life positively and include some of the prayers in this article in your list of gifts to that person who is turning 42 soon. Thank me later. You are welcome, anyway.