2021 Most Emotional Love Messages for Someone You Cherish

I am trying to guess that you want to go emotional in expressing your love to your lover. If my guessing is right, then permit me to show you the way to the best of emotional love messages for someone you love and cherish.

Ready? Read on…

Emotional Love Quotes and Sayings for Her or Him

Emotional Love Messages for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

1. I Want to Fondle You
Allow me to cuddle you up in my arms and ease you the day’s pain and stress. I cherish you forever.

2. Love Like You’ve Never been Hurt
No one will ever believed that you’ve been hurt in the past, as you happened to love me like you’ve never been hurt before. I love you so much.

3. You Make Me Go Emotional
You’ve served me joy, peace, happiness and love on a golden plate and that what make me go emotional. I love you beyond words.

4. I’ve found the One whom My Soul Loves
After some many years of searching and searching, I’ve found the one whom my soul loves with you, my dear. I cherish you forever.

5. You’ve Got My Emotions
With your care and love, you’ve got my emotions in check always and I’m glad. I love you so much.

Romantic Love Messages for Someone Special

6. Now I Know What Love is
You’ve taught me how to love, and now I know what love is all because of you, my dear. I love you.

7. You’re a Charmer
You’ve enchanted my heart and soul with your love spell, and charmed my life with your beauty. I love you beyond words.

8. Together, forever
No matter what the economy is saying, you and I will always be together and forever. I love you so much more than you could ever imagine.

9. Be Mine
I know I’m not perfect, and I have my flaws and shortcomings here and there, but all I’m asking is that you be mine. I love you so much.

10. A Perfect Gift
Sometimes we’re given present which don’t necessarily meet our needs, but you’ve met all needs as you happened to be a perfect gift for me. I love you so much.

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