2024 Best Birthday Prayer Messages for Myself

Birthdays are special moments that come once every year, and it’s one of the days you look back and give thanks to God for keeping and helping you so far. Birthdays are also the best moment for you to love yourself, appreciate yourself and pray for yourself that which your heart desires.

Is it your birthday already? Celebrate yourself and bless your new age with these best birthday prayer messages for myself.

This collection of birthday prayer messages for myself also contains amazing birthday in advance prayers for you to bless yourself a day(s) before your birthday.

Happy Birthday Prayers and Wishes for Myself

Being alive to experience a new age of your life is worth every height of celebration. That is why you need to give yourself and expect the best treat on that special day. And amidst the euphoria of the day, praying for yourself is a great way to start the new year. Why not go ahead and bless your new age with these best powerful happy birthday prayers and wishes specially written for you. They can also serve as happy birthday in advance prayers for you to bless yourself a day(s) before your birthday.

1. Thank God for the last 365 days, I pray that these next 365 days be more blessed than ever. Happy birthday to me!!!

2. My best days are on their way forth, I believe and I’m convinced it’s all forms of blessings wrapped in this new year. Happy birthday in advance to me!!!

3. Guess who’s going to be plus one?? Last year was good, this new year is going to be the best so far. In advance to my birthday.

4. Happy birthday to one awesome person I know! Myself, Lord please grant to me all my heart cries and desires in this new season

5. My heart is full of joy and gladness, for this is the day that the Lord has made and heavens are rejoicing for this day I was born into this Earth. Cheers to my new age!!!

6. On my special day Lord, bless me with Love unstoppable and peace unfathomable from now and forever Amen. Happy birthday to me.

7. Before my new year dawns and before the euphoria of the day overrides me, May I continue to appreciate my new age in prosperity, love and good health. Happy birthday in advance to me!

8. Today being my birthday, Lord I pray that you’ll grant to me just one thing: attend to my heart cries and desires. Happy birthday to me!!!

9. It’s my day, my new year of new grace and unending happiness. Happy birthday to me

10. A wonderful celebration, joyous day and a better year seasoned with prosperity and long life I pray for myself as I celebrate my birthday today. Happy birthday to me!!

11. “Ring the bell, sound the alarm” my birthday is tomorrow and I can’t just help but give thanks for the better days ahead. Happy birthday in advance to me

12. New year, New age, new blessing and new opportunity I wish myself today. Happy birthday to me.

13. As I celebrate my birthday, I pray that this new year be more colourful and glorious than my previous years.

14. As I begin my new year, I pray that.

15. Beyond the gifts it’s my heart desires this new year that the Lord settles my hurdles and struggles from now and forever. Happy birthday to me.

16. It’s my new age of unending joy, unstoppable peace and unmerited happiness. Happy birthday to me!

17. 355 days gone already, guess what?? It’s my birthday tomorrow, keep the gifts rolling and keep the prayers coming. God bless the new year with greatness, Amen.

18. A star is born today, oh yeah that’s me!! Happy birthday to me, Soo much happiness is what I desire today. Pray me well.

19. It’s a great blessing seeing this new year, Lord Jesus please shower more of your blessings on me now and forever Amen!!

20. Lord please bless me with so much wisdom and understanding as I add to my age today. Happy birthday to me.

21. Hey! I can’t calm because I’m going to be plus one and you’re gonna pray for me on my birthday.

22. My birthday is in a few days, I pray that my remaining days on earth be more fruitful than I can ever imagine.

23. Lord this new year, please bring to life in me all lost hopes, opportunities and greatness the previous years. Happy birthday to me!

24. As I grew older today, Lord please make me better in all I’ll lay my hands on this new year and season. Amen.

25 Lord as I celebrate my birthday today, birth forth great blessings much more than my expectations and make me a source of happiness to everyone around me.

26. This new year Lord, please grant me more strength and grace to show everyone I come in contact with that awesomeness you’ve deposited in me now and forever.

27. Birthdays are special days and the best day to tell myself I love me and I adore me. Happy birthday to me!!!

28. In advance to my birthday: I wish myself peace unspeakable and grace beyond description.

29. The stars are up, the moon is bright, the angels are happy for this day I was birth into this planet. Happy birthday to me!

30. Dear Lord, please continue to be my strength and shield as I celebrate this new year and season. Amen.

It’s not archaic to pray yourself into your new year. Love yourself and pick from the above best birthday prayer messages for myself before your birthday and also on your birthday.