College Graduation Wishes for Nephew

Nephews are deserving of congratulatory wishes, especially when they have just achieved a great feat and made you a proud uncle or aunt.

There is no doubt that they have passed through thick and thins to come out at this point of their lives as a college graduate.

Much more than attending the graduation ceremony, you can as well, send them wishes that will not just make them happy but also proud that they were able to do well and come out outstanding

Celebrate your nephew with these best college graduation wishes for nephew as he graduates from college.

Dive in and send them wishes unending!

Best College Graduation Wishes and Quotes for Nephew

Today is a special day, yes you did it, nephew, I celebrate commencement and a new beginning of life with you. Cheers to a new world of opportunity packed with great fortune and cheers to pressing forward. Happy college graduation.

1. Congratulations to you on your graduation nephew, This is just the beginning of another journey for you in this world of success that you are in. You are the greatest and I always want you to know darling. All you need to do is to keep shinning on, keep up the good work and I know your efforts shall be crowned definitely. Congratulations!

2. The special days to us all are Your first day at our place, the first one at school and your first day of college have been our happiness as one happy family and I’m happy to say the day you graduated from college is the best day ever. I’m using this medium to let you know that I’m so happy for you. Wish you all the good things of life in whatever you do.

3. Going to college has already shown you how capable you are of accomplishing your goal, but only when you commit yourself more so get going, nephew soar high in greatness. Happy graduation.

4. I have always said you have the determination to succeed and be prosperous in anything you do. I’m also so impressed with the star you’ve become now and I wanna tell you that this is just the beginning. Love you and Best wishes on your graduation!

5. In a lot of ways, you have made me remember a lot of stuff I have done by myself at your age. One of which is being creative, bright, and coming up with ideas that can create and secure a beautiful future. But I realized there was something I lose at that age also which was being nice and more appreciative like you are now. Happy graduation.

6. Discipline stands between goals and accomplishment, you had a goal and you accomplishing them one after the other, Congratulations on your graduation nephew.

7. With this impressive achievement I feel alive knowing fully well that my nephew is a college graduate, I love you.

8. School may be over, but lessons are to be learned every day. Hold on to your dream and always come out great, congratulations nephew

9. I’m so happy to hear that you are finished in college and now a graduate and I say cheers to your bright future, so excited to have you as a great-nephew. May you achieve great success throughout your lifetime. Congratulations, big baby.

10. You have witnessed a lot over the years and this has made you nothing but a stronger personality, happy graduation to your big nephew.

11. Finishing from college is a great accomplishment, greater accomplishments await you Nephew!

12. Pursue your passion. It will lead you to your definition. May your path leads to that which you desire. Happy graduation.

13. You’re graduating at a tough time, but I know better days are coming. Enjoy your day nephew.

14. I hope this achievement open more doors of success to your nephew, congratulation on your graduation.

15. Graduation may not be an end goal itself but you made it through dear, so go confidently in the path of your ambitions. Inhabit the life you have imagined.

16. Good or bad, long or short you have made it this far nephew continue to wade in success and breakthrough. Congratulations graduate.

17. I know your experience is limited, but you have overcome through every storm that came your way, it’s not so easy to be a graduate but you have proven to be an overcomer. Happy graduation nephew.

18. My dearest nephew, you have been an outstanding start to us all as a family. All I have ever for you is a future as bright as the stars and unlimited as the skies in all ramifications of life. Happy college graduation.

19. Today is a day of celebration, so I celebrate as u graduate nephew. Wishing you greater height in the level of your ambition.

20. Cheers to the graduate of the year! Happy college graduation nephew.

21. Congratulations on your graduation nephew and I must confess that You are looking so pretty in that outfit of your graduation ceremony, that’s a happy moment for everyone and I’m lucky to have you as my lovely nephew.

22. Hey nephew, do you realize that you are the first person in the family to have graduated with distinctions and flying colours from college. So glad to tell you that you made us so proud. Congratulations! We shall cherish this moment forever in our lives as a family.

23. Still thinking of the best gift that can express how happy I am to witness you graduating from your college, you are the best! nephew.

24. To my final finalist, happy graduation, may press more into higher realms because this is just the beginning of getting higher to the desired level, so move on!

25. It is a well deserve success, congratulation nephew on your college graduation.

College Graduation Messages to My Nephew

Let’s celebrate today at your graduation and I believe it’s one of the happiest moments of your life. All thanks to God that your educational efforts and diligence have finally brought up the sweet fruit of success for you Dear. I wish you more congratulations on the celebration of good things.

26. Congratulations dear nephew wishing you a greater height in the journey ahead and a new life to begin. Happy college graduation.

27. Congratulations nephew you made it through the larger path of the journey of life, may you dwell in wealth as you go into another journey. Happy graduation.

28. You started as a freshman now you are a graduate nephew, keep mounting higher!

29. It is my uttermost desire that as you step out of college you are stepping into bigger opportunities Nephew. Happy graduation.

30. Happy graduation to your nephew, I wish that you would be in happiness and the endowment of knowledge at every moment of your life as you are stepping into the next stage of your journey.

31. Hey brother, you’re more than a nephew to me and I want you to know that I cherish you as ever, we have shared so many things, our memories at school, talking about novels and fairy tales, You have a wonderful person and I’m wishing you all the best as you move into another phase of life. Happy graduation

32. Dear nephew, thanks for making us proud as a family on this graduation of yours, we hope and pray that after this graduation you get a great job that you ever craved for and a successful career ahead.

33. Hey nephew! I’m using this wonderful medium to wish you happy graduation and I wanna let you know today that I’m so impressed that you reached this important stage of life that you are right now…

34. Congratulations to your nephew, I cannot believe time runs so fast as this, no wonder the saying time waits for no one is true. I can still remember when you got admitted into the school a few years and now your graduation is upon us today. Happy graduation to you bro

35. Hello Nephew, the state you are in right now is one of the most outstanding achievements in your life, and honestly, I’m happy and proud of that. I understand that you work so hard towards getting to this stage and there you are right now and I am glad for the success and other achievements that lie ahead of you.

36. Happy graduation to you my lovely Nephew. I’ve observed what you had done over the years and I’m proud to say I am happy to the moments of your life 1because you always keep doing the good things without think have twice or making complaints.

37. Graduation marks the end of yet another amazing chapter of life, with this chapter close and as another opens, may door of opportunity be opened

38. You are a great person to be around with and I’m glad I had the privilege to be so close to you, to teach you some techniques and also learn from you at the same time, you are a good person ‘neph’ like I used to call you. Happy graduation.

39. I’m happy to say that I’ve played a little role by raising such a lovely and wonderful person of your kind and nature. I could never have asked for a better nephew than the one I’m happy to be with now. Happy graduation.

40. Happy graduation to you my dear nephew. Firstly, I wanna appreciate you for being together with me all these years of happiness and laughter and I’m promising you right now that we will still have witnessed though we are far apart from each other.

41. Bravo! I’m so happy to have witnessed you elevating from grass to grace, your graduation from college is a starting point. Excel Nephew.

42. I’m encouraging this moment and saying you should keep up the good work of being good to the people around you and I believe the same will happen to you too. Happy graduation nephew.

43. You have made us all so happy and am sure mum and dad are proud of you too, it’s obvious you are born to excel, I love you, darling nephew.

44. You did it! Congratulation my hero, you made us proud nephew, you are one of a kind, keep moving and sailing high. Happy college graduation nephew.

45. Well, you have accomplished a major milestone, graduating from college is one that should be recognized for its immense significance, so you are celebrated nephew.

46. Graduating from college is an act not only of one’s commitment but also of one’s pride, just want to let you know am proud of your nephew. Happy celebration.

47. I know you have worked hard to get to this level and your work did not go to waste a high-level college certificate is a wonderful thing in the world to have. God bless your handwork. Happy graduation.

48. You have achieved great height and are equipped with the necessary tools to tackle your future so get going nephew you can do it! Happy graduation day.

49. There is a saying that says the more education you attain, the more doors you will open. I celebrate you as you open more doors of success. Happy graduation nephew.

50. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you, nephew, to another great episode of life and into success as you graduate. Love you nephew.

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